**SPECIAL INVESTIGATION** Church Militant and Buffalo Reporter Charlie Specht Target an Innocent Priest to Boost Their Audience

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Recidivist defamers: Buffalo TV reporter Charlie Specht (l)
and Church Militant's Michael Voris (r)

We've already busted Buffalo TV reporter Charlie Specht for flat-out lying about an abuse accusation at a non-existent Walmart in the 1980s, and there is still plenty more to tell about the crooked Specht. But for now let's look at the high-profile case of Rev. Dennis Riter, pastor at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Dunkirk, New York, in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Specht and Voris' claumnies against Fr. Riter

Rev. Dennis Riter : Diocese of Buffalo

Rev. Dennis Riter of the
Diocese of Buffalo

Just last year, Wieslaw ("Wes") J. Walawender, who apparently was a seminarian in Buffalo back in the early 1990s, came forward claiming that in 1992 – some 26 years earlier – he wrote a letter to local bishops that he and others had actually witnessed the immediate aftermath of the sexual abuse of a 6 year-old boy at the hands of Fr. Riter. Quite incredibly, Walawender claimed that the 6 year-old still had semen in his hair from the encounter.

It was a stunning claim, indeed. Yet after a thorough investigation, a former sex-crimes investigator determined that Walawender's claims were outright bogus, and Bishop Richard Malone returned Riter to ministry.

Among the numerous problems with Walawender's claims was the letter itself. For starters, the diocese had no record at all of receiving any such letter from Walawender anywhere in its files. And, most notably, Walawender's "1992" letter claimed that a police report had been filed about the incident, yet an exhaustive search by police concluded that there was no such police report. Nothing.

And although the letter has a date of 1992 on it, the letter itself even shows hallmarks of a modern forgery. The proportional spacing and font of the letter were uncommon for the popular software and consumer printers of that time. (See this example, from here.) Indeed, when Walawender was recently challenged on a comment board about the authenticity of his 1992 letter, Walawender responded that the letter had been composed using Word Perfect for DOS (6.0) software. But – oops – that software was not even in existence in 1992! Simply put: Walawender is a kook looking for attention.

Wes Walawender : Rev. Riter : comment-captured-081719

Oops: Wes Walawender claims his '1992' letter was written on software that was not even in existence yet!

The various problems with Walawender's claims are off the charts, but such issues have never troubled TV reporter Specht or crazy Michael Voris, who have trumpeted Walawender's calumnies against Fr. Riter. Any decent reporter would have asked three very simple questions to Walawender about his alleged 1992 letter and his claims of witnessing the direct aftermath of a child sex abuse incident:

1. Why on earth would anyone wait over a quarter century to follow up on a child sex abuse incident which they claimed to have witnessed?

2. How do you explain the lack of any police records which you claimed to have existed?

3. How do you explain that you said you wrote a letter in 1992 on software that was not even in existence yet?

Specht proudly identifies himself to be an "investigative reporter," but it appears that he does very little actual "investigating." Specht simply mindlessly promotes any negative claim about the Catholic Church to help resuscitate his station's lowly ratings.

When the lust for readers and money trumps decency

In truth, Buffalo's Bishop Malone has already removed several priests from active ministry based on substantiated allegations, but Rev. Dennis Riter is not one of them and for good reason.

But for purposes of greed and ideology, both Specht and Voris would have you believe that Malone has recklessly returned an abusive priest to ministry.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Shame again on both Specht and Voris.



- [The alleged '1992' letter written by Wes Walawender];
- [A letter written in 2019 by Wes Walawender (real)];
- [Comparing the alleged '1992' letter to one written in 2019]; and
- [Another comparison of the alleged '1992' letter to one written in 2019].


  1. Dan says:

    Sounds much like the definition of catholicism - When the lust for parishioners and their money trumps decency – Your topic; When the lust for readers and money trumps decency - These types of accusations, along with claims of being the moral authority or the Church of love or truth is enough to make anyone laugh. 

    And I compared the print quality and found it not to be at all similar. One print is bold and plain and the other not. Compare the capital W's in the typed signature. Also his handwritten (2019) signature is much sloppier than his younger (1992) signature. I have found my signature to have changed in a similar fashion.

    It sure wouldn't be the first time that the diocese claims they have "no record at all of receiving any such letter". They surely had access to a shredder or at least a garbage can since 1992.

    His 1992 letter also sounded to me to be someone sincerely concerned about the welfare of catholic children. Wouldn't seem to me to be someone you'd want to attack?

  2. Ned says:

    This garbage will be shut down soon since the District Attorney office is investigating the stolen seminarian letter published here. 

  3. Protus says:

    I have looked into your claim of fraud: and I find it quite amazing that you try very hard to discredit a seminarian…after4all, a vulnerable person in the system which had been known to damage people. I have all respect for than young Polish lad who took a huge risk…being inside the hornet’s nest. I bet that Wes did not have a clue what he was really barking at! As it proved to be…they made sure that he did not become a priest…as according to reporting…they disposed of him in a very nasty way. Maybe, one day, and soon, we will find out what they actually did to that Buffalo’s very first whistleblower…and he did blow up his stacks! Be careful Mr. Dave F. Pierre Jr. as your current position may actually bite you really good in the ass! History will remember you for sure…yet, continuing on your current course, it is leaving you on the nasty side of the history….just saying…nothing really personal.

    • peoples clown says:

      Protus, sounds like you're just another bolsheviki infiltrator, trying to destroy the Church.  the Catholic Church, worldwide, as well as in the U.S., owns a 1\4 of all health industries. The church eats many bills from the poor. If the church is destroyed, so is itsx healthcare, that won't really be picked up by anyone, so many might die. Is it conspiracy to commit murder?

  4. Hugh says:

    Voris is still part of the Homosexual Network.  He uses his connections in that underworld to humiliate the hierarchy 


    • Dan says:

      I've heard from your own bishops and priests that there are several clergy connected to the "Homosexual Network". They even use that as a poor excuse for their pedophilia and pederasty. So tell us how much you think they are responsible for the well deserved "humiliat[ion of] the hierarchy"? Maybe they should come out into the light and bear the humiliation they deserve. Ain't gonna happen now or ever, is it? How does the Church even consider themselves to be the true, pure or holy church of God?

    • malcolm harris says:

      Hugh, on the 25th, might be onto something. With his comment about Michael Voris using his connections, in the homosexual community, to humiliate the hierachy. For example, in Australia, the mainstream media appears to be running a narrative suggesting that…. a priest is always guilty and no evidence needed?. Have to wonder if it's just a co-incidence  surveys have show that 40% of journos vote for the Greens Party. A political party formerly led by Bob Brown, a homosexual guy…. who literally marches at the head of the gay mardi gras parade. So it's foolish to assume unbiased journalism…. when it comes to reporting on the Church.

  5. Ted says:

    That makes sense.   Church Militant’s studio is in the gay district of Detroit and they must be on good terms with the neighbors.   And, Voris is occasionally seen with his former “husband”