The Greatest Show On Earth: Jeff Anderson Sues the Vatican (Again)

Jeff Anderson Minnesota lawyer

Ringmaster Jeff Anderson

Suing the Catholic Church ain't what it used to be. The press conferences are not as abundant as they once were, and it takes more and more now to get the media's attention.

So what is a publicity-hungry lawyer supposed to do to get needed media attention?

Well, in the case of the notorious Jeff Anderson, you file a silly lawsuit (pdf) against the Vatican over decades-old allegations of abuse, even though you've tried this twice before and lost.

Third time's a charm?

One of Anderson's clients in his latest escapade is a SNAP member named Manuel Vega, someone we have profiled before. Vega scored a very healthy cash settlement in 2007 against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles over abuse he claimed had occurred decades before.

In 2012, Vega described a celebratory scene following the announcement of the record-setting $660 million settlement with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles where the plaintiffs' lawyers "looked like a frat party," with some attorneys "even chest bumping" at the news of the financial windfall.

Yet here are Vega and Anderson together. Predictably, the media, including the august publication Yahoo News, picked up the phony story, treating this piece of non-news as news.

And we were not the least bit surprised that Yahoo's story (composed by the Associated Press) was co-authored by none other than the Boston Globe's resident anti-Catholic bigot, Michael Rezendes. How fitting.


  1. Brian says:

    These are all PR plants for stories. Has Anderson been sued like Garabedian?

    • malcolm harris says:

      Brian is right…. that Anderson should be sued….just like Garabedian.  Because Anderson sees our Church as a "Walking ATM". And his "keycard" is a clever forgery….. made from bigotry and slander. This is religious persecution, under the guise of seeking justice. But for  what?. Layer upon of layer of false accusations?.

  2. Leo D Lion says:

    The past lawsuits against the vatican were unsuccessful for mainly “one” reason. The Vatican claimed no complicated nexis in the business affairs of diocese internal affairs.

    But within the past year (it was headline news) the US Confetence of Catholuc Bishops proposed meeting in a serious manner to forge out a formible policy for all US diocese in preventing and reporting sex abuse incidents..

    But the Pope/Vatican in a commanding and controlling manner issued a cease and desist order to the conference of catholic bishops to immediately stop any and all activity related to policy development in preventing and reporting sex abuse of children.

    So in essence, the pope/Vatican have displayed their broad and governing powers of diocese affairs in the US… In the past, they claim to alienate the vatican/pope from local diocese/church affairs…

    Based in their involvment, briefly mentioned above, the claim can be made that the vatican located abroad, can show they are directly involved in diocese affairs,,, based on their cease and desist orders directed to US Bishpps…. And more importantly the US Bishops complied with the Vatican…

    With this in mind, a lawsuit may go forward in US courts..

  3. Julie says:

    Dan! I thought you were leaving and not coming back. Hello! Just in time for Mass. I will count your words and give a doller per to the church. God bless you, friend.