Greedy Jeff Anderson Holds Press Conference To Lie About Diocese’s Handling of Abuse Case

Jeff Anderson : lawyer

The notorious Jeff Anderson

Has the notorious lawyer Jeff Anderson now reached a new low of corruption in his jihad against the Catholic Church?

At a recent press conference, James Bottlinger, age 50, stood with Anderson in front of a flock of cameras and reporters to say that he had been abused as a teenager by Fr. Michael R. Freeman in the mid-1980s at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish in Lancaster, New York, in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Yet Anderson and Bottlinger have a lot of explaining to do with regards to their facts.

Why the lies, James?

James Bottlinger

James Bottlinger

At the conference, Bottlinger said that at age 19, he was approached by a Church official, who apparently was investigating Freeman, and Bottlinger told him of his abuse by Freeman. Of this episode, Bottlinger added, "The sexual abuse wasn't happening anymore. I just wanted to make a point that I didn't want Father Mike around kids, he shouldn't be a priest … You have to take action. Then he [the Church official] promised me he would."

And Bottlinger insisted at the press conference that even after he told of his abuse, the Church still allowed Freeman to remain in ministry, as Church officials "really didn't do anything."

Quite simply, Anderson and Bottlinger are lying. On March 21, 1989, the Church completely revoked the faculties and completely removed Freeman from ministry. Thus, if Bottlinger spoke to a diocesan official about his abuse at age 19, then Freeman would have been removed from ministry for good almost immediately after Bottlinger's report! Freeman's very last assignment in the Church was at the parish where Bottlinger says Freeman abused him.

And contrary to the claims from Anderson and Bottlinger ("Freeman was allowed to continue in ministry unabated and allowed to go into other parishes in Pennsylvania and other states"), Freeman never again had another assignment anywhere in the Church.

At the press conference, Bottlinger also claimed that he learned from last year's Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report that Freeman had continued on in ministry as a priest in Pennsylvania after abusing Bottlinger in the Diocese of Buffalo. Yet in truth, the grand jury report says no such thing at all.

[**Click to see an assignment history of Fr. Michael Freeman**]

The only thing that is true is that the diocese did know of abuse committed by Freeman before the abuse of Bottlinger. However, the diocese sent Freeman for two outpatient therapy stints at Southdown Institute in Ontario, which was exactly what was recommended at that time in the 1980s and was instructed to the bishops in an important 1985 report.

However, it sure seems that when the diocese learned that Freeman had reoffended and was incorrigible, it immediately removed his faculties and ripped him out of ministry.

Getting that payday, James?

What is clear is that both Anderson and Bottlinger must have known about Freeman being removed from ministry after Bottlinger's report of being abused. It is almost impossible to imagine otherwise, as the facts of Freeman's ministry had already been publicized in a report that Anderson himself published about accused priests in Buffalo.

There is no other conclusion to reach except that these two men lied at the press conference. And we do not make such a charge lightly.

James has made it well known that turned down a hefty offer from the Church of $650,000, the largest settlement offer that the Diocese of Buffalo has made since establishing a $17.5 million "compensation fund." He says he wants to take his case to a jury, which one would assume would award him much more.

We hope any extra money is worth your integrity, James.


  1. Glenna Kerker says:

    Jeff Anderson is a notorious priest pitbull.  He has no integrity at all.  He found his "sweet spot" and is using it…..He and other attorneys who go after the easy money have found the new metoo movement to their liking.  What about punishments for those who abuse their position?  Isn't there any spanking due them?  

    • Dan says:

      Glenna, and you can easily substitute the Church's pitbull of liars, Bill Donahue, in place of Jeff Anderson's name and all your accusations would easily reply. Of course, his easy money is the payoff he gets for being a Church apologetic, liar and deceiver. I'd like to stick a cork in his obnoxious mouth and shut him up for good. Maybe you're into spankin's, and that will do. Funny how instant karma gonna get ya. It's called the revenge of an Almighty God.. Get used to it as more of your Church's crimes become exposed.  servant of the Truth

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    If Jeff Anderson was getting a percetage of every case he's had first access to. He would be the richest man in Minnesota. Is he? You say the church has paid out $3 billion. What's 10 percent of that? $300 million. Say 5% 130 million? Does Jeff look like he's worth $150 million + ? You're worried about church money going to Anderson show us how much he's gathered? And what he's done with it? Private Jet? No. How many houses and cars and boats? I say  if you are worried about the money then follow the money. We know how many homes and private jets some Protestant ministers have. Let's find out how much Jeff has. I say he's a false flagged control for the church. He herds victims to where the church wants us to be, to behave like the church wants us to behave. He directed us to the lead lawyers the church wanted and wants those suing them to have. Follow the money.

    • Dan says:

      Hey Jim, Look at the poor guy. Couldn't even afford glasses and had to steal a pair from his great grandson.

  3. Julie says:

    Dan, Haha! Good one. It does look like kid glasses.