Down the Rabbit Hole: NY Times Now Blasts Cardinal Dolan and Church for Actually Getting Rid of Abusive Priests

Laurie Goodstein

One frequent demand from Catholic Church abuse victims is that abusive clerics be laicized or removed from the priesthood as expeditiously and quickly as possible. So if the Archdiocese of Milwaukee discovered a fast and economical way to … [Read more...]

NY Times Misleads Readers, Carries Water for SNAP

The New York Times' Laurie Goodstein

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is slowly being exposed as the dishonest and mean-spirited organization that is it, and this reality appears to be upsetting the New York Times. Today's paper (Tue., 3/13/12) has … [Read more...]

While Trumpeting ‘Female Priests,’ NYT’s Goodstein Commits More Faulty Reporting on Catholic Church

When reporting stories concerning the Catholic Church, the New York Times' Laurie Goodstein has had a very troublesome track record with the facts. (For starters: 1, 2.) Unfortunately, Goodstein's record only gets worse after … [Read more...]

Hit-and-Run: Media Slams Vatican With Bogus ‘Smoking Gun’ Story

Media outlets have uncritically trumpeted a story that claims a 1997 letter is a "smoking gun" that proves that Vatican officials warned Irish bishops not to report child abuse to civil authorities. In fact, as a cursory look at … [Read more...]

Disparate Coverage in NYT: Kevin Jennings vs. Catholic Priest

(HT: Catholic League.) Consider the following two stories. Pay attention. There will be a quiz. 1. The Obama administration has appointed Kevin Jennings as a "czar" inside the Department of Education. In addition to being the … [Read more...]