The Philadelphia Abuse Trial: Media Ignores Key Accuser’s Criminal Past

John P. Martin, Philadelphia Inquirer

Leading journalists are ignoring a critical component of the current high-profile Catholic abuse trial in Philadelphia. Mark Bukowski has accused Rev. James Brennan of raping him as a 14-year-old back in 1996. However, around the very same … [Read more...]

Philly Abuse Case Flip-Flop? Serious Doubt Emerges in Charges Against Accused Priests

Monica Yant Kinney

For over a year, the media has whole-heartedly embraced and loudly trumpeted the graphic and shocking details of last year's high-profile Philadelphia grand jury report. The report, which depicted stomach-turning allegations of … [Read more...]

*EXCLUSIVE REPORT* Philadelphia Abuse Accuser Has Extensive Criminal Record of Fraud and Filing False Police Reports


The primary accuser in this week's high-profile criminal abuse trial in Philadelphia has a lengthy criminal record of fraud and deceit, including an alarming episode in which he fabricated an elaborate tale to the police about a violent … [Read more...]

SPECIAL REPORT: Philadelphia: Who is the Accuser of Fr. James Brennan?

A disturbing trend in the media coverage of the Philadelphia clergy cases is that many journalists have already assigned certain guilt to the individuals who are facing trial. Journalists' lack of scrutiny of the actual charges against … [Read more...]