Time Continues to Trumpet Pretend ‘Women Catholic Priests’

This Halloween, millions of Americans will dress up in costumes and pretend to be celebrities or other important figures. Most journalists won't take serious note of this. Yet recently a few women have slipped into some vestments and … [Read more...]

Dishonest or Clueless?: Time Claims ‘Ordained’ Women ‘Priests’ in Catholic Church

It's not that hard to understand. The ordination of women in the Catholic Church is not going to happen. It. Will. Not. Happen. Yet according to a truly warped article by Dawn Reiss in Time magazine (9/25/10), it's already … [Read more...]

Time Magazine’s ‘Pilfering Priests’ is a Make-Believe ‘Crisis’

First, take a look at the appalling illustration that accompanies the article in Time magazine this week (February 26, 2007, page 46). In the darkest of colors and tones, a sinister-looking, pasty-faced priest is pictured. As his empty, … [Read more...]