Hypocrisy Alert: SNAP Leader Clohessy, Who Refused To Call Police To Report Abusive Priest, Now Lectures Church on Reporting Abuse

David Clohessy

Back in the early 1990s, even after he began his work with the lawyer-funded, anti-Catholic group SNAP, David Clohessy already knew of allegations that his brother – Kevin, a Catholic priest – was sexually abusing innocent boys. … [Read more...]

SNAP Wins Its Appeal To Harass and Intimidate Parishioners at Sunday Mass

David Clohessy : SNAP

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the anti-Catholic group SNAP so that members of SNAP can resume harassing and intimidating prayerful Catholics as they attend Mass on Sunday. In the past, SNAP members have provoked … [Read more...]

FACT CHECKER: SNAP Lies About Status of Priest To Create Media Hysteria

David Clohessy

As if any further proof were needed of how the anti-Catholic group SNAP manipulates the media and lies to the public about the Church's handling of sex abuse cases, consider this recent ominous media statement from David Clohessy, the … [Read more...]

Disgrace: SNAP Now Publishes Phone Numbers and Email Addresses of Accused Clerics to Incite Harassment of Priests


Lest there be any remaining doubt about the nastiness and true motives of the anti-Catholic group SNAP, the organization is now publishing on its web site the personal phone numbers and email addresses of priests who have merely been … [Read more...]

Federal Judge Vindicates Cardinal Dolan, Another SNAP Publicity Stunt Is Exposed, And NY Times Goes Silent

David Clohessy

A federal judge has ruled that the creation of a cemetery trust fund in 2007 by then-Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee – the subject of a lot of hysterical coverage a month ago in the New York Times – … [Read more...]

The Hague Tosses SNAP’s Nutty Lawsuit Against the Vatican, SNAP’s Latest P.R. Stunt Exposed

David Clohessy : Barbara Blaine : SNAP

In 2011, the mainstream media fell over themselves to report that the anti-Catholic group SNAP had petitioned the International Criminal Court (ICC, aka "The Hague" in the Netherlands) to prosecute Pope Benedict XVI and other … [Read more...]

Another Clear Example of How SNAP Misleads the Public

David Clohessy SNAP

We frequently address how the anti-Catholic group SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) deceives the public in its presentations, and now we have another short and simple example. On Monday, SNAP National Director David … [Read more...]

Contingency Lawyer Saves SNAP Leader From Criminal Contempt Hearing For Violating Court Orders

Rebecca Randles

Last Tuesday, a Missouri judge was minutes away from deciding if David Clohessy, the National Director of the anti-Catholic group SNAP, would be held criminally in contempt of court for failing to produce documents for an important civil … [Read more...]

Desperate to Stir Up Any Publicity: SNAP Smears TWO Innocent Clerics in Less Than a Week

David Clohessy and Barbara Dorris - SNAP

Is the anti-Catholic group SNAP running out of Catholic clerics to target and resorting to attacking innocent men? It sure seems like it. Even though an abuse accusation against Wheeling, West Virginia, Bishop Michael J. Bransfield was … [Read more...]

*EXCLUSIVE w/ COURT DOCS* After SNAP Flouts Repeated Court Orders to Turn Over Documents, Lawyers Forced to File For Contempt Citation

David Clohessy SNAP

Since David Clohessy, the National Director of SNAP, has repeatedly flaunted judges' orders to produce documents related to an important Missouri abuse case, lawyers for an accused Catholic priest have requested that the Circuit Court … [Read more...]