Penn. Supreme Court Upholds Reversal of Historic Conviction of Msgr. Lynn; Mainstream Media Naturally Goes Quiet

Msgr. William Lynn

Wrongly convicted: Philadelphia's Msgr. William J. Lynn

Msgr. William J. Lynn, who was convicted in kangaroo court proceedings in 2012 for "endangering the welfare of a child," is finally a free man after Pennsylvania's Supreme Court upheld the December 2015 reversal of his conviction by the state's Superior Court after Lynn had already spent nearly three years in prison.

Ralph Cipriano at was the first to report the news. (See also his Newsweek piece.)

The decision means that it will now be up to Seth Williams, the buffoonish, publicity-hungry district attorney, whether to retry Lynn.

And while the mainstream media widely and gleefully reported Lynn's historic conviction with breathless headlines and hysterics, these same outlets have now gone silent after the appeals courts have reversed Lynn's conviction for the second time! For example:

• Laurie Goodstein and the New York Times, who happily reported Lynn's original conviction on its front page, have naturally not reported a single syllable about Lynn's new victory.

• The Philadelphia's own Inquirer relegated the news to the B section.

• Google News lists (as of this post) only four news outlets reporting the big news.

Msgr. Lynn might now be asking himself the question famously posed in 1987 by former U.S. Secretary of Labor Ray Donovan, who was acquitted after a similar ideologically driven witch hunt: "Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?"

[See's full reporting on the Philadelphia abuse cases]


  1. Mark Taylor says:

    They've reported this at Catholics 4 Change. And predictably, all the commenters are outraged about the news. Here's the link if you wish to check it out:

    Now Dave, I know we have had our differences in the past, but I'm not sure I believe everything at C4C either. In fact, I don't know what to believe anymore. I do know this, Susan Mathews appluaded the now discredited Sabrina Rubin Erdely for her Rolling Stone article about the Catholic Church sex scandal and went crook at Bill Donohue for calling it 'inflammatory'. Well, it looks like Bill was right this time, but Susan has still not apologised to him. Which might make her as bad in God's eyes as any child molesting priest.


    This is my introduction to this website…WOW!  It is really terrible.  It is somehwere between Mark Levin's Conservative Review and a garbage can…with the garbage can being the better of the two.


    Monsignor Lynn is to be prosecuted again with a limitaion placed on the number of previous molestation cases mishandled by the archdiocese which can be introduced into evidence.  I don't expect a different outcome, nor should there be a different outcome.


    Lynn should have served his time like other criminal priests (who haven't fled the USA to hide in Vatican City) and now, he will be facing the possibility of a longer sentence.  The jails are full of "innocent" men, just like Lynn.