Shocker: Veteran Sex Abuse Investigator Reports Archdiocese Paid Out Settlements on Bogus Abuse Claims

Catholic Church shakedown

The Catholic Church ATM

In a new bombshell article by Matt C. Abbott at RenewAmerica, a veteran private investigator/child abuse advocate confirms what many of us have known for a long while now: The Catholic Church has paid out cash settlements on countless bogus abuse claims.

As Abbott reports, Thomas R. Hampson, founder of the Truth Alliance Foundation, has investigated literally thousands of child sex abuse cases for over 40 years in the Chicago area. In other words, very few people know the landscape of cases in Chicago more than this guy. Hampson states:

"I saw cases … in the Archdiocese of Chicago. There were priests who were falsely accused of abuse but the archdiocese settled anyway. I know they were false accusations because the stories were outrageous. No details. Implausible circumstances. And a reaction that wasn't believable. Even in a civil trial these cases could not prove by a preponderance of the evidence that anything actually happened, much less that the accused was the one who did it. In most of those cases the priest was already dead."

Guilty until proven guiltier

So how is it that all these crooks score such nifty paydays? Short answer: Confirmation bias. Hampson explains that the current-day fever swamp in which people must "believe the accusers" has led to the abandonment of the principle of innocent until proven guilty such that the investigators are looking merely for confirmation of the accused's guilt. Hopson also told Abbott:

"[I]t's ridiculous to automatically believe [an accuser]. People are confused; they literally change what they remember to be what they want it to be. They lie

"Police way too often approach cases from the standpoint they are going to prove that the person they suspect is guilty. In other words, they decide who's guilty and try to prove it. They may not admit to it, but I've seen this mindset throughout my career. In every case I've seen where an innocent person has been convicted, this has been the mindset of the investigators and prosecutors."

Kudos to Abbott and Hampson for telling the truth. The only question is whether anyone in the Archdiocese of Chicago is listening.


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  1. RJC says:

    You can assume all the dioceses did this!!!!!!! They did this with the full co-operation of the lawyers taking their money knowing they were false and media supporting them and the politicians who then profited from the lawyers' contributions. Thank you David for finally bringing this reality to light. Remember, the settlements are not acknowledgement of guilt but the payouts happened anyway and they are taxable so even the government profited off them.