**MORE PA JURY REPORT ANALYSIS** This Abuse Accusation Against a Priest Is So Completely Ridiculous, See For Yourself

Say what

The abuse accusations against Msgr. Thomas Benestad are so insane that even a baby can see it.

We recently wrote how Monsignor Thomas Benestad was falsely accused in the Pennsylvania grand jury report of repeatedly forcing sex acts on a boy decades ago and then "washing [the boy's] mouth out with holy water."

Well, Msgr. Benestad has been slapped with yet another accusation, and if you thought the last one was ludicrous, just wait until you see this one. We have never seen anything like it.

An article about Msgr. Benestad in the Palm Beach Post relays this whopper:

"Judith Weiss Collins, 66, who lives in Lehigh Valley [Pennsylvania], said she was one of Benestad's victims and learned of two other women who were also abused by the cleric. Benestad began molesting her when she was 9 years old and the abuse continued until she was in her 40s, she said."

The woman's claim that she was abused for over three decades is completely absurd in itself, but that's not the only ridiculous part.

What is even more senseless is that the woman claims that her abuse started at 9 years old and when Benestad himself would have been only 16 years old and still in his sophomore and junior years in high school. (Benestad attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood, a neighborhood of Queens in New York City, and quite a distance away from Allentown, Pennsylvania).

This accusation is so off-the-charts insane, it needs no further discussion.

But we don't know which is more troubling: The wacky accusation itself or the fact the writer of the Post's article – a gal by the name of Jane Musgrave – exhibited not even a scintilla of discernment, inquiry, or skepticism at the woman's claim.

And, unfortunately, media malpractice such as this has become far too common. The media nowadays will pretty much regurgitate any and all abuse accusations against Catholic priests, no matter how implausible or preposterous they are.

This is Monsignor Benestad, and he is an innocent priest:

Say what

Msgr. Thomas Benestad

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  1. Glenna Kerker says:

    Who is this hateful Dan person who hates the Catholic Church?  Why is he/she allowed to publish this hate? 

    The District Attorneys are trying to make points with people by making a case against the Church and they can't find anything current so they are digging up skeletons.  Kathleen Kane, a former AG, also did the same thing, knowing no charges could be leveled against those resting in their graves.  These scheming politicians are demonstrating that they are unfit to hold office as serious men of the law.  They do get attention since the media repeats the fictional accounts like parrots as if they were actually true.  Thank goodness somebody is refuting the lies. 


    • Dan says:

      Once again, I hate false teachings from all the corrupt churches of the world. I hate idolatry, hate blatant lies from compulsive liars, hate greed and pomp and circumstance, hate  pedophilia and those who harm innocent children. Hate to hear all the excuses, denials, lies, secrecy and coverups for the horrible sins of the hierarchy of your church. I hate that people refuse to believe or try to understand the Word of the Lord and think their cults teachings and lies are more important than God's teachings. I DO NOT hate catholics, but I'm not wild about those who fall into any of the above mentioned categories. I hate sin. My God hates sin. If you have a problem with that, then you certainly are not a Christian and you've been drinking from the well of catholic Kool-Aid and there isn't much I can say to change that. Surely I don't hate you for your opinion and maybe it would be nice for you not to come against mine. Thank You.

  2. Vera Schraa says:

    If I understand this correctly (then I am probably alone!) but while I agree completely the uselessness of retrying dead men, and this is gleeful sport for anti-Catholic media, it IS of concern IF the secular authorities have found documents, hitherto unknown, of bishops still alive and in power, who have paid off, hidden, transferred and otherwise permitted savage attacks on: children, minors, adolescents, and now we learn seminarians and priests to continue. This is a service even if unintentional. It’s almost impossible to sort it out presently. We do want the truth AND the removal of all clerics and prelates who are enemies of the Church. It is that simple. God help and protect the poor innocents who will suffer because of this evil.

    • Juan Caballero says:

      Do you believe in due process? Do you really think that a bishop lives 100 years or so? Get a dose of reality. How is it you are so sure that bishops are automatically guilty with no proof or trial? 


  3. Dan says:

    The Cardinal serving mass at the World Meeting of Families wishes to compare "the Church" to Ezekial's message to Israel exiled in Babylon. I couldn't agree more.

    The Lord said, "Son of Man, I am sending you to the sons of Israel, to a rebellious people who have rebelled against Me; they and their 'fathers' have transgressed against Me to this very day. I am sending you to them who are stubborn and obstinate children, and you shall say to them, 'Thus says the Lord GOD.' As for them, whether they listen or not–for they are a rebellious house–they will know that a prophet has been among them. And you, son of man, do not be afraid of them or their words. Do not be afraid, though briers and thorns are all around you and you live among scorpions. Do not be afraid of what they say or be terrified by them, though they are a rebellious people. But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not, for they are rebellious." Ezekiel 2:3-8

    Now all you need to do is substitute "the Catholic Church" for Israel, and you will understand this prophecy to the idol worshipers of the "Queen of Heaven" as spoken also in Jeremiah 44. Any decent and honest Catholics who have the sense to realize the depth of rebellion and horrible sin in their church hierarchy, should remove themselves while God is giving you the chance. Don't believe or listen to me? Read your Bible and the True God will open your eyes to His wisdom and truth and you will be set free from the lies of darkness, and come out into the light.

  4. malcolm harris says:

    Many Catholics will have heartfelt responses to fresh accusations, coming out of Pennsylvania. Our  natural responses of sadness, bewilderment, and disappointment. So kudos to Dave Pierre…. in revealing the facts… and dispelling those shocking lies. But history tells us that at some point a line has to be drawn in the sand. That the persecuted Church has to take a stand. Sure we are sorry for Msgr. Benestad, but perhaps this calumny also presents an opportunity. Political leaders often make promises of full accountability, during campaign speeches. So should Attorney General Shapiro now be made accountable?. Meaning he put his name to this Grand Jury report. The accusations against the Monsignor are clearly ludicrous.. and should be laughed out of court.  So maybe we should follow the lead of the U.K. celebrity, Cliff Richards, and sue in a cilvil court.  He won… and now the law is expected to be changed. The PA police, who were involved in the Grand Jury report should be sued for defamation. Likewise the Palm Beach newspaper, which recklessly checked nothing. Even a demonstration of standing up for the reputation of this man will send a clear signal to the legal fraternity. That the Church is prepared to resist. When one of it's own is mercilessly deprived of his constitutional rights. His universal right to a good reputation, and his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. And remember that there are 49 other states…. each with an Attorney General….and sadly some may be tempted to copy Jos Shapiro.  

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, sounds to me like you have more "sadness, bewilderment and disappointment" for a single priest you claim is falsely accused, than you have remorse, shame or repentance for the thousands of victims whose lives were destroyed by the creeps of your cult. "The Church" who has a history of persecuting and murdering others for centuries and built their temples and ridiculous monuments on the backs of the poor, is now going to claim they are the "persecuted"? Are you people that disingenuous and uncaring? The line has already been "drawn in the sand" and the perverts and pedophiles of your cult and their excusers have crossed that line along time ago. They're finally getting the recompense they so rightly deserve and now that they're being exposed for their filth and secrecies, you're going to claim you're being persecuted. Give us a break!

      If they have to go state by state and then country by country, we will finally learn the truth of what's been going on in the secret darkness of your skeleton rooms (rectories). All of them can come out of the closet and have the light shine in on their sicknesses. Have you ever heard of the Lord God's patience. He will patiently uncover all the sins and filth of "the Church" , before He totally annihilates them from the earth. Then we will know the truth of who was "persecuting" who. Stop the lies, deception and excuses!

  5. Torleaf says:

    Why doesn’t Benestad sue the survivors.?

  6. Torleaf says:

    Your never posted he raped three women… you are such a fraud 

    • malcolm harris says:

      Torleaf, on the 24th, said that the accused Msgn.Benestad should sue his accusers. And he then would have to prove that what they were saying was false. Nope….sorry…you have it the wrong way. Because under western law the onus of proof is on the accusers. Which means the police, and the accusers, have to prove that he actually did what they described, and prove it beyond reasonable doubt. That's the criminal law… and a grand jury is part of the process of criminal law. A civil case, by Benestad, against his accusers, would still mean that they (the accusers)  had to have justified reasons for publicly accusing him, and they had not acted recklessly. So the onus is still on them, even in a civil case for defamation.

  7. Guy Sudano says:

    Someone made a great point here-"why dont these priests sue their accusers"-

    Actually this was done after the 'Spotlight ' report came out.

    Preists got tired of being told to keep quiet by their bishops, and SUCCESSFULLY took these bogus liars to court and WON!

    I know because I save an article from 2002 about these clergy who had enough of having their names dragged through the dirt of our fascist liberal media .

    How can there be 30-40+ priests accused from each diocese-that's practically every priest in them.

    Dont make sense-

    Remember too, Cardidnal Bernardin (Chicago) was accused by a guy of abusing him when he was-what else-an altar boy. Bernardin called a news conference and said emphatically "I never did this to anyone in my life"-

    The accuser retracted his accusation-

    It happens!

  8. Dan says:

    Whatever you wish to believe.

  9. JIm says:

    Perhaps those of you recommending Benestad for sainthood ought to talk to a few of his neighbors in Boca Raton.  Ask them about his using his phone to record video of children around the pool.  Ask them about his windows facing the pool allways being covered – except for an inch or two where something (possibly a lens of some sort) seems to be peaking out.

  10. These accusations are disgusting! The ambulanve chasers mow have 1-800 hotlines, they know the Vatican has deep pockets. The Jewish press praises Shapiro like he is David slewing the Catholic Vhurch. The hate is so apparent and disgusting I have no words.