SNAP National Director: We Want the Pope in Jail

In a recent article for Time magazine (9/20/11), the national director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), David Clohessy, acknowledges that a vision of his organization is that the Pope be jailed.

In a successful publicity stunt earlier this month, SNAP teamed up with another organization (the "Center for Constitutional Rights") to petition the International Criminal Court (ICC, a.k.a. "The Hague") to charge Pope Benedict XVI for "crimes against humanity."

No reputable legal scholar believes that SNAP's action has any strength whatsoever, but SNAP succeeded once again in getting its anti-Church message out to the mainstream media.

As we have chronicled at this site, SNAP's true mission has very little to do with supporting victims (even though its mission statement has said so) and more to do with bludgeoning the Catholic Church by any means necessary.

Witness Clohessy's remarks to Time:

"We don't think the Pope will be hauled off in handcuffs next week or next month. But by the same token, our long-term chances are excellent."

Take notice that Clohessy said "our long-term chances." It's about them getting the Pope "hauled off in handcuffs."

It is about time that the media reports that SNAP is not really about giving aid to abuse victims. It is an organization that exists to attack the Catholic Church.