OCD at the NYT: Times Now Publishes Three New Articles About Long Reported 2007 Transfer of Funds by Cardinal Dolan, Ignores Rampant Sex Abuse In NYC Public Schools Today

Laurie Goodstein : NY Times : Andrew Rosenthal

Suffering withdrawal at the NY Times: Religion correspondent Laurie Goodstein
and editorial director Andrew Rosenthal

The New York Times is apparently suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the lack of any real news in the Catholic Church sex abuse story.

Always eager to smear its local bishop, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the Times recently ran three pieces attacking Dolan for merely transferring monies in 2007, when he was Archbishop of Milwaukee, to a cemetery trust fund to ensure that the monies were going to be used as intended by the original donors: for the future care and maintenance of Catholic cemeteries.

In an article about the recent release of documents that are part of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's bankruptcy proceedings, the Times' Laurie Goodstein (naturally) suggests that the $57 million transfer to a cemetery trust fund was a part of a diabolical plot by Dolan to "protect the assets from victims of clergy sexual abuse who were demanding compensation" by moving the money away.

However, Goodstein makes no mention of the fact that the creation of the trust was actually "required by state law and mandated by the archdiocesan finance council" in order to provide sufficient funds for ongoing and future cemetery maintenance needs.

Rehashing a rehash

Frank Bruni

Resident anti-Catholic bigot:
The NY Times' Frank Bruni

Indeed, Goodstein's intimations of scandal about the $57 million transfer had already been reported by the Times nearly two-and-a-half years ago.

Back in February 2011, the Times piggybacked on the reporting of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and trumpeted the claims from the notorious Church-suing lawyer Jeff Anderson that the transfer was somehow an effort to "shield" settlement money from accusers who claimed they were abused by priests.

Years later, the Times is once again doing Anderson's bidding by juicing up Anderson's PR machine against the Catholic Church, even though there is no evidence to support Anderson's wacky claims.

And if this were not enough, the Times then published an editorial (orchestrated by the Times' editorial chief Andrew Rosenthal) that once again castigated the Church for abuse episodes committed decades ago and declared that the routine and rational transfer of funds by Dolan was "shocking."

And not to be outdone, the Times' opinion writer Frank Bruni, who has a well-established history of bigoted attacks against the Church, got into the act with a wild-eyed piece ascribing nefarious motivations to Cardinal Dolan's transfer of funds and falsely implying that abuse is somehow still rampant today in the Church. It isn't.

The premise behind all of the Times' articles is downright surreal. The Times implies that before the Church in Milwaukee filed for bankruptcy, it should have ceased all business operations and ensured that all of its monies be used solely to pay abuse claimants and their lawyers to the complete exclusion of all other pressing needs of the diocese, such as employee wages, pensions, outreach to the needy, and cemetery maintenance.

The Times' agenda exposed – again

Of course, the Times' attacks on the Catholic Church have absolutely nothing to do with "protecting children" or even "reporting the news." Its attacks have everything to do with trying to discredit a Church which stands in direct opposition to the paper on nearly every hot-button social issue, whether it be gay "marriage," abortion, or freedom of religion.

Just a couple weeks ago, New York media exploded with the news that some 128 New York City public school staff members have been found guilty of child sex abuse with students since just 2007, yet only 33 have been fired and many have returned to their jobs! (See this, this, this, this, and this.)

It is a huge story if there ever were one. But what has the Times had to say in the last month about this blockbuster news, even though these episodes have happened right in the paper's backyard in New York City? Absolutely nothing.

Instead, the Times would rather rehash old stories about Cardinal Dolan merely doing his job years ago as an archbishop of another city.

Indeed, the New York Times is the gold standard for anti-Catholic bigotry.


  1. amazinggrace says:

    Learned Counsel–loved your link on OCD.

    Do you know what paranoid means?  Someone who is paranoid would be concerned that

    a loyal, intelligent person with incredible integrity would allow themselves to get caught

    up in a pissing contest of sorts and say critical or harmful words about anyone in our


    The probelm with spies is that they cannot measure the loyalty and integrity of a person,

    So, can we join our keyboards in prayer that all bloggers be happy?



  2. Delphin says:

    ….on the other hand, who needs jobs when you have never-ending bogus lawsuits?

    Perhaps, the left has learned the way of the REVEREND Al "shady-sharpy" Sharpton or his mentor the REVEREND Jesse Jackson - fabricate yourself some "victims", and then sue your way on to PMSNBC, or perhaps one day, even into the White House.

    Now that's some good old fashioned RELIGION for you-

    • jim robertson says:

      I agree D finally with you.

      I will gladly train anybody, how to sue the church. Anybody who want's to do it.

      My door is open.

      I told you to watch what you project. This action on my part is to merely fulfill your prophecies.

      I hated to see you so consistantly wrong about everything.

      Let me, now, make you truely "right".

  3. jim robertson says:

    You guys are Catholic?????? and we shouldn't say critical words about Catholics because they're Catholic?

    L.C. have you been in a pissing contest? I thought it was an attempt at debate. Oh, but when demons abound (Hail Satan) people say harmful words about Catholics and that shouldn't happen  simply because they are Catholic and above reproach..

    I'm sorry I didn't know the rules.

  4. Michael Skiendzielewski says:

    How is all of this sniping relevant to the topic?

  5. jim robertson says:

    I just read where only 18% of Catholics in Philly attend mass regularly that's out of 1.4 million Philly Catholics. The one true faith seems to have a credability gap amongst it's own.

  6. jim robertson says:

    And accordingly all your games will be revealed. The age of secrets is over.

  7. dennis ecker says:

    It seems that maybe some good news may be coming out of California with the passing of Bill 131.

    But once again who has spent already $70,000 to crush the bill ? THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    If those who have stated the catholic church is repenting for their sins you may want to look again.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope similar Bills are passed in every state of this country.

  8. Delphin says:

    The politics of personal attacks is alive and well in Lefty-land. This is why the intense focus from you all regarding  "who are you, what do you do, where are you from…?" in the form of demands, queries and quite UNeducated guesses.

    When you can't defend your political position on virtually every issue, but most of all the Church abuse matter- which is why we convene here at TMR, you collapse into the usual personal and hyper-politicized diatribes, such as those currently being launched by the leftist media on an hourly basis.

    If the facts about the offenders in, and out, of the Church is troubling to you, take it up with the offenders, and within their community. They are overwhelmingly homosexual. There's a good starting place for you. They did not offend because they were Catholic (is this really an "a-ha!"  moment for you?) or because they worked in a Church; they offended, in and out (mostly OUT) of the Church because of their deviant homosexual appetite for minors (for the "ever-dulls": that "minor" part would directly relate the "deviant" part of that concept). FACT- sorry, fellas.

    The Church did initially, in some cases, not act sufficiently- isn't hindsight a wonderful way to gauge our lives. But, they have certainly acted sufficiently since. The abuse matter is LONG OVER in the Church, and the settlements will continue (regardless of the veracity of their underpinnings), as justified.

    The minor abuse matter is accelerating at epidemic proportions everywhere BUT the Church, currently, and there is no media spotlight on any of it to stop it or bring it to the same conclusion as the Church Dallas Charter, and settlements because of your politics. It is time to stop persecuting the Church (if you truly are not a bigot), and to divert some of the media attention to where other victims urgently need help (you can only do that if you are not driven by hate of the Church, and you do care about all victims). The ONLY reason to keep pounding, here, and everywhere, the Church abuse matter today is solely out of antiCatholic bigotry. FACT.

    The rest of the socialist/communist/anarchist/atheist vs. NOT debate is mereley pursued here is supporting evidence for the broad philosophical bigotry and hatred that drives your continued attacks on the Catholic religion. Faithful Catholics (not that supposed 86% who don't attend Church in LA, as if that is a barometer), and our religion, stand against everything you cherish- you consider us your arch-enemy and the final barrier to achieving your leftists goals. FACT, again. Undeniable.

    There isn't ONE "self-identifying victim" of Catholic clergy abuse who regularly posts on TMR who has not repeatedly criticized the Catholic religion and faithful Catholics in general – actual INNOCENTS in the Church abuse matter. Neither the RELIGION nor her faithful adherents ever have claimed to support these predators, anywhere, including in the Church. Yet, you all repeatedly attack them both. FACT.

    Now that there is no where left to go with your antiCatholic bigotry and hatred, what will you do, what will you do?


  9. dennis ecker says:


     "Hatred that drives your continued attacks on the Catholic religion"

    I am only speaking for myself but the above statement that you made above is so wrong. I myself respect the catholic faith just like I respect anyones faith. However, for me I did not agree with everything your church teaches to be a "good catholic." Did my abuse play a factor in me leaving ? Sure. I won't deny that, but that is only because of the way abuse victims are treated by your loving catholic church. But, to teach hate to specific group of people who have chosen to live their lives different then you or I is wrong. To tell someone this is how you must live your life to be a good catholic is also wrong. (eg. abortions,birth control and anything else your church hates.) Those are only few reasons why I left, and others have their reasons.

    Parishioners, thats a different story. These are the people who make up the catholic church not your priests, not your bishops, but people like you. The people who should have the strongest and loudest voice but sat back on their duffs and have watched the horrific events of decades unfold to what is happening today. People like you who failed to ask questions or say enough is enough. The same people who are asking the question "how did all this happen ?" Well, look in the mirror along with others who are asking the same question and that is how all this happened.

    You are seeing catholic churches and school close across this country, you are seeing archdioceses go bankrupt. To give you one example the archdiocese of Philadelphia is $350 million dollars in debt and that number is increasing not monthly but daily, they are running out of property to sell to say afloat, and archbishop Chaput has made the statement the money problems of the archdiocese has nothing to do with abuse cases. So, what does that tell you ?

    In your closing sentence you talk about anti-bigotry and hate of the catholic church, but I will ask you one last question (don't want to take up anymore of Publion's space, only kidding) have you ever thought why that is and what YOU can do to fix it ?


    • Jim Robertson says:

      Speaking reasonably to Delphin is like speaking reasonably to P , it goes nowhere. You only wind up bashed. They know no other way.

      What you've just posted was well done Dennis. The truth will never be acknowledged or appreciated here. It's Fantasy Island.

  10. Delphin says:


    "Too bad these incredibly naive members of the left (blacks, gays, feminists), being so overtly and shamelessly "used" by the leftist elitists, do not have the foresight to see how that totalitarianism will be set upon them as soon as the "transformation" is completed. Only faithful and productive breeders of similarly productive workers and breeders, designed to serve the whims of the elites, will be of any use to the totalitarian regime, the rest are expendable "surplus". Think of this fact in terms of abortion, genetic engineering, homosexuals, euthanasia, civil rights, "entitlement" groups, disabled and "universal health care" – how's that lefty agenda looking to you now, "ninety-nine percenters"? Did you really think the generations of brain-washing designed to dupe you into worshipping yourselves and the State, rather than God, was designed for your ultimate freedom? Only God promises, and delivers freedom to Man."

    I relish the notion that the leftists claim this statement to be "racist" and are "faux-offended" by it, therefore, I gladly repeat it lest we all forget the lefty PC tactic to shut down all opposition speech so as to attempt to control, and hijack the debate.

    The quoted statement is about as "racist" as enaging in lawful self-defense when you've been physically attacked/assaulted, and subsequently pounded bloody, as you scream for help, into near-unconsciousness. How dare you defend yourself, or your argument, against our leftist, radical or aggressive actions? "You will retreat on all fronts, except that one that compels the State to "redistribute" your possessions to us", is the leftys chant.

    The current rioting (aka "peaceful demonstrations" by the MSM) by the lefty anarchists, in which many innocents have already been harmed, only serves to prove that there are haters and bigots, but, most of them are found among the lefty camps.

    The more the left pushes to eliminate our freedoms, the more we resist.

    This is true for the antiCatholic bigotry as well, the more you attack the Church, the stronger we get.

    Resistance training is a physiological fact.

    It is how we're built, by God and nature.

    Please, keep pushing.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Catholics are already the richest religion on this planet. How much stronger can you be?

      Oh now I see. You want, what you had in the middle ages: complete control. Sorry I don't think that will ever happen again. Keep plugging though D. You may be a re-incarnation of Torquemada you "think" like him.

  11. LittleOrphanOtto says:

    It is COUGAR night!!!  Yes!!

    Let's throw some Sunday morning into a Thursday night!!

    What do you think Jim?   I think it would be prudent to keep all good religious men at home.

    Guess what I heard?  Sometimes the cougars swing the other way.  Do you realize the

    implications of this, Jim?  This means they could be attracted to men twenty years older,

    in addition to men  twenty years younger…YIKES!

    I LOVE THIS AD!  Since I am soooo crazy generous, I would love to

    share!!!! Oh..No. No. No.  I am not going to give it away for free… Buy your own copy.

    Family Circle  August 2013. Page 71

    bon appetit


  12. Delphin says:

    The "people like you" charge is baseless (and not vey PC when applied to those "Protected Classes") since you don't know me, therefore, you could not possibly know who are "people like me"  (logic, dammit, logic).

    Your presumption is that, first,  "it happened" as you say it did, then "we sit on our duff" and imply that by inaction and silence we approve of deviant homosexuals (priests, in this particular case) preying on minors. Your conclusion then is "did nothing to fix it".  "People like me" simply don't believe "people like you", so your entire premise is wrong.

    Here's the deal, so beautiful in its simplicity: faithful Catholics support good, but we don't support bad. The Catholic Church, overwhelmingly, is very, very good. Your opinion about my conclusion doesn't matter to me, I develop my conclusions based upon my abilities, observations, analyses and experience, and, only then with the help of God, not with the help of "people like you".

    And, it is this fact about how the typical faithful Catholic makes decisions that drives the statist-bigots absolutely crazy – leading them to be irrational and hateful. Statist-bigots just have no ability to control our thoughts or acts.

    Nothing is perfect, not our Church, not any government – yet, you still must abide government policies and laws, and more than tithe to pay your taxes.

    Let's review some facts-

    "People like you" condone secretly droning thousands of "enemies" of the State, even those that may be US citizens abroad, and perhaps some on US soil, without benefit of due process either here or abroad and you "sit on your duff" and "do nothing to fix it". Ditto for NSA, IRS, Benghazi, AP, State Dept pedophile and prostitution, and countless other scandals erupting under our secular administration.

    "People like you" support unconstrained abortion to full term for the "convenience" of the "mother", even when a live-birth post-abortion occurs, and will leave the decision to continue the slaughter of the BABY between the "mother" and doctor, while you "sit on your duff" and "do nothing to fix it".

    "People like you" have determined that infants, toddlers and pre and pubescent children are sexual beings that enjoy being sexualized by adults (Kinsey and his band of researcher-pedophiles), which led to incredibaly harmful educational and social policies, while you "sit on your duff" and "do nothing to fix it".

    "People like you" have determied that a six year old child is mature enough to determine her/his gender and sexuality and be afforded sex-reassignment privelages, while you "sit on your duff" and "do nothing to fix it".

    "People like you" have determined that young girls, minors of all ages, should be able to access abortifacients (makes life so much easier for the pedophiles), sans parental knowledge or consent, while you "sit on your duff" and "do nothing to fix it".

    "People like you" supported the redefinition of the necessary contract to bond a man and a woman that provided the critical foundation for marriage required for a civilized society [that which predates Christianity], while you "sit on your duff" and "did nothing to fix it".

    Just wondering: why in the world would anyone think your side would be so opposed to a few gay priests partaking of the pleasures afforded to and cherished by the rest of your secular society and cause such [faux] outrage among "people like you" who "sit on your duff" and "did nothing to fix it"?

    The Church's growth is actually at net-zero in the US (not declining, not growing), but it is growing, exponentially, in Africa and Asia. Interestingly, the Archdiocese of New York is reporting a healthy increase in their coffers as 2012 was a very good fiscal year for Cardinal Dolan. So, the hoopla-hype about church attendance and decreasing financial resources is neither here, nor there. Put your "Priest Pinatas" away for now. Considering the regions of Church growth, "people like you" may soon be faced with having to figure out how to pummel minority priests (oh, the PC challenge!) to "elicit your illicit" booty.

    If our Church lost her last penny paying out the last of your mostly bogus settlements, the faithful would remain steadfast and not turn from her (we are our Church), or our God. We're not there for the bling, which is a concept the secularist will never grasp.

    "People like you"  should not try to understand "people like me"  because we clearly worship different gods.

    You worship the secular "state" god of slavery; I worship the one true God of freedom.



    • Jim Robertson says:

      Is this the same "God of Freedom" who allowed slavery? Or did he transmorph? But God doesn't change, does he?

    • Jim Robertson says:

      So why not sell the "bling" to pay your just debts if you are so "broke" like anyother bankrupt would have to do?

      Hell, why not sell the "bling " to feed the poor? Jesus was so known for his "bling." LOL!

    • Jim Robertson says:

      So heterosexual marrige is the basis for a "civilized society"? LOL! There were lots of only heterosexual marriages in Nazi Germany. It really worked well for them. And during Hiroshima; Nagasaki and Viet Nam heterosexual marrige riegned supreme in the U.S. but "civilized society"? Not so much.

      P.S. Your abnortion "facts" are spurious. And I think drones are awful and should be banned. If they use them there they'll usem them here.

  13. Jim Robertson says:

    Why is the Catholic religion the richest? Because it's the cheapest at letting go of  any gelt. Pay your bills. Misers.. Cheapskates.  Frauds.

  14. Delphin says:

    Eckers' question:

    "In your closing sentence you talk about anti-bigotry and hate of the catholic church, but I will ask you one last question…have you ever thought why that is and what YOU can do to fix it"

    The very premise of the question erroneously implies guilt: "why that is" and  " what you can do to fix it".

    The hate and bigotry isn't a case of  "cause and effect". Catholics (being the Church) didn't do anything wrong to fix, the very fact that they exist prompts the hate.

    Jesus warned us, often, that we would be hated, in this life, on this earth. Just as He was.

    He also promised that the gates of hell [hate] would not prevail against our Church (us).

  15. Delphin says:

    Looks like the Church has been rolled into the evil 1% category by the 99% socialists, and this bigotry is nothing more than the leftists hatred (jealousy?) of their perception of those that "have anything others want" vs. those "that don't". What wealth, as defined by a leftist, has to do with deviant homosexuals abusing minors, no one using logic will ever resolve.

    But, it is apparent that the redistributionists mentality is hard at work here.

    Using the redistributionists philosophy on "fairness", I dont think it fair that some people are just plain smarter than others. We need to level that playing field by redistributing the greater brians, via earned grades of A & B to those that have lesser brains, the D& F crowd, and just make all students a "fair" C. Same goes for degrees, professional certifications and licenses. And, that will be the population from which your physicists, military leaders, pilots, neurologists, oncologists, molecular biologists, geneticists and pediatricians will be drawn.

    It's only fair.

    Extrapolate that same lefty "philosophy" to the talents possessed by athletes, to beauty, health and happiness and all the other "unfair distributions"  (including genetics) in this life.

    It's only fair.

    We can even extend this insanity to children, why should some people have good, talented, beautiful children while others don't – we can redistribute the better children to those families that were just unlucky or dishonest enough (thieves, criminals?) to raise dolts (which brings us back to the socialists).

    It's only fair.

    And, this is the reason you worship socialism; it is to give the losers the things they are incapable of earning for themselves, by simply taking them from others that do. And, the only barriers to your devilish plan are the US Constitution, which is under constant assault by your emperor-god, and the Catholic Church.

    Aside from the typical illogical and insane "philosophy" of the left that resulted in the above equally insane analogies, no other institution in the world, throughout history to the present day, has ever been more charitable than the Catholic Church.

    I will gladly continue to support them in every way. The "richer" they are, the better for all humanity.

  16. Julie says:

    I suspected that under his bluster, JR is simply your garden-variety, uninformed anti-Catholic bigot. He's proven me correct.

  17. Delphin says:

    And another one, under progressive debt-laden and destructive politics, bites the dust.

    Three, and counting, in Cali.

    "Overtax them, and they shall leave"-


    • Jim Robertson says:

      I've got a better idea Tax them and don't let "them leave". Why don't you pay your taxes D? I pay mine.

  18. Delphin says:

    There is certainly something to investigate regarding the ability of adult males to groom, and then physically violate, juvenile males against their will.

    The priest abuse cases mostly involved post-pubescent males, encompassing the legal ages of consent between 12-17 [worldwide]. The majority of those cases involved juvenile males from 15-17, certainly old enough to be cognizant of their human surroundings regarding abherrent behavior, as well as discerning right and wrong (i.e. legal accountability), providing the juvenile males are developing normally, emotionally.

    Julie hits upon an interesting point- how psychologically-emotionally healthy was this incredibly small subgroup of young males that were overwhelmingly not force-raped or otherwise physically overpowered, but seduced?

    Legal definitions aside, when you look at this issue from a purely biological-behavioral-psychological perspective (the obvious Darwinism-natural selection question aside), if these juvenile males were opposed to their offenders sexual advances, why did they permit them, sometimes repeatedly, and not offer resistance by either fighting, as normally-developing aggressive young testosterone-laden males are prone to do, simply avoiding the transgressors or by informing authorities of the inappropriate advances before they became physical transgressions- to be sure it didn't happen to them [again] – or of most importance, to anybody else?

    In some precincts, these young men could be as culpable for "cover-ups" as any priest or bishop that didn't immediately act on such information. As statute of limitations laws can be changed [to accomodate the continued persecution of the Church], so, too, can age of consent laws witness changes that might make liable some older "victims" aware of illicit homosexual activities with younger "victims". Once that vicious dog (politically-philosophically and financally motivated unsavory lawyers, and immoral laws) has been trained, who knows who it will attack, next?

    What emotional-psychological defect in a normally developing aggressive, assertive and dominant young male ("machismo", "manhood") permits such submission?

    But, whatever the answer to that appropriate question, you can be sure, when it comes to the "victim-brigade", it'll be the fault of the Catholic Church, the religion and the faithful adherents. Perhaps, they will claim, it was Catholic teaching that made them so "passive"?

    The only time you can ever blame the victim for serving any contributory role in their victimization is when it's a woman, a conservative, traditionalist, libertarian, Caucasian, Catholic – or a "white Hispanic".

  19. Mark says:

    Thank you for themediareport.

  20. Delphin says:

    Yes, Jim, natural marriage is the backbone of civilization since it is the necessary foundation for the nuclear (and, thereby, definition, the extended) family (guessing this is true for your family?), which is the skeletal system that supports the body of the civilized world. It replaced the hedonisim that led to the "Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle, and human sacrifice, debauchery, misogyny, infanticide and all the rest of the "goodies" that defined the pagan world.

    NAZI's, Communists/Socialists and Empirical Japan did not commit their evils, via regimes, as witness to, or because of, their marriages or families, but, they did so as witness to their Godlessness (just as your president- god presently drones potential innocents in your name, we shall not smear this regimes sins on your "gay community").

    The Democratic Presidents' (Truman) nuclear response (which has already been proven to have saved more lives than it extinguished), and the fact that his predecessor "Rosie" sat around way too long in denial about the atheist evil sweeping Europe (compounded by that rascally NYT/Sulzberger- Roosevelt coverup) and Japan(recall Rosie's distinguished familys' direct role in creating the evil empire to serve as leverage against China), explain all we need to know that led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On the other hand, we (and others)haven't been sneak-bombed by Japan since, so, we did succeed in taking the wind out of the people of the rising suns' "world conquest" bent.

    There is nothing spurious about my statement on abortion- it is factual (as in documented)that the left – your president god, his HHS Administrator, and most members of his Democrat congress and their constituents support unrestricted abortion, live-birth abortion and the ability to complete "abortion" if the full term baby lives post-abortion. What is "spurious" is that you claim otherwise.

    Interesting choice of a word [spurious] to use regarding abortion. If pro-abortionists have their way, no spurious event should need be considered, ever again-

    • Jim Robertson says:

      What if it was your life; or your parents lives; or your children's; or grandchildren's lives "extinguished" in such a "glib" fashion.?

      And you worship the" God of Freedom" Bah! He must be very different from a "God of Love" to have allowed hundreds of thousands humans to be destroyed in an instant. America couldn't have exploded the bomb off shore? Oh no.

      Now racism and slaughter is called saving American lives. Nonsense per usual.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      I need to correct myself. The Nazi's killed 20,000,000 Russians so they may have the U.S. beat for the slaughtering recorI. Plus 6,000,000 Jews; not counting the Gypsies; native communists and gays. No i was wrong Germany is the "winner'. And who signed the very first treaty with the Nazi's? Why the Vatican. Not because southern Germany was Catholic and the home, the matrix of the Catholic approved Nazi party.  And the Catholic approved anti-semiticism. Oh no.

  21. Delphin says:

    And here it is, the leftist philosophy revealed and all rolled up in one statement, courtesy of the true-believer, Jimmy-boy:

    "I've got a better idea Tax them and don't let "them leave"."

    I do believe that we call that SLAVERY.

    This is why the Catholic Church may be our only hope to keep our God-given freedoms.

    And, that is why the left is waging war on the Church, "…by any means, to achieve their ends..".

  22. Delphin says:

    Seriously, Jim, since you're inclined to show up at these things to support your philosophical brothers in arms, be careful out there, today, it won't matter that you might agree with their position, you will still stick out like a sore pink and white thumb (dog bites owner)-


    God help those in the anarchists path of destruction today.

  23. Jim Robertson says:

    You keep inventing what I think. You say Obama's my god. [edited by moderator] I told you over and over and over and over and over and over and over and on ad nauseum.I don't like Obama. So how he became my atheist "god", I don't know?. Has Obama brought the banks and Wall street to trial for their fraud? I would. Would you? If not maybe Obama is more your canditate  than he's ever been mine.  Stop just stop including me in your fantasies about who and what I am and your fantasies about everything else you "believe" to be true. [edited by moderator]

  24. Delphin says:

    The Pope informs our spritual needs and moral conscience, he isn't our financial advisor.

    He also doesn't imply, even remotely, that socialism-communism is the preferred economic model. We know we need to take care of the poor, that doesn't mean we're supposed to be taxed into extinction to support a corrupt, oppressive and bloated nanny govenment.

    Crony captialism is no better for a free society than is your preferred system. But, it is a robust capitalist system that made the US the most advanced, wealthiest, healthiest and benevolent conutry in mans history. That wasn't either of your "isms" that did that.

    Wealth is not a limited resource (inspite of what Bernanke thinks), there is as much out there for which any individual is willing to work – no one prevents anyone from achieving their dreams in this country. Not even if your only dream is to never work, stay stoned all day and sponge off of others for your entire life. We're especially good at encouraging that behavior since it also ensures a slave constituency for the Democrats.

    I will not refer to King O as your guy, again, message received. Likelihood is that he's probably too conservative-traditional-patriotic for you.  You're so far left, you probably have to hang onto the edge of the Pacific Plate with your bare, bloody fingers to keep from falling into the Mariana Trench-

    We already know what it is the Church's gay cabal did, ask the Boston Globe, Philly Inquirer and the NYT, they'll be happy to remind you.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      No you simple little dear It was theft that made America what it is today. Theft of people: African Americans;and land and labor and resources and this financial mess we are in now. Bubble speculation and just plain old robbery.

      You hate paying taxes. Boo Hoo.  Yet the corporations you get wet for  have left the American worker bankrupt. theft. Those very corporations (People now like you and I.) use our streets our highways our water, pollute our air and pay no taxes.  And you support them becauseYour a greedy little child who wants more for her self. and cries about taxes. 

      Civilization must be paid for.

      The American people through our taxes paid for the development of the internet. Yet the profits of those tax investments aren't returned to the people. They are privatized .Theft.

      The air waves are owned by the people but are we paid for their exclusive use by the 5 corporations that own the media? No? . Theft.

      The bailout of banks and Wall Street. Theft.

      The insane spending on the military. (Remember your little career in the military?) While people go homeless and sick; jobless and uneducated. Yay Capitalism! Theft.

      And you bemoan bash mobs yet claim invading other countries illegally is "patriotic" no it's theft.

      By the way the Mariana Trench is a long way from California. Educate yourself.


  25. Delphin says:

    Regarding "moderating" and "censorship" of commenters posts- based upon my own experience, Mr. DP appears to wield the moderators sword without political or philosophical bias (too bad the msm isn't so fair). Some of my material does not make it on to TMR, either.  And, when it does, it has sometimes been heavily moderated.

    I imagine that it must be a tough task keeping up with all the back&forth between commenters here, and some things probably just get "lost" or are moderated out of existence for a variety of reasons (redundancy, relevence, tone, hyperbole, hate, threats, foul/obscene language, expletives, etc.)

    For the record, I do not use expletives or engage in threats or hate speech (challenges to one's expression of politics, morals or philosophy is not hate speech).

  26. Michael Skiendzielewski says:

    Mr. Pierre, if you really want to zero in on "catholic-bashing" by/in the media, focus your attention on North Jersey.  There's been several controversies in the Newark diocese in the past few months and today there is just another in the media.  Archbishop Myers and his spokesperson, Mr. Goodness are busy at work, spinning their stories.


  27. Delphin says:

    The dishonest lefty-rads just continue to throw as much crap (the most erratic, juvenile, loathsome and illogical tripe I've seen) about their version of both the Catholic Church and US history as they think they can get to stick to the TMR "walls", as they then await the honest contributors usual provision of facts with a healthy heaping of logic. What a loser strategy (explains their position in the world?).

    It has been a yeomans task trying to inform these radical anarchist agitators of the truth. There is something to be considered, though, for attempting to reason, for too long, with the highly irrational, as the merry-go-round is dangerously broken and may need to be dismounted, soon.

    It is always entertaining, I must admit, to predict the typical, usual emotional meltdown that inevitably deteriorates into a huge pile of garbage, sprinkled with attempts at both personal and general insults, come to fruition here, time after time.

    It's been a good day for the truth, again. Thank God.

  28. Julie says:

    The Associated Press was not all over this story as they would have if it involved the Catholic Church: http://www.christianitytoday.com/gleanings/2010/september/new-tribes-mission-confronts-80s-sex-abuse-allegations.html

  29. TheMediaReport.com says:

    Thank you, everyone!

    Comments are closed.

  30. jim robertson says:

    No,The Catholic church keeps anti Catholicism thriving. If you'd drop your fake humility and compensate your victims openly and with out subtrafuge and P.R. professional spin miesters. The world would lighten up on you. But it's because you refuse to do that;  no one's buying your games.

  31. josie says:

    I have asked you, JR, and you never answered. What do you want further than the "booty" (as you have called it) you received awhile ago? Do you think the Church should give you a house, a car, food and clothing? How much compensation do you think is due you ? 

    Have you had councelling all of these years? IF you are a proven victim, you should have this although I think you have always had problems mentally.  

  32. Jim Robertson says:

    And then sent to the chickens :^)

  33. Jim Robertson says:

    Josie I responded to you but Dave didn't like what i wrote. i suggested that the Church's victims replace your failed hierarchy. And suggested the deposed should be sent to clean chicken cages. Hence the odd post below. Ah if we only didn't have censorship. Where's your "God of Freedom" D, ?

  34. Jim Robertson says:

    I was quoting D (ironically, look it up) about "ill-gotten church booty". I was as a child "ill gotten church booty" so to speak.

  35. Jim Robertson says:

    Admitedly Martin Luther (who started out RC) was a vicious anti Semite. Richard Carrier ( a great young American historian) believes Hitler's behavior towards the Jews was based point by point on Luther's own plan.

  36. Jim Robertson says:

    Regarding capitalism.

    May I quote from Pope Benedict XVI, New Years Peace Message 2013?

    " In order to emerge from the present financial and economic crisis- which has engendered even more inequalities- we need people, groups, and institutions which will promote life by fostering human creativity, in order to draw from the crisis itself an opportunity for decernment and for a new economic model."

    They couldn't always be wrong.

  37. Jim Robertson says:

    All the wealth can't continue to go up the pyramid it needs re distribution or it will destroy us all. You know what the Pope said " a new economic model" to deal with "inequalities". Must have been the gay cabal..


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