Useful Idiot Alert: Dissident America Magazine Grateful to Anti-Catholic Bigots at The Boston Globe

Eileen Markey : Lehman College

Dazed and confused: Lehman College's Eileen Markey, writing for America magazine

In January of 2002, as its 'Spotlight Team' carpet-bombing campaign against the Catholic Church reached a fever pitch, the Boston Globe published a splashy front-page article claiming that when a concerned woman wrote to Cardinal Bernard Law in 1984 that notorious priest John Geoghan had molested boys in her extended family, Law did nothing. "The records do not contain any evidence that Law replied to [the woman]," the Globe soberly informed its readers.

Naturally, other media then quickly pounced upon the story and repeated it far and wide, and the story of Cardinal Law's callousness towards victims continues to this day.

It turns out, however, that the Globe's story was completely false. Cardinal Law did indeed reply to the woman, and, in fact, he immediately removed Geoghan from his current assignment, citing the woman's letter as an impetus for doing so. (Read Law's reply letter for yourself (jpg).)

And to make matters worse, to this very day, the Globe has never issued a correction for its indisputable error and defamation against Cardinal Law.

An agenda exposed

Marty Baron : Washington Post

Anti-Catholic bigot Marty Baron

Yet according to Lehman College's Eileen Markey, writing in a rambling article in the dissident America magazine, Catholics somehow still owe the Boston Globe, and more specifically ex-editor Marty Baron, a "debt of gratitude" for "telling the truth" in its reporting.

Nowhere does Markey address the many inaccuracies, exaggerations, and dowright lies told by the Globe in its 'Spotlight' series against the Church.

What goofy Ms. Markey does not seem to grasp is that the Globe's series had nothing to do with sex abuse and everything to do with its well-established raw hatred for the Catholic Church.

Yes, many decades ago criminal priests committed revolting abuse against minors. But the point of the 'Spotlight' series was not to rid the Church of corruption – as indeed nearly all of the cases of abusive priests were already by 2002 a thing of the past – but to silence the Church in the ongoing culture wars.

The Church had to be silenced by publicizing scandal in its own ranks so that the Globe's promotion of the Sexual Revolution could advance unimpeded.

The Globe's long history of hypocrisy and hate

As we have exhaustively chronicled, the Boston Globe's tsunami of attacks against the Church was never about the horrors of abuse. If it were, then the Globe would have acknowledged its own role in the scandals by enthusiastically promoting the very same psychological therapies employed by the Church years ago to treat abusers. Indifferent to its own hypocrisy, the Globe then attacked the Church years later for actually using the therapies the paper had touted.

And it was the Boston Globe, not the Catholic Church, that promoted decriminalizing teenage prostitution. It was also the Globe that insisted that the Church keep public "lists" of accused priests while refusing to name sex abusers within its own offices.

And when a local TV station Boston reported that the licenses of 15 Massachusetts educators are suspended or revoked each year for sexual abuse, the Boston Globe went radio silent, not publishing a single syllable about the news.

Be grateful to Marty Baron and the Boston Globe? No, thanks.


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  1. Dan says:

    I just don't get it! This pedophile creep, John Geoghan, molests over 150 boys, partnered with thousands of other catholic pedophile and pederast priests, and you think the best policy is to attack the media, calling them anti-catholic bigots and hypocrits. All your articles reek of hypocrisy, unjust slander and stupidity. You jackasses claim to be Christians and that makes your sins and coverups even more pathetic. Absolutely sickening and disgusting.

    • LLC says:


      Correct, you still do not get it. This blog’s object is not to address John Geoghan’s crimes or those of his alleged “thousands of other catholic pedophile and pederast priests”, which in itself is an extremely painful stain on the Church. This blog highlights the bigotry and hypocrisy of most Media, of which the Boston Globe seems to be the flag-bearer. This is, indeed, a worrisome trend in the news industry, where opinions and bias from so-called reporters trump facts. It’s very uncommon nowadays to read a piece of news without some hidden (and often open) political, ideological or moral agenda. And the saddest part is that most (like you) do not realize when they are played like fiddlers.

      “You jackasses claim to be Christians and that makes your sins and coverups even more pathetic” = since Jesus founded my Church, so you should be careful on whom you call jackass…

      “Absolutely sickening and disgusting” = in this, you are correct. The abuses of some (very few) Catholics are indeed sickening and disgusting, and they’ll be dealt with at the proper time. What you seem to miss is that the Media’s behavior is also sickening and disgusting, as they routinely betray the oat of reporting news in a trustworthy manner.

      Have a blessed day, brother.

  2. Colm J says:

    Countless writers have documented systemic paedophilic abuse in Protestant private schools in England and elsehere – yet there are no Hollywood blockbusters made about this culture of institutionalised abuse  among Protestants - to say nothing of equally well documented abuse by rabbis, Imams and aind members of the Jehovah's Witnesses etc, Lest anyone haul out the tedious "what-aboutery" canard I say it's long past time Catholics engaged in some what aboutery, "What-aboutery" is after all just another term for perspetive and context This perpetual masochistic approach towards constant disproportionate attacks on the Church is neither virtuous nor healthy, No religion that constantly  grovels  towards its enemies earns respect from anyone. I have been especially appalled at the craven way most self-declared Tradtionalist Catholic pundits have acted as gatekeepers for the media;s incessant hate campaign against the Church – so much so that I now seriously wonder if the so called Traditionalist movement isn't heavily infiltrated by enemies of the Church posing as hardcore right-wing Catholics.