What’s Old Is New Again: PBS Airs 90 Minutes of 21st Century Know-Nothingism, Sex Abuse Story Rehashed Once Again

Jeff Anderson : Fr. Tom Doyle : PBS : Sarah Childress : Jason Berry

It is an ugly American bigotry as old as the hills. Know-Nothingism was a widespread bias against Catholicism in this country, stemming from the suspicion that Catholics were not sufficiently patriotic or trustworthy, as they were … [Read more...]

Another SNAP Stunner: SNAP President Blaine (and Pal Jason Berry) Wrote Letters on Behalf of SNAP Shrink Busted With Child Porn

Bruce Nolan of the Times-Picayune (Louisiana) has reported (Sun., 8/7/11) that Barbara Blaine, the testy founder and president of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), wrote a passionate letter in 2009 to the Louisiana State … [Read more...]

LA Times, Jason Berry Spreads Church Abuse Falsehoods; Teacher Abuse Study Ignored

An opinion article by author Jason Berry in Sunday's Los Angeles Times (11/11/07) claims that United States Catholic bishops "released data [in 2004] showing that they had identified about 4,400 abusive U.S. priests." The … [Read more...]