Network Provides Its Idea of ‘Fresh Allegations of Ignoring Child Abuse’ in Catholic Church

ABC Australia

ABC Australia

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) recently posted a story with the alarming headline, "Catholic church faces fresh allegations of ignoring child abuse."

Indeed, the idea that the Catholic Church – now in 2012 – is "ignoring child abuse" is very troubling and unsettling.

But the headline is false. Not until halfway through the article does one see that the central story entails allegations that in 1983 the Church may have mishandled the case of an accused priest whose criminal case was thrown out by civil authorities in 1988.

1983? 1988? There is hardly anything "fresh" about allegations from 25-30 years ago.

This patently bogus headline from the ABC should serve as a very helpful reminder to readers: Always be skeptical of claims from the media when they concern sex abuse and the Catholic Church.


  1. Publion says:

    Anything to keep the ball rolling. And this goes for the media as well as for SNAP itself. After all, if it weren't for the media being able to increase readership with sensational 'stories', and thus treating SNAP as if it were a well-run organization with a very substantial membership, there wouldn't be much of a 'story' at all. By his own admission under oath, Mr. Clohessy knows roughly nothing about his organization or how it is run, and yet he is the CEO. And the 10th anniversary conference to celebrate the 2002 opening of the sue-the-dioceses phase of the whole Game was attended by no more than 70 attendees (exclusive of staff and presenters) and far fewer tyhan that showed up for the obligatory and marquis-signature placard and chant  'march' in front of the local cathedral.
    And as I've said, given the economic problems most countries around the world face these days, the tempting prospect of setting up the American-style lawsuit-settlement pinata in one's country must have visions of sugar-plum payouts dancing before many folks' eyes, especially if their country also adopts the American model of 'believing the story' no matter what the victim might claim.

    • kmc says:

      What do you think about the concept of placing a couple of the new  (Mac with Retina display)
      laptops in the catholic colleges graduate schools (Newman Centers) programmed with this
      site and,   Also, I envisioned this concept expanding to parish halls  (assuming the
      laptops could be well cared for and kept safe.   
      [Comment edited by moderator.]

    • kmc says:

      (Ahem)…."get" the ball rolling.  Good Luck!

    • kmc says:

      On "get" the ball rolling…….I should have asked, "please."

  2. kmc says:

    Speaking of patently bogus…..did you read the article in the Los Angeles TImes ( 7/4/12)  describing
    "Professional" reviews and star ratings for various organizations and businesses?

  3. Karen says:

    Good work.
    Thanks for keeping us updated on these outrages.

  4. justwondering says:

    In case anyone was preoccupied on July 4 @ 8:00 p.m……..
    The San Francisco Chronicle updated this article:  "SB1530 defeat a "disservice" to children"
    What is a "disservice?"