Huffington Post Approves Anti-Catholicism

Writer Larry Doyle: Anti-Catholic

On February 24, 2012, writer Larry Doyle, a contributor for Huffington Post, published an article in which he referred to the Catholic Church as a "Jesus-eating cult," a "pedophile program," and "the tactical arm of … [Read more...]

Is Huffington Post the Most Anti-Catholic Mainstream Site on the Internet?

Huffington Post

The popular online site Huffington Post recently relayed a much-seen Associated Press story that Pope Benedict XVI may be in tired and weak health. Below is just a small sample of over 2,100 comments that were posted: “Maybe, if … [Read more...]

What the Media Got Wrong in the Bishop Finn Case [UPDATED]

Under no circumstances can we defend any wrongdoing by Church officials. Did Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn fail to act quickly and aggressively in his handling of the crimes of Father Shawn Ratigan? Absolutely. Even the … [Read more...]

NYT Trumpets Female Catholic ‘Priests’ For Second Week In a Row; HuffPo Fumbles

For the second week in a row, the New York Times has embraced the mission of trumpeting the fruitless cause of female "priests" in the Catholic Church. What gives? As faulty as Laurie Goodstein's article was last week, the … [Read more...]

Media Falls Way Short in Claiming Pope Has ‘Justified’ Condom Use

The media is practically falling over themselves with a report, propagated in part by the flimsy Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, that Pope Benedict XVI has "justified" the use of condoms. (See this enormous (and … [Read more...]