Not the Catholic Church? (Part III): LA Times Misses Further Sex Abuse Charges Against School Aide

A man who was a special education aide for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) "already accused of videotaping himself molesting teenage girls in his private basketball program," was charged October 17 with "having sexual contact with four more, including one who says he took her to a local hotel room for a weekend of sex" (LA Daily News). In all, seven girls, most about 15, [have] told police [the man] had talked dirty, fondled or performed sexual acts on them … he former Birmingham High assistant football coach faces 14 felony and three misdemeanor charges, and more than 30 years in prison if he's convicted, said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Alisanne Scolnik."

Yet one place you won't read about this story is in the Los Angeles Times. Do you think if this man were a Catholic priest, the Times would fail to report these new awful allegations against this guy? Of course not. The guy was arrested originally back in June, stemming from charges involving a single girl. Indeed the Times did report the original arrest. But where's the follow-up?

The Times has never failed to leave any stone unturned in reporting alleged sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. But now it seems there's a different – more lax – standard at the Times in covering sexual abuse by employees of LAUSD.

As we've reported before, a huge sexual abuse scandal has erupted in LAUSD. Yet as more time passes, the Times just … seems … to … be … losing … interest.

Double standard? Yup.