Hilarious: SNAP Leader Dorris Criticizes Philly Abp. Chaput For ‘Housing’ Msgr. Lynn In Church Rectory, When It Was the Judge Who Ordered Him There

Barbara Dorris

Barbara Dorris from SNAP: Foggy with the facts

If there were any lingering doubts about the "shoot now, ask questions later" tactics of the anti-Catholic group SNAP, then a hysterical media statement by SNAP "Outreach Director" Barbara Dorris should eliminate any such suspicions.

Dorris screeches that Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput is somehow offending abuse victims by "housing" Msgr. William Lynn upon his release from prison after his wrong conviction was overturned.

However, as Ralph Cipriano reports over at BigTrial.net, it was Judge Teresa Sarmina who ordered that Lynn be housed in a church rectory as part of the conditions of his release on bail:

"The conditions basically amount to house arrest. Lynn has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle at all times. He will be restricted to staying on two floors of the rectory at St. William's parish at 6200 Rising Sun Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. He will have to check in with his parole officer every week. He will need his parole officer's permission whenever he wants to leave the rectory to visit, say his doctor or his lawyer."

In other words, Abp. Chaput is hardly "supporting" and "helping" Msgr. Lynn in any special way. A Pennsylvania appeals court unanimously declared that Msgr. Lynn was wrongly convicted, and Lynn is returning to Church property as any other innocent priest.

Where does Dorris suggest that Lynn go? To a cardboard box under a freeway? A shack in Nome, Alaska? Dorris doesn't say.

SNAP has become unglued – yet again.

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  1. KenW says:

    Maybe Msgr. Lynn could stay at Barbara's house. Just a thought…….personally I think it'd be good for both of them. Seriously.

  2. mark says:

    Hilarious!! SNAP continue to provide us with lots of laughs.

    I almost feel sorry for them they are so sad.

  3. KenW says: