Two More Priests Cleared of Phony Accusations

Rev. Peter Karalus : Rev. Thomas Lisowski

Victims of fraud: Rev. Peter Karalus of the Diocese of Buffalo (l) and
Rev. Thomas Lisowski of the Diocese of Springfield (r)

Good News Alert!

The Diocese of Springfield (Massachusetts) has now returned Rev. Thomas Lisowski to active ministry after he was ripped from his parish last November amidst a claim of "inappropriate behavior involving a vulnerable adult" – whatever that means.

Meanwhile, the Diocese of Buffalo has returned Rev. Peter Karalus to full ministry after a weird complaint about an "inappropriate" comment during the Sacrament of Confession – wait for it – some nine years ago. However, Karalus' exoneration did not stop the kooky Church Militant web site from publishing what clearly appears to be a forged letter "from 2012" accusing Karalus of inappropriate behavior. Go figure. Are people finally understanding how nutty Church Militant is?

False accusations against Catholic priests are now at epic proportions.


  1. LLC says:


    good news indeed! And very welcomed news as well, given the confused state our Country (and the entire world, seems to me) is currently.

    • Malcolm Harris says:

      Have to agree with LLC about this being welcome news. A brief ray on sunshine in very stormy skies  Just hope it is the beginning of a pushback by the Church. The mainstream media seem to share a common practice for spinning the news. For example they use vague descriptions of the complaint, such as "inappropriate comment" during confession  So the public are then likely to think the worst about what the "inappropriate comment" actually was. Given that priests are now wrongfully perceived as hypocrites, the pulblic assumption is to imagine the worst. Which is what the agenda driven media intended from the get-go.



    • Dan says:

      The real question is, Can the church be trusted to tell the truth when it comes to these cases? They have been known to lie, deny fault, falsely accuse victims of being liars, secretly paying off victims and I wouldn't put it past them to bribe an accuser into changing their story. On top of that, it seems the justice system tends to believe these wolves in sheep's clothing when deciding who is telling the truth. I and many others have lost faith in any truth when it comes to your corrupt church and a justice system that seems to bend to their pressure, lies and false promises of keeping their perverts away from children. Totally fed up with all the denials, lies and excuses. 

      P.S. Likewise tired of hearing how the media is to blame. The media didn't rape or molest our children, your hierarchy did. 

  2. Dan says:

    The only truely "epic proportions" are all the lies, secrecies, coverups and shredded documents protecting your screwed up religion and it's clergy of homopedophiles and homopederasts.

    You keep insisting we return to the church attorney Donald H. Steier's declaration that is full of hearsay (i.e. ex-FBI agent) and blatant lies and exaggerations regarding some plethura of false victims and all these made-up stories against victims in the Los Angeles diocese. Well then how do you explain all the other accusations and guilty clergy from all the other dioceses in our country and around the world? Did they all copy the modus operandi of L.A.. This website spews so much bullshit. 

    I question some of your "kooky" and "nutty" claims directed towards Church Militant's material, but I think it's only because they have your fake church pegged as a bunch of blatant lyin' hierarchy conning in every way the dumb sheep of their flock. Check out the Vortex article "Justice Denied" on June 23, 2020. Only difference is the Vortex thinks your cult is redeemable, when I don't believe there is a chance in Hell.   servant of the True God

  3. Dan says:

    I suppose Malcolm that regarding your church, you must be happy with any small ray of sunshine, seeing that there is a monsoon heading in their direction. The public is obviously tired of hearing all the lame excuses. Even a storm will not cleanse the filth of your hierarchy.

  4. LLC says:


    Hopefully you are doing ok in California. Remember, as long as you are still horizontal, Jesus' Church is open for you, supported by His promise that the gates of Hell won't prevail against her.

    Have a safe and blessed weekend, still non-Christian brother.