**CON JOB** Dirty Buffalo Reporter Edits Messages to Portray Priest as a ‘Predator’

Charlie Specht : reporter WKBW

Going low: Journalistic malpractionioner Charlie Specht of WKBW-TV in Buffalo

Just when we thought the media could not stoop any lower to hype up a story about the Catholic Church, along comes Charlie Specht, an "investigative reporter" at WKBW-TV in Buffalo, to set the bar even lower.

In a recent report, Specht trumpeted allegations of "sexual harrassment" made by a seminarian against Rev. Jeffrey L. Nowak in the Diocese of Buffalo. To suggest the claim of harrassment, Specht flashed a private Facebook message on the screen that Nowak had sent to the seminarian back in 2014. However, Specht only read a single line from the message that said, "You are in good physical shape and have the good looks," clearly implying that Nowak had a sexual attraction to the seminarian.

Specht's deception

At first blush, Nowak's message appears wildly inappropriate for a priest to send to a seminarian. But Specht did not read Nowak's entire message to his audience. If one actually freezes the video and views the context of the message, one sees something entirely different. Nowak wrote:

"I was thinking about it last night and your vocational path … you could go anywhere or do anything. You are in good physical shape and have the good looks. You have a career. You are musically talented. You have everything you want and need and yet there is still a piece of life missing."

Rev. Jeffrey L. Nowak : Fr. Jeff Nowak, Buffalo

Rev. Jeffrey L. Nowak

Thus, in context, the remark sure seems far less inappropriate and nothing like "sexual harrassment," as Specht claimed. Indeed, according to the seminarian's own mother, Fr. Nowak was "helping [her] son discern for the seminary," and Nowak's message appears to be just that: a thoughtful message about vocational discernment. (There are also ellipses in the message ("…"), suggesting there is even more text that Specht may not be allowing his viewers to see.)

Specht's dishonesty is thus as clear as day.

Yet as a result of the firestorm that Specht's report instigated, the Diocese of Buffalo removed Nowak from ministry to "investigate" further, even though the facts supporting Nowak have already been well established. We hope Specht is proud of his actions.

A 'Catholic' reporter?

Specht has proudly spoken of his being a "Catholic" while at the same time repeatedly and mindlessly attacking the Diocese of Buffalo for its handling of decades-old abuse claims.

Indeed, being a Catholic does not mean that one defends the Church for wrongdoing. But it does obligate one to commit themselves to the truth, as Pope Francis has forcefully exhorted to media professionals. Specht clearly saw the context of Nowak's messages, but he chose to cast aside all fairness for ratings and money.

Specht also could have looked deeper into a different letter altogether, one that the same accuser-seminarian wrote to another priest that has been called "platonic" and one "in which the words 'love' are used." And why indeed did the seminarian wait over four years to come forward with his complaints about the messages from Nowak? Well, Specht didn't ask.

Stay tuned. More to come on Charlie Specht.

[See also: "Statement regarding recent media reports" (Diocese of Buffalo, 7 August 2019)]


  1. peoples clown says:

    These type of insects are everywhere! They claim to be catholic, like its some kind of "touchstone" that authenticates their research and reporting, but the reality is that they are low life traitors and deceptive manipulators. This insect hid facts, that could potentially tarnish big time fr. Nowaks reputation, as it already has! Sprecht, however is only doing the bidding of his comrade commissar editor and boss!

        Maybe with New York States active "child victims act" for a year , they're trying to get a few more shots, against the Catholic church, to promote legal action.

    • Dan says:

      Love to see you catholic hypocrites attacking your own. What a bunch of brotherly love. Maybe you people should practice what you preach. PAX, brother Judas

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – these insects are not our own. They are careerist satanists, who have sold their souls for fame. They do their deceptions with a smile, as they are "selling you a used car!". There are many, many like them, in all u.s. media outlets,especially the B.B.S.!!(Bolshevik broadcasting system.

      You have had " one of your own" do major damage, though there are many. The one coming to mind is (rev?) Jim Jones! Good thing you weren't following him back then, otherwise you would have "drunk the koolaid" too! And then? No Dan corner! No brother Dan! That's why I encourage you to give up your "brother love's traveling salvation show"! You can always recant and come back to catholicism! See! Jim Jones studied Stalin, Mao, Marx, Gandhi, and hitler and look where he led people.

    • Dan says:

      Clown, Did you even read the report or look into other transgressions and incidents involving Nowak with other priests and seminarians? How do you guys defend these creeps? Talk about "satanists" amd "insects", your bunch qualifies as Satan's locusts if your going to defend this evilness. SYSTEMIC!

    • Missy patrick says:

      Clown is really a clown.  Open your eyes Bozo–Malone and Buffalow along with Kathy Spangler are corrupt.  and you are too stupid to say so.  Charlie Specht is a faithful Catholic.  

  2. Dan says:

    The complete message may not qualify as "sexual harrassment", but it sure could qualify for the grooming of a young man he was attracted to. The term, "yet there is still a piece of life missing" could easily mean that the Rev. thought he was the piece of his life that's missing. I'd be careful how you interpret the meaning any more than blaming Charlie for misinterpreting the meaning. Sounds way to flattering in my opinion. 

    "Everyone lies to their neighbor; they flatter with their lips but harbor deception in their hearts." Psalm 12:2

    I'll trust the Lord's Word over man's word any day. He won't be the first priest or bishop to proposition a young seminarian or little boy. Far from it. Speaking of that, how's the perv cardinal pell doing lately? Do we prefer to ignore that story? I've already heard commentary on EWTN calling it a "witch-hunt", another famous catholic excuse. "When will we ever learn!"  servant of the Lord

    • Dan says:

      And I didn't know a seminarian had to be in "good physical shape and have the good looks" to qualify for lifting a communion host. I'd say it's really stretching it to say that refers to his "vocational path"?

  3. peoples clown says:

    Dan corner – even you have to admit this is a slanderous set up. If not,you run the risk of having another  "assinine" post.

  4. peoples clown says:

    There will probably be an article about the lynching of cardinal pell.

    PAX brother love, um, Dan!

  5. Frank says:

    Specht should be forced to resign.

    • Tom Wilson says:

      Father Creepo, was just hoping to spead a little love. To a beautiful young man. He had such fond, and loving feelings for.

  6. malcolm harris says:

    Charlie Specht is a hack….. playing to the gallery.  Many in the gallery don't have the time or the inclination to think for themselves. But are re-assured and content when somebody confirms their existing prejudices. Specht will continue to do this for as long he can get away with it.  So what can be done? Can only suggest that the Church take a long look at the big trouble at "Rolling Stone" magazine, caused by one of their journalists. She costs them big bucks when her story about a university proved false and libellous.The university professor she defamed sued…. and won. For myself am hoping that our Church will be shocked into action by the false accusation against Cardinal Pell. That his wrongful conviction will be a final straw and galvanize the Vatican into demanding that all clerics be protecting by the U.N. Charter of Human Rights. Namely the part which says that all citizens have a right to their good character, and that nobody should wrongfully deprive them of that right.

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, someone would have to possess a good character in order for it to be protected. Looking at Pell's past wouldn't qualify him as one with good character. Coming from a Church that totally deprived me of my rights to freedom of speech by falsely accusing me, I find your proposal ludicrous. Practice what you preach and stop coming up with stupid propositions.

  7. Tom Wilson says:

    Sure ! I always go around telling young men, and women, under my authority, how good looking they are. In fact, I put it in writing. Thank you for standing up for this grooming, troll,  creep. And lets destroy that tattle-tale, whistle-blowing, snitch.

    Maybe his "Christlike Suffering" is equel to that of Cardinal Pell, and Cardinal McCarrick. Two other totally innocent persecuted Priest leaders. How can you, and the Vatican, keep standing up for these creeps. Who betray their trust and power.

    • peoples clown says:

      As westboro Dan would say : "this is an assinine statement."! You should investigate the cardinal pell issue thoroughly, before showing your Bolshevik self! Sounds like you're an " insect promoter" the way you defend the TV creep!

    • Dan says:

      Westboro Dan says, "Well done, Tom. Keep up the good work."

  8. Tom Wilson says:

    "You're so good looking, you have soo much going for you. BUT…………." 

    I was in the Army. And this was always the line. Used by corrupt sergeants, and officers. When they would start grooming pretty, young, female, soldiers. Under their authority.

  9. peoples clown says:

    It can be investigated, just like the Covington catholics. Then this TV station can have a big lawsuit!

  10. Jim Robertson says:

    Clowney, Any one who calls a fellow human being an insect is a fascist. Dehumanizing is what Nazi's did to the Jews.

    • peoples clown says:

      Jr – I don't hate insects.

    • Dan says:

      Obviously you hate anyone who exposes the truth about your Church and it's leaders, so you attack with a vengeance. We got your number, Clown. 666.

    • Martin oborski says:

      Dan corner – what!? You expect Catholics to take all the Iies and untruths? You probably, like JR, who saw the Covington video, yet won't believe it.

    • Dan says:

      NO, I expect catholics to tell all the lies and untruths. So far, from what I've witnessed in this forum, you're all doing a pretty good job of it. Bet your Queen of Heaven is proud of all of you.

  11. Joanne says:

    Dan, have you gone to Israel and visited the Holy Land?

    • Dan says:

      No, Joanne, never been to Israel or the Holy Land. I have no desire to visit the place where my Savior was crucified by nonbelieving Jews and Rome. I follow the living Christ and see no need to visit or worship His death or the place He was murdered. I believe God has me placed exactly where He wants me to be, living for Him and spreading His Truth. servant

    • Martin oborski says:

      Dan – see! I agree 100% with you, as I feel it's my position in life also. To fight and defend the church, with a rosary instead of a sword, and whatever gifts God has given me. If you feel I attack with a vengeance , it seems that that's all you Catholic Church destroyers, bolsheviks, satanists, etc. understand.    You haven't made any commentary on the New York law, giving a chance to bring abuse to the court. My gosh, dan! Do you believe it. Public schools are being brought up, but no comment from you!  Veritas et caritas.          PAX brother dan.



    • Dan says:

      I believe I'm here to fight the good fight against religious hypocrisy and those who claim holiness when nothing is further from the truth. My Savior, Jesus Christ, fought in like manner and I am privileged to take on the same battle. I'll let you experts on the bolsheviks and public schools fight this world's battles and I'll continue the fight that I was sent to face.

      You go ahead and fight with your worthless repetitive prayers to your false goddess and I'll continue to fight with the Bible, sharper than any two-edged sword, one that cuts in both directions. God appointed, servant of the Lord, who couldn't care less what LLC has to say.

    • LLC says:


      the only one here claiming holiness is you. So, by any means, please keep up fighting yourself.

      In one thing you are correct: the Bible is a double-edge sword, and cuts in both directions. So, when you think you are using it against the Catholic Church, in reality you are cutting yourself.

      Have a blessed day, brother Dan.

  12. Julie says:

    Dan Corner, You are the king of playing dirty and making sleazy and underhanded attacks. I don't think I would throw that stone if I were you. We see your posts. And the fact that you claim to be a Christian, all evidence to the contrary. 

    • Dan says:

      This is a wake-up call for LLC and Julie, or any catholics that might possess common sense, 

      According to the two of you, I am self-righteous, self-appointed, a pharisee, claiming holiness, vindictive, spewing vitriol, playing dirty and making sleazy and underhanded attacks. Nothing but a bunch of lies!

      The Church you defend tooth and nail is greedy, full of idolators, goddess worshipers, bowing and burning incense to idols, repeating prayers (sinful), claiming piety, pompous, dressed in long robes, prideful, sexually immoral pedophiles, pederasts, porn addicted perverts, blatant sinners, secretly hiding their horrific sins against innocence and overrun with liars, deceivers and con-artists. Your Church, Julie, brags about their giving to the poor and all their good deeds and you have been brainwashed by them that it's OK to go against Biblical teaching on giving and boasting and you follow suit.

      I've tried so hard to lead you away from this evil and all I get in return is sarcasm and false accusations. I think you had better be darn careful of the stones you think you can throw at me. You catholics deserve your false religion, because you are just as false and phony as your belief system. Servant of the Almighty

      P.S. I'm not Dan Corner, not protestant, belong to NO church organization and have NO church. What would it take for the deaf and blind to see or hear?

  13. Joanne says:

    Dan, Christ did not just die in the Holy Land. He lived there, rose from the dead there, appeared and walked among the people until he ascended to heaven there. You do not know what you are missing. Being steeped in the Holy Land is to touch the living Christ.

    • Dan says:

      Joanne, I strongly suggest you read Matthew chapter 23 and 24. While your at it Matthew chapter 5-7, Jesus speaking the Sermon on the Mount, would be profitable to understand what is required of true Christians. In regard to the need to visit Israel in order to gain a closeness to the "living Christ", Matthew 24:26-28 should give you a good enough answer as to why I have no need to go there. I carry Him in my heart wherever I am and believe right now I'm exactly where He would want me to be. Hope that is helpful.

      P.S. Haven't been able to vacation for 6 years and hiking or diving somewhere tropical would be my 1st choice. Hiking Yosemite would also be high on my list. Dry, hot or sandy Israel? Not.

    • LLC says:


      "Dry, hot or sandy Israel?" = your ignorance never fails…

  14. Jim Robertson says:

    Tom Wilson thank you for your sanity. You speak the truth. While most here lie to protect their fantasies.

    Martin oberoski, you are a lunatic. If your religion is the "true" one; if your god is thee "God" all mighty, then what's your problem? All the enemies you invent of your fellow human beings ("bolshevicks", "Satanists" etc.) don't stand a chance of winning against your god if "he"'s real. Religion is the opiate and spirit killer of the masses. If you hadn't been indoctrinated as children would you buy an eatable god as an adult?


    • peoples clown says:

      TW  - sanity?

      JR – fantasies?

      MO – lunatic? Only because you don't agree with JR

      There was a discussion here awhile back about wearing a Napolean hat. Napolean IV had a song "doing the Napolean" .


    • peoples clown says:

      Sorry Napolean XIV

    • peoples clown says:

      I do believe the "Napolean hat" discussion was started by Publion.

    • LLC says:


      "All the enemies you invent of your fellow human beings ("bolshevicks", "Satanists" etc.) don't stand a chance of winning against your god if "he"'s real" = correct; God's enemy do not stande a chance.

      But the end game here is not the destruction of the enemy; on the contrary, it's convincing them of their errors so that they also may live forever with Him.

      Incidentally, it's the absolute contrary of the behavior of hearth kingdoms, including your beloved CCCP (remember Afghanistan, circa 1970?).

      Now, back to the current topic: do you agree that the inaccuracies in Mr. Specht's article are ground for doubting the entire story? Dan and TW consider them simple errors; I believe that they are proof that Mr. Specht did not check his sources (which is a must for any reporter).

  15. Tancred says:

    Is “Dan” going to be indefinitely plugging up the combines here with 60s era evangelical propaganda? 

    What a boomer!


    • Dan says:

      Are you Tancred, queen of New York?

      "You are a strange one / You are the queen of New York." We catholics already have one Queen of Heaven we worship and have a hierarchy of queens and aren't sure if we have room for one more.  servant

      P.S. Welcome aboard to another drive by catholic.

    • LLC says:


      it is very interesting how you decided to comment on a contemporaneous music artist over Tancred, Prince of Galilee. You are revealing an unsuspected deep knowledge of alternative and trendy lifestyles. Perhaps Julie was on to something.

      Have a blessed day, brother Dan.

    • Dan says:

      I see you're still following in your fathers (Satan) footsteps as Accuser of the brethren.

      "You are revealing an unsuspected deep knowledge of alternative and trendy lifestyles." I googled the name, dipshit. Does LLC stand for Lousy Lyin' Catholic? Apparently so!

    • LLC says:


      yes, Julie was definitively correct. As for your mocking of my nickname, you already tried, and failed miserably, as usual.

      Have a blessed day, brother Dan.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – remember that many contemporary and trendy musicians are satanists! Heavy metal, etc. – PC

    • Dan says:

      Clown, Noooo!?! Not Heavy Metal!?! What would I do if I didn't have you catholic intellectuals to educate me? You think I could join your Church so I could bow and pray to Mary and ask for her mercy and forgiveness for thinking all catholics were idiots. 

      Have a blessed day, brother Clown and your clone, Lousy Lyin' Clown. Did I get it right that time? You know it hurts me so to hear you say I "failed miserably". I so wish to be a dumb catholic sheep.    servant hoping to become an idol-worshiper.

    • LLC says:


      "Did I get it right that time?" = no. You never do.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – its a good idea to bow and pray. A few "hail Marys" asking her to intercede with Jesus for your forgiveness.

      You don't want to become an idol worshiper. Look what happened to the jewish king in Jeremiah. He burned incense to Baal, and nebuccadanezzer had his eyes burned out!

      Have a blessed, and holy, day! – PC

    • Dan says:

      Do you understand what sarcasm is? 

      Ten Commandments; "Make no graven images. You shall not bow to them or serve them." 

      Why must catholics go against God's Word and then try to explain why they do? I just don't get it!?!

    • LLC says:


      "I just don't get it!?!" = correct. You just don't get it.