Stunner: New Hampshire Judge Says 2003 Diocese of Manchester Grand Jury Report Never Should Have Been Released

Judge Richard B. McNamara : New Hampshire

Finally telling the truth about grand jury reports:
New Hamsphire Superior Court Judge Richard McNamara

For over a dozen years now, publicity-seeking district attorneys across the country have been bombarding the public with phony "grand jury reports" about alleged misdeeds committed by the Catholic Church many decades ago. Indeed, as our reporting has thoroughly uncovered, these reports are a marriage of hysteria and defamation, as they have falsely accused innocent priests.

Now writing that grand jury reports are often built upon "half-truths, illegally seized evidence, rumor, innuendo, [and] hearsay," New Hampshire Superior Court Judge Richard B. McNamara has refused to allow a prosecutor to release a report based on recent grand jury proceedings about alleged abuse committed years ago at a wealthy boarding school.

But most remarkably, in issuing his order (pdf) regarding the boarding school, McNamara also stated that a previous judge from years ago never should have allowed the release of a similar grand jury report that was widely publicized about the Diocese of Manchester (NH) back in 2003.

The truth about grand jury reports

In his order, Judge McNamara wrote that the original purpose of grand juries – to recommend whether or not an alleged crime should be prosecuted – has long been lost, and an individual's reputation can be irreparably tarnished. "If a report is promulgated, the accused may have no remedy at all, even if the accsuations are demonstrably false," McNamara wrote. He also added:

"Mark Twain famously said that a lie is halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. In an internet age, he might have added that the lie will forever outrun the truth as search engines become ever more efficient."

The Diocese of Manchester

Rev Gordon MacRae : priest : 2011

Rev. Gordon MacRae
pictured in prison in 2011

Indeed, one individual who would wholeheartedly agree with McNamara is Rev. Gordon J. MacRae, who currently sits in the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord, NH, serving 33-to-67 years for abuse crimes that almost no doubt never occured.

In the early 1990s, prosecutors offered a plea bargain in which MacRae would serve a mere two-to-three years in exchange for a guilty plea. He refused, and MacRae has been in prison for a full quarter of a century for not confessing to crimes that he says never happened.

MacRae was one of the subjects of that 2003 report, and he was completely unable to rebut any of the claims in the report which he says are outright false. Meanwhile, since the release of the phony report some people have used hearsay statements in the report to claim he is guilty.

[Please see our **Exclusive Report on the case of Fr. MacRae from 2012**]

The time is long overdue for the public to finally realize the truth about all of these "grand jury reports." Justice demands it.

Kudos to Judge McNamara.

[NOTE: We wanted to pass on an excellent column by Rev. Msgr. Thomas G. Guarino over at First Things. It is very relevant to this same topic. Please check out "The Dark Side of the Dallas Charter."]


  1. Well done, David.  A stunner indeed!  I just finished reading the judge's 23-page Order.  It is quite an education in clear and fair jurisprudence.  It is noteworthy that the current  Attorney-General for the State of New Hampshire was an attorney for the Diocese of Manchester in 2003 when a deal was struck by Bishop John McCormack and his Chief Compliance Officer, Father Edward Arsenault (now a convicted felon) to sell their priests down the river in exchange for only God knows what.  It is also noteworthy that the current Bishop of Manchester, Peter Libasci, voluntarily released a list of  names of 62 accused priests, most of them dead, just a week before this judge's Order was signed.  I have written some other aspects of this story, but before I knew about this judge's Order.  Your readers may be interested in this:


  2. peoples clown says:

    The Bolshevik entity in the world, and especially in the U.S. have done their drum beating unbalanced,  mentally ill , greedy , and narrow minded destruction of the Catholic church, and priests like Rev. Gordon MacRae. Economically, the church has given out over 3 billion in america. Maybe the cash cow is over, maybe not. Hopefully, justice will prevail for  Rev MacRae, and he can sue them justly, for what they did to him!

        I've been reading of certain cases, in other religions, that have been abuse convicted, yet have been "censored" generally, from the media. They are probably trying to protect their money, as they are not catholic, and, thus, are not "media bait".

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