LA Times Columnist, Lib Author Smear Catholic Church With Abortion Falsehood

On Wednesday (10/10/07), Tim Rutten, media columnist for the Los Angeles Times, gave a glowing review to the latest book from anti-Catholic "Catholic" Garry Wills. Wills' new book is Head and Heart: American Christianities. In … [Read more...]

Missing Information From LA Times in Coverage of Church Abuse Suits

On Tuesday (10/9/07), the Los Angeles Times published this story about four women reaching a $6.8 million settlement in molestation lawsuits against the Catholic Church's diocese of Orange County, California. The article, by Christine … [Read more...]

Facts, Fairness Out the Window In LA Times Op-Ed Attack On Calif. Bishop

The harm wrecked upon victims of sexual abuse is real and damaging. That is not an excuse, however, for reckless, false, and misleading reporting about Catholic Church officials. Take the egregiously wobbly op-ed from Monday's Los … [Read more...]