Must-See Video: Woman Obtains Videotaped Confession From Public School Teacher Who Molested Her as a Student

Jamie Carrillo

An amazing and compelling video is slowly making its way into the mainstream media. Last week, twenty-eight-year-old Jamie Carrillo garnered the courage to confront the California public school teacher who molested her years earlier … [Read more...]

L.A. Daily News Does It Again: It Breaks Story on Rampant Sex Abuse Going On Today in L.A. School District

LAUSD sex abuse

Just in the last 15 months, some 600 teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) have either been fired, have resigned, or have been administratively "housed" due to allegations of serious "inappropriate … [Read more...]

What is ‘Teacher Jail’? L.A. Daily News Exposes Widening Sex Abuse Scandal in Los Angeles Public Schools; Mainstream Media is Indifferent

Los Angeles Daily News

Ever heard of "teacher jail"? We had never heard of it, either, until Barbara Jones at the Los Angeles Daily News reported that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has removed nearly 300 teachers from its classrooms at … [Read more...]

Where’s the Outrage? Another L.A. School Sex Abuse Shocker: 189 Abuse Claims at Just ONE School!

LAUSD Los Angeles Unified School District

Reports of rampant child sex abuse committed at an elementary school in Los Angeles continue to explode. On the heels of other recent shocking reports involving child sex abuse in L.A. schools, NBC4 in Los Angeles has reported: "On … [Read more...]

Kudos to L.A. Journalists: Their Investigations Uncover Widespread Cover-Ups of Abuse in Public Schools; But Rest of Media Snores

Jason Felch : Barbara Jones : Howard Blume : Jason Song : Kim Christensen : Los Angeles

Reporters in Los Angeles are highlighting the fact that the criminal abuse of children is not really very bothersome to a lot of people, unless Catholic clergymen are involved. This past year has been a banner one for journalists in Los … [Read more...]

School Is Back In Session, and the Epidemic of Teacher Sex Abuse Continues Unabated; Predictably, the Media Is Uninterested

Public school sex abuse

A few weeks ago, police arrested Glendale, Arizona, public school teacher John Todorich for luring a minor over the Internet for sex. But the arrest should not have been a surprise. In 2010, three adult witnesses reported that they saw the … [Read more...]

Groundbreaking Lawsuit Proceeds Against Public School District, But Media Snoozes

Jon White Urbana teacher

In 2008, a judge sentenced former Illinois public school teacher Jon White to 60 years in prison after the educator pleaded guilty to sexually abusing 10 young students. Shockingly, it appears much of the sickening abuse could have been … [Read more...]

Kudos: In WSJ, Campbell Brown Says Teacher Unions ‘Go to Bat for Child Predators,’ Cites Lack of Media Coverage

Campbell Brown Wall Street Journal

Public school teacher unions are "being weak on sexual predators," and the effect of this policy is having a monstrous impact on victims, their families, and the well-being of the teaching profession. So says Campbell Brown in an … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Double Standard: Paper Yawns As School Removes Teacher and Principal Following Abuse Probe

Boston Globe and Carol Johnson

If the Archdiocese of Boston began proceedings to laicize a Catholic priest accused of "inappropriate contact" with an innocent minor, it hard to imagine the Boston Globe burying the story. It is also hard to imagine the Globe … [Read more...]

Even Summer Vacation Does Not Stop Avalanche of Teacher Abuse Atrocities, But Major Media Continue to Ignore Stories

Teacher sex abuse

One would think that the school summer vacation season would not see many stories of stomach-turning child sex abuse by public school teachers, but this summer has seen an avalanche of shocking cases of teacher sex abuse. Here is a … [Read more...]