Falsely Accused Priest Fights Back – And Wins! Jury Orders False Accuser to Pay Damages [w/UPDATE: Juror Praises Rev. Graham For 'Bravery', Criticizes Media, Says 'No Proof' That Abuse Occurred]

Rev. William C. Graham : Duluth, MN

Victorious in the fight for justice: Fr. William C. Graham of the Diocese of Duluth

Kudos to Rev. William C. Graham, a priest of the Diocese of Duluth in Minnesota.

After being falsely accused by a client of the law firm of the notorious Jeff Anderson that he committed "sexual misconduct" decades ago in the 1970s, Graham hired a lawyer of his own and sought to clear his name.

After hearing all sides of the case, a jury ordered the accuser to pay $13,500 to Graham to cover his lost earnings as a result of being placed on leave because of the allegation.

Read more: "Jury Vindicates Duluth Priest of Sex Abuse Accusations"

***UPDATE, 9/25/18***: Some readers have referenced media reports stating that somehow there was a "split verdict" in Fr. Graham's case. This is 100% false and is emblematic of the dishonesty of Jeff Anderson's firm and the corruption of the media. Please check out a must-read article from Minnesota Lawyer, in which it is written:

"The jury gave us everything we wanted," said Michael 'Mic' Puklich [Graham's attorney], partner at the Chanhassen law firm of Neaton & Puklich. "We didn't ask for a specific amount of emotional distress damages because we knew this individual would not be able to pay a large award. But this case was never about money. It was about clearing my client's name, and that's what we did."

That characterization is bolstered by a letter one of the jurors sent to Judge Neo in the aftermath of the trial. In a two-page missive dated Sept. 5, juror Merry Wallin of Dululth wrote that there was "no proof" that Graham abused [accuser Terrence J.] Davis and she expressed displeasure with media reports that described the jury as delivering a "split verdict."

"We did not assign dollars to pain and suffering for the plaintiff because Mr. Puklich did not ask for a sum of money. More than that, we did not want to assign an arbitrary amount of damages as we felt both parties had been through enough and to assign too high a financial decision may only cause more distress with an appeal by an overzealous attorney," Wallin explained in the letter.

She called Graham "brave" for fighting to clear his name against the backdrop of the burgeoning clergy abuse scandal …

After the verdict came down, Puklich said, Graham was "extraordinarily happy, to the point of breaking down, because he'd finally been vindicated."

"Professionally, it was one of the proudest moments I've had in my life," he added.


  1. "peoples" clown says:

    Its about time that we start really defending ourselves. Its sad that he had to go out to hire a lawyer, but hey! this is america in the 21st century, with anticatholicism doing well and good! Obviously, this will never make the MSM. I wonder what "jack chick" (Dan), will post about this, as it doesn't "fit the narrative"!

  2. Matt C. Abbott says:

    Interesting that the diocese deemed/deems Father Graham a "credibly accused" priest. Thus, the diocese's review board sided with the alleged victim, but the jury sided with Father Graham. 


    • KenW says:

      Define “credibly accused”

    • Anne says:

      More and more, dioceses are not protecting their priests. I’ve recently seen it happen in my own parish. The word “credible” had become meaningless.

    • Dan says:

      Tell us. How would Catholics like to define "credibly accused"? Would you also like to redefine truth, because from what I've witnessed Catholics tend to have a problem facing the truth. There seems to be real truth as opposed to Catholic truth. Is there a Catholic Dictionary where we can understand how the Church views the truth and "credibly accused", or do we have to learn how they look at the truth as Church files are subpoenaed? It seems to me that those who wish to tell the truth and expose the lies are those whom the Church favors to attack and call names.

  3. William says:

    Fr. Gordon MacRae now languishes in a New Hampshire prison on sentenc of some 30 years for crimes he clearly did not commit simply because he would not sign a plea agreement admitting to guilt for the crimes he was accused of.  His accuser, with a history of false accusations and illegal drug use issues, is foot loose and fancy free.  There is something rotten in the State of New Hampshire.   Oh, and the mealy-mouthed Diocese of Manchester is very complacent with the under-the-bus arrangement.

    • Anne says:

      Very sorry for his situation. Lots of “under the bus” happening in my diocese, too.

    • Otto says:

      I wonder why the Church won't defend its priests when there is reason to think that the accusations are not valid. I assume it is a combination of cost and fear of bad PR. In today's climate accusation is enough to make one guilty and this seems to be espcially true for Catholic priests.

  4. "peoples" clown says:

    I think "Dan" and "Jim Robertson" ,alias : "patty/Cathy duke" should be brought up for blog abuse, as they drove "publion" away, due to death threats!

    • Dan says:

      Another stupid lying accusation by another cowardly Catholic liar. I never threatened to kill publiar. That is an outright lie!

    • TheMediaReport.com says:

      Dan never threatened to kill anybody. Period. Let’s end the talk now.



    • Dan says:

      By the way, Clown, it was nice to see that you had no problem with the way publiar attacked, slandered, lied and attempted to denigrate me. Are all you Catholics so biased that you blindly back only your own kind, even when they're wrong, dead wrong. Real fair people.

    • "peoples" clown says:

      There, see! You got me moderated. Nothing personal Dan. I was a little fuzzy about it. Some kind of bi-coastal collaboration. Neither of you took me up on the woodworking hobby. Sad. If I could arrest you for being a public nuisance, I would. But, you are still free to put pamphlets under windshield wipers.

           I do give Jim credit for allowing for peoples personal catholic beliefs, but as he "surfs" his way thru more resentment it eats away, like it does for you too Dan. You hate our cult? Your hate only eats you up, not me!

          Give up your satanism! I'm sure publion will be back someday!

    • Dan says:

      Your cult made me hate it. I hate all false teachings. That does not mean I hate the people who have been brainwashed by the cult. I wish all would come to know the truth. I don't even hate the pedophiles and perverts of your cult. Their sins are disgusting to me, but I refuse to waste my energy to hate them. I think that means I don't have any misplaced hate. I sleep well and nothing "eats [me] up". If this means "satanism" to you, that doesn't bother me. Brainwashed Catholics tend to have everything backwards, so how would they know the difference between God and Satan? This is the very reason why Satan is running your cult.   servant of the Lord

  5. One of the major problems today, one that encourages the acceptance of guilt no matter how outlandish or improbable the claims made are, is that the anti-Francis camp in the Church, the self described conservatives and traditionalists, regularly seize upon any and all such claims to  somehow smear the Pope. Of course, it was the liberals who first of all seized uncritically upon all such allegations, but now the so-called uber-Catholics have taken the lead; it's all result of the Second Vatican Council etc., etc. So it is that here in Australia those who dislike the Pope, and there are many of them in the Sydney Archdiocese, regularly refer to the Pennsylvania allegations always highlighting the term 'Grand Jury'  as if somehow this term denotes some extra special jury, full of forensic experts, that has heard all the arguments against the allegations, and that has impartially found the allegations to be true. Of course this is not what a Grand Jury is, but this does not matter to those parts of the Catholic Press, here in Sydney the Catholic Weekly, that nowhere explains what in fact a Grand Jury is. If they did this then the story would not be quite so dramatic. The same applies to the procedures and findings of a Royal Commission, people seem to think that it has the same credibility as a criminal or even civil court in matters of forensic investigation, it does not. Indeed, the only thing one can be charged for in a Royal Commission is for perjury and contempt. As for so-called Independent Commissions, such as the Melbourne Response and Towards Healing these are even lighter on an investigative forensic approach. That secular atheists, anti-Catholic protestants (take a bow Jack Chick) should seize upon such allegations might be expected (although I think there are probably many secular atheists who abhor this state of affairs), but that Catholics, especially those who think themselves to be the locus of orthodoxy, should do so is testimony to how pride and the Devil works. And it would also be good if people understood why so many people in America make plea deals even when innocent, it is because all power is weighted to the prosecution and they can simply intimidate a person to accept, say, 2 years with chance of probation, or face 30 to 50 years in prison. God hates injustice especially when it is 'legal' injustice, when the system encourages false pleas and dubious evidence. And those like Dan or, more pertinently, those like the so-called conservative Catholics who are using this to drum up hate against the Pope, well I wonder how they will feel when they come to after their death and know they are to meet God.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah! Robert, and I had to take "plea deals" because the corrupt justice system believed lying priests, nuns, corrupt cops and 4 thugs, who all happened to be 'wonderful' Catholics, slander me, beat me from behind like cowards and falsely accuse me. Difference was that I was truly innocent of their accusations, unlike the pedophiles and perverts of your cult, who systematically have raped and molested children and been protected by bishops wherever they stepped foot. First Ireland, then the United States, Australia, then back to the U.S.in Penn. and now Germany and every country and state in between, etc.etc.etc. 

      I'm beginning to hate more and more everything about your cult and the sick hierarchy running the ship. You don't have to worry about how Dan will handle death and when I stand before God, because my conscience is perfectly clear, and it will be the greedy, idolators, sexually immoral, cowards, compulsive liars and false Accusers (little Satans), thrown into the Lake of Fire, that you should start concerning yourselves with (Rev 21:15).

      Have you Catholics become so brainwashed that you refuse to listen to God's Word concerning your Church? "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues. For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities." Rev 18:4-5   I AM NOT THE ENEMY, YOU CHURCH IS!!

    • Otto says:

      Yes unfortunately that is true. The entire issue is tainted by politics on the left and right as well as by money. That is why The Media Report is so important. It provides factual information without the bias you see in the MSM and, sadly, many Catholic websites.

    • Dan says:

      Correction – I AM NOT THE ENEMY, YOUR CHURCH IS!!

  6. Dan says:

    "They are outraged by sexual and economic scandals that do not meet with clear condemnation, by our unpreparedness to really appreciate the lives and sensibilities of the young, and simply by the passive role we assign them," the pope said.

    Sounds good, but the young and old don't think Godly men professing holiness should ever violate or touch them to begin with. When this has happened in the Church, why were these men protected and hidden from the public, so they could continue to violate children wherever they were sent? Why weren't the majority prosecuted and sent to prisons? Why does the Church talk transparency, while doing everything to hide and minimize their crimes against innocent kids?

    The Church has many questions to answer and fake sympathy, empty sorries and excuses are not cutting it anymore. It needs a complete overhaul, making serious changes and the Church has not demonstrated that it is capable of this. Seriously, if they allowed this mess to get this out of hand, how can one expect that they now are qualified to clean it up? No Godly religion should ever have committed the sins against children that have been committed by your Churches leaders. There are no excuses!

    • Dan says:

      And may I add, there is no one to blame but yourselves, not the media, not antiCatholics, bigots or haters. They didn't molest your children. That's period!

  7. Jim Robertson says:

    Hi, It's Me (Us) God again.

    You all consistently use My name in vain.

    You quite evily use ME to justify your dim bulbed halucinations regarding what you think I want.

    First, My self appointed "servant" Dan never once threatened Publion's miserable life. You may take that simple truth as Gospel.

    Second, why do you not believe people when they tell you the truth? How many Catholics do you think have the balls to fabricate an accusation against an innocent priest and then run with such a calumny through the gauntlet of church and lawyer and insurors questioning about the said abuse? Give Me a number.

    And finally, I, The Alpha and Omega, gave you a brain and We expect you to use it virtueously. You have not. You will not. You are playing victim and fooling no one . Certainly not We your diety.

    So rattle on here like babies with full diapers, My poor, delirious and deeply damaged children. But by  continuing to harm the good people who were injured as children by this hierarchy who pretend to be Our representatives on earth. You have failed Me.

    Our, your GOD's, only representative here on Earth is your conscience. Sadly yours have been destroyed by anger and ignorance but mostly by a pomposity that make you a very bad joke indeed.

    I/We admonish you to: Please, go and sin no more against your own innocents.

    • LLC says:

      Interesting development. A self-professed god supporting his self-professed servant (Matthew 24:4-5).
      Dan, to prevent another embarrassment, please consider: Jesus speaks openly of many false prophets and self-professed christs. This is found in the Protestant and Evangelical universe, where the multiplicity of believes and theologies have created many churches, as predicted in Matthew 12: 25-26. The Church that Jesus founded is One, Catholic, Holy and Apostolic.

    • Dan says:

      Understanding that you would like to "prevent another embarassment", seeing all your previous embarrassments, I'm surprised that your own words condemn your false Church. "Jesus speaks openly of many false prophets and self-professed Christs."

      The Catholic church considers their leader "Vicar of Christ", meaning "earthly representative of Christ" or "in place of Christ". Catholic teaching says that a priest is an alter Christos ("another Christ") or "little Christ's". These statements clearly profess that your pope, bishops and all your priests think they take the place of Christ on earth, or in your own words are "self-professed Christs". I don't know about Catholics, but I'm perfectly fine with the true Christ who is not only in heaven but is among us with the Father's helper, the Holy Spirit, to guide us towards heaven and eternal life. I surely don't need Catholic false substitute Christs or mediatrix or co-redeemers.

      Strange how your own false accusations can kind of creep up on you and bite you in the ass, but apparently Catholics are quite use to that.

    • LLC says:

      Apparently, you are also weak in simple grammar and math, not only theology.
      There is one Vicar of Christ (Matthew 16:18-19; John 21:17), and Peter's successor is the Pope.
      The phrase alter Christus (not Christos) is specifically applied to the priest when he celebrates the sacraments, and especially the Eucharist, so that when a priest celebrates the Eucharist it is Christ who transforms the bread and wine through the priest speaking the words of Institution. This is also found in Scriptures; Christ is the one mediator, but we all participate in His redeeming action by prayers, teaching, etc.
      As for little Christ, well, I like it, personally. I don’t think it’s an official title, though.
      Interestingly, the Pope doesn't proclaim himself Vicar of Christ, nor a priest proclaims himself alter Christus, unlike your own preferred self-description.
      On the other hand, the protestant and Evangelical universe is composed by 20,000+ denominations, each one claiming to be the right one (yes, including yours).
      But, alas, Proverb 12:15 always rules. Goodbye.

    • Dan says:

      You catholics can be so petty and critical of nothing. The issue is that your Church is plagued with false prophets parading as "self-professed christs", but you feel its more important to criticise my spelling of Christos, which means the same as Christus. In your prior comment you misspelled 'beliefs' by spelling it "believes". Did I correct you? And you don't even know your own Nicene Creed in the right order, it's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, of which your Church qualifies for none of the above, aside from Catholic, a word that is not even in Scripture. If you think your going to mess with me and be petty, than you can expect the same in return. Your Catholic apologist excuses for being self-professed christs and "little" antiChrists mean nothing to a Bible knowing Christian. For the last time, hopefully, I do not belong to any Temple worshipping pagan churches or organizations, but am a follower of the Almighty God, His Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit filled and Bible believing true Christian. Do you have some kind of reading comprehension problem to go along with your poor grammar and spelling?       God-ordained and chosen servant and friend of Jesus Christ

      P.S. As far as your gospel quotes, they prove and mean nothing. Peter was not your 1st pope or any rock. He had his weaknesses later in the Gospel. You must take the Bible as a whole. "You are my witnesses! Is there any God but me? There is no other Rock. I know not one." Isaiah 44:8  Regarding one your favorite Proverbs (12:15) quotes, you might want to take some of your own advice, fool.

    • LLC says:

      I see that the list of your self-assigned titles grows daily. You may need a longer business card. Or perhaps simply write them on both sides.
      Regarding grammar and math, I was simply noticing that Jesus speaks of multiple christs and false prophets, plural. The Vicar of Christ is one. Clear difference, easy enough to understand, n’est-ce pas? Multiple vs singular, Protestant pastors vs Catholic Pope.
      Secondly, as already mentioned, neither the Pope nor the Bishops or any priests self-profess anything. They are proclaimed by someone else, process that goes back all the way to (you guessed right) the Apostles and Jesus. On the other hand, everyone in the Protestant universe (including your church) can only go back 500 years, to a man-made tradition.
      Thirdly, Christos is Greek, while Christus is Latin, and goes better with alter.
      Yes, Peter had his weaknesses, like everyone, but he always returned to Christ. Being Pope doesn’t mean being perfect.
      Finally, please read carefully Matthew 5:22. You are not BA Baracus. Unless you can sport a mohawk.
      Peace be with you, and watch out for the blood pressure.

    • Dan says:

      Math was my major. Multiple "christs and false prophets" = vicar of christ = one + thousands of "little antiChrists" (bishops and priests) = plural, as in multiple = many false christs. Do you understand better now with your favorite = signs? Is that clear and easy enough for you to understand, Mr. Bilingual, as if we're to be impressed?

      One more time for the dense in this world. I am not Protestant, Presbyterian, Catholic or Pentecostal. I belong to NO denominations and I have NO church.  My church is the gathering of God-fearing, Christ saved, Bible believing Christians that have existed since the Twelve Apostles. Not self-professed, but ordained by God the Father Him-self. Not proclaimed by other humans, let alone possible pedophiles or pederasts. And your Church started with Constantine in the 300's AD, and has NO connection to any Apostles, including Peter, the human and not the rock, for there is NO OTHER ROCK BUT GOD AND POSSIBLY CHRIST, GOD'S TRUE REPRESENTATIVE ON EARTH.

      May I end informing you that I am almost 65, with blood pressure that averages 110 / 77 and I haven't taken any medication for 30 years. Thanks anyway for your concern. And I'm not angry with you at all, even though you're not my brother. Remember, I'm not a Catholic, so Matthew 5:22 wouldn't apply, because you're not my brother. Doing my best Mr. T impression, "I pity the [catholic] fools." = plural, as in multiple. "Shut up, fool." Just messin' with ya. Goodbye.          God, the Almighty, Spiritually ordained and chosen friend and fellow servant of Jesus Christ

      P.S. You don't have to convince anyone that "Pope doesn't mean being perfect", for the examples the Church has come up with so far are surely far from anything perfect, and possibly just the opposite. Don't let their false humility and pompous piety "fool" you.      


    • LLC says:

      Please allow me to continue your rebuttal. I appreciate your insight (“You must take the Bible as a whole”); perhaps you are finally learning. Unfortunately, you must also learn to compare apples to apples. Isaiah 44:8 is a prophecy about Jesus. In other words, Isaiah is repeating something he has received from the actual subject of the prophecy. Jesus if the fulfillment of that prophecy. As the subject of the prophecy, He is not bound to it. He can assign that title (and others) to other people. For example, in John 8:12, Jesus says “I am the light of the world”. But in Matthew 5:14, Jesus also says, “You are the light of the world”. The same concept is applied to Isaiah’s prophecy. He (Isaiah) cannot assign the title of Rock to anyone but God, because it’s not his to assign. Jesus owns that title, and He can transfer it to anyone He wishes. In Matthew 16:18 He does just that, assigning the title of Rock to Peter.
      Peace be with you, and keep learning.

    • LLC says:


      “Math was my major” = perhaps, you should ask for your money back. Or, you didn’t pay attention during class. Similarly, your “I know way more about your Church than I ever cared to know. and that disgusts me” is proven incorrect any time you post something. As Bishop Sheen used to say, “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

      Alas. Either way, here’s the fallacy in your reasoning. There is only one Vicarius Christi. Vicarius, “that supplies a place; substituted, delegated”. Jesus, in Matthew 16:18, named Peter His Vicarius (note that in the original Greek, Jesus is referring to Peter with the 2nd singular person, and speaks to him personally, although the other Apostles are also present). Bishops and Priests are “alter Christus” and “persona Christi” (different concepts, discussion for another time), or, as St. Thomas eloquently puts it, they are the tools of God, with Him being the Master Worker. Comprende? No es tan dificil, verdad?
      In the Protestant universe (which, despite your puerile attempt to escape labels, includes your church as well – unless you are a Roman Catholic or an Eastern Orthodox), each and every pastor thinks of themselves as Vicar of Christ. He (sometimes she) can wake up one day and change his/her theology. This is why some denominations (or non-denominations, like yours, perhaps) accept same-sex marriages, abortion, divorce, and justify it from Scriptures. Hence, the “many false prophets and messiahs” Jesus warns us against. One versus many. The Pope vs the myriad of senior pastors out there. What a match!

      As for your good health, good for you! May God provide you with many more years on this Earth, to give you the chance to find His real Church and finally join in (Luke 15:3-7).

      “I love it – when a good post comes together” – Col. LL 'Hannibal' C.

    • LLC says:


      Sorry, I forgot to add a note regarding your “Remember, I'm not a Catholic, so Matthew 5:22 wouldn't apply, because you're not my brother”. This is a very interesting, albeit incorrect (as usual) interpretation. The word ‘brother” here does not refer to a religious sense, one that is of the same faith. If this were the case, unless you were Jew, it wouldn’t apply to you either, as at that time the Church had not been established yet, and the followers of Christ were not yet to be identified as Christians.

  8. malcolm harris says:

    'Peoples Clown' said on the 25th that it's about time that we really started defending ourselves.  Sure….it's understandable that we bask in the vindication of an innocent priest, but there's an important message here. Namely that the courts are not all biased or stupid. Many Catholics are wringing their hands in despair, They think prayers will take care of everything. Well…. God helps those who help themselves… doesn't He?  And other Catholics just look to the Bishops. Well in my opinion the Bishops themselves are under deliberate attack.. Almost diabolical…. the intensity of the attacks. Which leaves the laity…..am reminded of the 'Christeros'. A Mexican movement of people, early last century. Which triumphed against a leftist regime trying to destroy the Church and the priesthood. Not suggesting violence. But am suggesting  that the laity create  a fighting fund…. for priests who wish to defend themselves. Just like Fr. William Graham. Am only a pensioner but would happily contribute $100 to such a cause. The reality is that some greedy lawyers are hovering like vultures. A priest's reputation, is to them, just a carcass, to be torn apart. Their next meal could be your own parish priest. Don't let it happen….. so push back against them.

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm says, Well in my opinion the Bishops themselves are under deliberate attack…Almost diabolical….the intensity of the attacks." Well Gee Whiz, Batman. To the Batcave (Rome's skeleton rooms). Just a little bit overdramatic there Malcolm? Bishops were guilty for harboring and secretly protecting pedophile and perverted priests, maybe being the same themselves. Do you always wish to defend criminals?

      And by the way, you're going to need to pump up that measly $100 dollar donation. The Church had to pay out 27.5 million to four men who were molested by a Catechism teacher between 2003 and 2009, at the time young boys ages 8 thru 12. Take note that this wasn't even one of many priests, but a Catechism teacher and there have been Catholic gym teachers, choir leaders, Catholic school teachers, etc., who joined in on the abuse of innocent children, mostly young boys. Also notice this wasn't 70 years ago, like I hear you guys constantly claiming.

      Like I said, step up your donation, for your $100 won't even pay a single penny per perpetrator of your Church. Be careful, Malcolm, if you share in her schemes you may have to share in her plagues and punishments, for her sins are piled up to the heavens (Rev 18:4).

    • "peoples" clown says:

      Well, ???????????riddle me this, Dan??????????????

      What is the place that flames will eternally lick you, and smells like sulpher????????

      I think we all know what this place is, and its just waiting for false accusers to come in! Yes, its the place they will wind up, as they tried to destroy the church, by extorting money for a new "bat" mobile! "Bang, smack, ouch"!

    • Dan says:

      Love it! Sounds like the perfect description of your Church, attempting to destroy the true church of Jesus Christ (gathering of believers) and extorting money for a new "pope" mobile. Maybe you can contribute to "Malcolm's Kangaroo Fund".

  9. malcolm harris says:

    Further to my comment of September 26, would like to put forward a name for my suggested fighting fund.. How about …."Fr. Charles Engelhardt Memorial Trust".   Because this man, following a false accusation, died of a heart attack, handcuffed to a prison hospital bed. The alleged victim was a drug addicted criminal. The lead investigating detective told the prosecutor that the accuser was either delusional or a liar. But the case still went ahead, a court found him guilty, and sent him to prison???. Later the Pennsylvania District .Attorney. Seth Williams was convicted of corruption, and went down for a stretch. Bad karma? Anyway our priests do need protection….. and the late Fr. Charles Engelhardt provides convincing example of that need.

  10. Former Cradle Catholic says:

    Dear Dan- as a former Catholic, raised in the church, let me give you some advice.. take it or leave it.   

    Give up arguing with Devout Catholic’s.  This Priest was given his day in court and was found not guilty.  If he is in fact guilty, he will also be judged by God and he will have to answe to him. If these allegations are true, I pray that the victims can find it in their hearts to forgive.  I am sure that there are other priests out there, both dead and alive, who are guilty of these horrible crimes, and they will alll answer to God.

    Please do not argue with a Catholic, actions speak louder than words.  I am sure there are many people in this world Catholic or any other “Religion” that will have their eyes opened when they meet God,face to face, and find out that what their minds were indoctrinated with by Satan and his Demons, thorough man, will be very surprised some day.  If human kind would all read and study God’s word rather than following others, or a set of written documents of the “Religious”, I sure there would be a changing of hearts.

    • Dan says:

      "The abuse allegations have yet to be litigated in a court of law, as Davis' lawsuit has been put on hold while the diocese proceeds through bankruptcy. Nonetheless, Graham's countersuit against his accuser proceeded to trial this week before Judge Theresa Neo." So what I'm hearing is the priests' countersuit was settled but the accusers' lawsuit is yet to be adjudicated. To me that sounds like Fr. Graham is yet to be "found not guilty". See my post Sept 29 @ 2:11 pm.

      Thank You for your concern and advice. For me this is something much bigger than debating or as you say "arguing" facts. Christians aren't supposed to sit back and let the lost or the brainwashed, or as you state "indoctrinated", just go to hell without warning them of the path their pursuing. I feel I was called by God to let Catholics know that their house is built on shifting sand, same as Ezekiel was called to speak to Israel, a rebellious house of idolaters and the stubborn who refused to listen and obey the Lord's Word, Ezekiel 2:3-7. Like Ezekiel, I feel that if I don't perform the work the Lord has given to me, then I will be held accountable, Ezekiel 3:18-21.

      I'm not experiencing some great joy in this work, when I'd rather be speaking to those who listen and want to hear about the Lord's love for them, which I'd say is about the other 75% of my daily work. I hope this answers some of your questions as to why I'm here, to seek the truth and hope others would want to do the same. Thanks again.

    • "peoples" clown says:

      Well, Dan's going to leave that advice. He'd sooner argue with whatever came from "his bathroom mirror!". Just reference archived " discussions" between publion and him.

    • Dan says:

      Hey Clown, Have you ever thought about being your own clown and not a Peat and Repeat of publiar's toilet trash. No, I spelled "Peat" right, as in decomposed manure.

    • LLC says:


      “If human kind would all read and study God’s word rather than following others, or a set of written documents of the “Religious”, I sure there would be a changing of hearts” = although this is not really the topic of this post, allow me a rebuttal to your viewpoint. At this exact moment, there are so-called Bible-believing Christian churches that support abortion, divorce and same-sex marriages and all of them justify their theology from Scriptures. Books are meant to be interpreted; it simply boils down to where the interpretative authority rests. As a Catholic, I believe that Jesus gave such authority to Peter and his successors (the Popes), in communion with the Magisterium. You believe that everyone has the same interpretative authority, so you have no right whatsoever to judge anyone else’s interpretation, which, incidentally, includes mine

    • Dan says:

      Allow me to rebut your rebuttal, LLC. No "Bible-believing Christian" would "support abortion, divorce and same-sex marriage" and be able to "justify their theology from Scriptures". As you say that would be a "so-called Bible-believing Christian" and also one who is misinterpreting the Word. This is exactly where the problem lies. There are not all these different interpretations of the Bible, meant to fit whatever the believer would like it to say. This is the very reason why your Church is in the predicament it is now in. They worship idols by Bible definition, but say they don't worship idols. Worse than that they worship a goddess over God the Father and Jesus Christ and then deny the obvious. They misinterpret many Bible passages to their own detriment, Matthew 23:9 being an obvious verse, calling popes Holy Father and priests Father and follow their mistake with excuses for disobeying God's Word. The Bible is God's Holy Spirit inspired Truth and no religion has the right to go against His Word. That is why they are all false, manmade belief systems, and the man of God has every right to judge those false interpretations, including yours. If he doesn't relay the truth to the lost, then God will hold him accountable for their blood, and that is Biblical in Ezekiel 3:18-20.

    • LLC says:


      My post was originally direct to FCC; nevertheless, since you have provided me with a chance to clarify my words, I will respond. You are correct in the distinction between Bible-believing churches and so-called such. I should’ve said, “self-professed Bible-believing churches”, like yours. See, your interpretation of the Bible is no more authoritative than the one of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and US, which does not consider homosexuality or transgender identity to be sinful. You and your church have no more authority to tell the Presbyterian Church USA that their position on same-sex marriages is wrong than they have to tell you the same. Incidentally, while right now you are trying to type “I am not Protestant, Presbyterian, or Pentecostal” again, if you adhere to the Sola Fide/Sola Scriptura precepts, then you belong to the Protestant galaxy, regardless of your puerile no-label attitude.

      And, every time you bring up what you believe the Catholic Church teaches, you simply show your ignorance (Bishop Sheen docet). Where to start… Devotion (not worship – I understand your major was math -allegedly, but a vocabulary is not that expensive to acquire) to Mary is Biblical and historical, dating to well before your unsubstantiated 300 A.D. (you see, Constantine made Catholicism legal, but he himself was not Catholic. Theodosius established Catholicism as the sole religion of the Empire in 394 A.D.).

      As for your pet peeve (do not called anyone father), aside from the asinine distinction Upper letter/lower letter (which didn’t exist in ancient Greek the way it exists now), are you aware that in other languages Priests are not called fathers? Furthermore, in the English language, we capitalize a generic name (father, for example) only when the given name is not provided. Therefore, we say “the President” or “president Trump”, or “good morning, Father” or “good morning, father John”. So, your sand castle crumbles miserably.

      The Pope is called “Holy Father” not because of his own merits, but because it refers to the practice of the primitive Church in calling "saint" every member of the Christian community (see Acts 9:13: Rom 1:7; 1 Cor 1:2; Col 1:2). While only God is holy, by His very essence, a person or place or thing too can be called holy in virtue of its association with God. For example, a place where God appears is "holy” (Genesis 28:16).

      Finally, you constantly blather about the Bible and the Word of God. The be precise, the Word of God is Jesus (John 1:1) and His message (Acts 11:1), and it was originally passed down orally (this is what Tradition means, to pass from generation to generation). The Bible, as a written version of Jesus’ message, came much later, especially when we consider it as a whole, not the individual books. Like it or not, the Bible was finally compiled by the Catholic Church in the 4th century.

      Come vedi, le tue argomentazioni sono facilmente confutabili.

      May God bless you and soften your heart, so that you may be able to hear His true message (Hebrews 3:7-9). And, please, refrain from repeating the same stale anti-Catholic talking points (2 Peter 2:22, since you don’t seem to like the Book of Proverbs). Bring something new to the table for once

    • Dan says:

      What a bunch of "asinine" "puerile" "blather", full of excuses and poor interpretations of God's Holy Word. "Devotion", especially how the Church swoons into ecstasy over their Queen of Heaven, means "worship" and is also a synonym of devotion, honor, venerate, revere and adore. The rest of your ignorance isn't worth my energy to respond.

    • LLC says:


      “I am shocked! Shocked to see that you have no intelligent rebuttal” – Captain Renault (paraphrased).

      In all seriousness, please take care of your health. Despite you claiming the opposite, this is the second time that energy fails you.

  11. Dan says:

    Merry Wallin wouldn't happen to be a Catholic who loves her sinking Church? "Merry Wallin of Duluth wrote that there was 'no proof ' that Graham abused Davis and she expressed displeasure with media reports that described the jury as delivering a 'split verdict'." What kind of "proof " was Merry looking for? Blood stains or semen, DNA or soiled underwear? Again, what kind of proof were you looking for after 40 to 50 years. The diocese and Vatican said Graham was "credibly accused" and they would have a hard time fighting the case. Did they have evidence that wasn't allowed in court, like the judge didn't allow the bishop to be subpoenaed? My question is, is this case closed with no further proceedings and did the jury agree that Fr. Graham is 100% cleared and free from all accusations, or is there more left to this lawsuit? Can the Church open up all files on Fr. Graham if they haven't already been destroyed? Maybe then we can know the truth and make a better judgment on guilt or innocence. That would be fair and just for both sides.

    • malcolm harris says:

      Dan, on the 29th, is casting about, on a fishing expedition, when he suggests "can the Church open up all it's files on Fr. Graham, if they havn't already been destroyed". Well…. can he site a case in which it was proven that the Church did destroy records?. No….he is smearing us, using his favourite ploy of baseless suggestion. He is engaged in his usual mud slinging game. Thankfully most people still acknowledge that the onus of proof is on the accuser. The alleged victim failed to show convincing proof that he was ever abused by Fr. Graham.  So western justice can actually work well…. when the judge and jury are unbiased and fair.  

  12. Dan says:

    Then all I can say, Malcolm, is answer the question, "Can the Church open up all the files." Since your Church boasts its truth, holiness, honesty and transparency, why not open all the files worldwide, instead of waiting for subpoenas to find what it hides in the darkness. Then we can have "unbiased and fair" justice and conclusions, and not the one-sided system we now have. No, the Church will not come to the light, for it prefers the darkness over the light.

    • Dan says:

      Missed the question mark, "Can the Church open up all the files?"

    • LLC says:


      “Missed the question mark, "Can the Church open up all the files?" = as in all your posts so far, you clearly have missed the mark, not just the question mark…

      You have no more legal rights to ask the Catholic Church to “open up all the files” than any other employer (including schools, hospital, the US army, or your church, for all it matters). Only a judge can issue such request, and only after probable cause. It’s called legal system, and it exists to guarantee everyone’s privacy and proper process, and to prevent mass hysteria and mob justice like you are advocating.

      Incidentally, do you know which police forces in the past used to act without probable cause and round up people just because? Few names come to mind: the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror, the Gestapo, KGB, Khmer Rouge, Mao’s PLA. You would be in splendid company among them.

      But… for argument’s sake, let’s assume that the Catholic Church opens her employees’ archives worldwide (again, an asinine idea, but let’s accept its feasibility for a moment). Who would then review them? You? Who is the “we” you keep bringing up?

      But, again, let’s say that you personally review the “files” and decide, with your self-righteous attitude, that someone like rev. Graham is guilty. Then what? Are you going to lynch him? This would make you police, judge, jury and executioner. Very interesting indeed.

      But wait, after a year or so it turns out that rev. Graham was actually innocent. Bummer… Too bad for him. After all, he was only a Catholic priest, so he had it coming.

      John 8 would’ve turned out in a dramatically different way, had Dan been there…

    • Dan says:

      There is "probable cause" and reasonable grounds to go into Church archives, because as previously stated, everywhere the Church went in the world, they molested and abused children. The authorities would have to prosecute the criminals, not me, and no longer allow the Church that has been secretly harboring the deviants. These crimes against children should never have happened in the first place. If God knows every hair on your head, what makes you think He doesn't know what your false Church has been doing in darkness. Should I lynch them or maybe we should burn them all at the stake like Church has done in the past. Apparently you don't know the difference between the righteous and "self-righteous", the very description of the pompous priests and bishops sacrificing on your pagan altars. servant of God

    • Dan says:

      You think pedophiles, pederasts and perverted hypocrites, who claim to be the moral authority, deserve "privacy and proper process"? They should all be imprisoned so they can't harm another child ever in their life. Your Church decided that they were the "legal system" and these are the results we are now confronted with, and yet they continue to handle cases in house. That's insane and "asinine" and someone should put a stop to this nonsense.,

  13. Dan says:

    Malcolm, If as you say I'm "slinging mud", it's only because your hierarchy is wallowing in the mud, and you're excusing and denying the mud. Have the Church truly clean up their act and become truly transparent, and not just claim transparency, and there will be no mud to sling.

  14. Jim Robertson says:

    I love how you all claim allegiance to Me. But when I speak to you directly through your conscience and through a victim who is channeling Me here at TMR, Jim, you refuse to listen. Did you all get schooled at Georgetown Prep?

    • LLC says:


      “I love how you all claim allegiance to Me” = you must be referring to Dan. Everyone else here prefers the real deal. Interestingly enough, Scriptures say that channeling, along with seeking advice from mediums, necromancers, and fortune-tellers is strictly forbidden. But you should now it, right? Didn’t you write the book?

    • Dan says:

      When the Aimighty starts speakin' through you, that's when I'll become an atheist!

    • Dan says:

      Quit trying to link me to Jim. We are total opposites and you're just not as clever as you think.

      LLC oinks, "Everyone else here prefers the real deal."

      I presume you're talking about catholics of your catechism, "prefer[ring] the real deal". So by that you mean your idolatry, culture, Roman ancestry, greed, sexual immorality against children, Mother Worship and let us not forget compulsive lying and accusing? Oh yeah! You're all the "real deal" alright. Read and follow the Bible or suffer the consequences. servant of the Lord

    • LLC says:


      “When the Aimighty starts speakin' through you, that's when I'll become an atheist!” = this is very interesting. Your posts have always stricken as bitter, angry and sad (aside from being full of incorrect Bible interpretations and plane errors), but I think the underlying problem is that you do not really want Christians who disagree with you (especially Catholics) to get saved. Who are you to decide thru whom can God decide to reveal His message? If God can make a donkey speak (Ubi deficient equi, trottant aselli – Numbers 22:21-39), He can use anyone He wishes. Your attitude is the one of Jonah in Jonah 4:1 and 4:9. Please think of God’s answer: “But the Lord replied, “Is it right for you to be angry?”. You should rejoice, as Jesus says angels do in Luke 15:10.

      Of course, the other possibility is that you don’t believe God can forgive even the worst sinner – and this, my friend, is the unforgivable sin from Matthew 12:31.

    • Dan says:

      What I said to Jim I said in jest. I'm much more worried about you and your response. You insist on claiming I'm "full of incorrect Bible interpretations and plane errors" and I'm not sure how I'm responsible for "plane errors"? Is that when planes crash or slip off the runway? I'm troubled that you are unwilling to accept the truth from the Bible, yet think God speaks through an admitted homosexual, blaspheming, mocker of all things Godly. Your cult has sure tossed out some strange followers.

      God was 'angry' with Jonah because he wouldn't preach to Ninevites regarding their coming destruction. Jonah was 'angry' with God because God forgave their ignorance and showed mercy to Nineveh. My "attitude" is the opposite of Jonah, because I'm doing what my Father wants and warning Catholics of their coming destruction. I would have no problem with God forgiving Catholics, but would disagree that this would include forgiveness for repeated pedophilia and pederasty (Matthew 18:1-6).

      I would be very careful of your accusing me of sinning against the Holy Spirit, when I have done no such thing, especially when your own leaders are guilty of some of the most horrendous and horrible sins against innocent young children. Beware blind hypocrite, Satan was also known to be a false Accuser of the brethren. Please refrain from calling me your friend, with that sarcastic tone.   servant of the Lord

    • LLC says:


      “What I said to Jim I said in jest” = please read Proverbs 26:19, my friend. It’s right there, in “plane” English…

    • Dan says:

      Your Proverbs quote doesn't apply. It's just a "plane" joke, my friend. I'm not deceiving, lying or cheating Jim, because I have no intentions of becoming an "atheist" and anyone following this forum would realize that. Jim's messing and claiming to channel God and I think that is borderline hilarious. I'm going to make fun of that. You have no sense of humor? 

  15. Jim Robertson says:

    LLC No I did not write the bible.

     Ignorant Bronze age men did.

    Not women but men.

    And you believe I wouldn't inspire women to write a book that affected them?

    When you read  the Bible you are reading "male" "supremacy" in action.

    Those in power tend to want to stay in power.

    And Dan if I, God, am everywhere? I'm inside everyone. Atheist Buddhist and Jane.

    I speak through everyone but those who claim to speak for me because  happen to agree with a bronze age book.

    Throw that foolish contratictory nonsense away and listen to your conscience and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF, if you love yourself.

    When you attack atheists you are attacking Me. I made them. I love them.

    I loathe preachers and priests. Sorry but I do.

    I just see them as jumped up male guerillas beating their personal chests pretending they speak for Me. They do not. They can not. They are only speaking for themselves.


    • Dan says:

      Jim, You have to stop this. This is the dumbest BS you've spouted yet. For someone who calls themselves "Butch", which is kinda queer to say anyway, you sure seem to have some great need to defend women's rights in the Bible. If you read and know the Word you would find great wisdom and advice for both sexes. Strange how you sound like a feminist, and yet you have no attraction to women at all. You choose to sleep with men and yet you're against "male supremacy". You are one odd duck.

      Secondly, you seem to have some great affinity in attacking me, and yet have said little or nothing in regards to several catholics blaming homosexuals, like yourself, for their pedophile and pederast perversions. So strange, these atheistic catholic homosexuals.

      Third, you claim God is even in atheists, like yourself, who blaspheme and mock Him, His Son and His Word, and yet He "loathe"[s] those who love, follow and preach His Word to others. If someone isn't willing to tell you the truth about God and how you can improve your life, do you think that is one who really LOVES you, or doesn't care whether you burn for eternity.

      If you claim those who tell you the truth are only "speaking for themselves", then why not tell me what I have to gain here wasting my time with hypocrites and nonbelievers. I've asked no one to join my church or look at my website, because I don't have one and haven't asked for any donations or money. You think I gain some joy, debating stubborn, hard-headed deaf people? You've got to be kidding.

  16. Jim Robertson says:

    Scriptures are a fools game. When they were written the Earth was flat.

    • Dan says:

      "Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools…"  Romans 1:22

      "The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good." Psalm 14:1

      For "Scriptures [being] a fools game", God sure seems to have you and the Church pegged. "When they were written the Earth was flat."  Most likely not as flat as your head. Please stop with the nonsense, Jim.


  17. Jim Robertson says:

    Wow The comeback kid.

    This is God you're talking to, mind your manners. That's right GOD.

    Funny! you don't believe this is God channelling through Jim yet you do believe a bible written by people who thought the earth was flat and who thought that men were My only representatives here on earth. If you can believe the nonsense you do then why isn't My speaking through Jim .just as likely as my talking to sheperds? 

    If I'm God I can speak through anyone. They, your bible writers, used the first person to speak for Me and so is Jim. It seems you prefer ignorance over information? If I keep giving you new information why do you get stuck 2500 years ago?.

    • Dan says:

      Your attempt to flood us with misinformation as if God is speaking through you is ridiculous, Jim. I'll stick with the writings of truly God inspired men who wrote about wonderful things and even some great stories about Godly women in the last 2500 years. Only guilty and unforgiven sinners hate the Word, because it doesn't shine a very good light on them, their morals or their lifestyle. Sorry, but that is just the plain truth. God has His hand out, offering forgiveness through His Son, but apparently they think they're much wiser and smarter than their Creator.

  18. T3 says:

    Folks like Dan, working hard to remain dumb. Pin pointing bad Catholics doesn't prove the Church or Catholicism is bad. Catholics who do bad violate their faith, but Catholics who practice their faith do good. You Dan, do bad because of your bigotry, biases, proselytism like a fundamentallist fanatic. 

    • Dan says:

      I appreciate your concern, but I really don't work that hard debating Catholicism. It's more like shooting dead fish in a barrel. I'm sorry for your misunderstanding, but someone claiming to be a good Catholic would mean a bad Christian. Christians worship God and His Son, not Mothers, Popes, Saints, statues, temples or artwork. We don't babble prayers to goddesses or title human beings with Holy Father, the title reserved to God alone. Why? Because the Bible tells you so. Have you ever given thought to the fact that you've been taught by hierarchy who aren't even aware that they should never cause any harm to a child, let alone sexual? Why would you even want to go to Heaven to be with God for eternity, if you're not willing to be a "fanatic" for Him on earth. I appreciate all your compliments. Now be a good boy and bow to Mary, say ten Hail Marys and hope you make it to purgatory. I happen to prefer Heaven.

  19. Jim Robertson says:

    Dan it's God again. You are illogical. Why would Jim's gayness make him hostile towards women? Just because he doesn't want to screw them he sees them as men's inferior? or that he wouldn't declare himself a feminist when he is one?  Silly. Why because he's gay would he support male supremacy? Male supremacy is the problem. Jim knows that. Do you?