Is Huffington Post the Most Anti-Catholic Mainstream Site on the Internet?

Huffington Post

The popular online site Huffington Post recently relayed a much-seen Associated Press story that Pope Benedict XVI may be in tired and weak health. Below is just a small sample of over 2,100 comments that were posted: “Maybe, if … [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan Tagged for Rampant Falsehoods About Catholic Church, Pope

[HT: Thomas Peters, American Papist at] Following a debate the other night with Maggie Gallagher on the topic of gay "marriage," pundit Andrew Sullivan has been cited for airing a number of falsehoods and lies … [Read more...]

Media Falls Way Short in Claiming Pope Has ‘Justified’ Condom Use

The media is practically falling over themselves with a report, propagated in part by the flimsy Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, that Pope Benedict XVI has "justified" the use of condoms. (See this enormous (and … [Read more...]

When Reporting on the Catholic Church, Media Can’t Even Get Headlines Right

(HT: Phil Lawler/ Major news outlets delivered a collective message about the Catholic Church this week. Here were the headlines: "Pope orders sex abuse summit" (Boston Globe) "Pope to Hold Sex-Abuse … [Read more...]

Coverage of Pope UK Trip by AP’s Winfield May Be Sinful

Mainstream media outlets continue to frustrate serious Catholics with reporting that is far too often erroneous, misleading, and agenda-driven. Such is the case with an article published by Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, who is … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor in the LA Times: Pope Benedict Was Groomed By Hitler

Does anyone think that a major newspaper like the Los Angeles Times would ever allow a hateful and patently false anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim personal attack to be published in its letters to the editor? Of course not. But check out this … [Read more...]

LA Times to Pope Benedict: Don’t Listen to Conservative Catholics

A trip to the United States from Pope Benedict is still nearly six months away (April 2008), but the Los Angeles Times is already in a tizzy. An editorial in Wednesday's Times (11/14/07) advises the Pope to shun "hard-liners" … [Read more...]