How the Mighty Have Fallen: Chicago Tribune Reduced Again to Spokesperson for Contingency Lawyers in Chicago Archdiocese Document Dump

Stacy St. Clair : Todd Lighty : Chicago Tribune

If there were still any doubt that the Church-suing sex abuse industry is on a steep decline, one need look no further than the latest tactic of contingency lawyers. Contingency lawyers have recently been demanding as a condition to settle … [Read more...]

Bravo: Chicago Tribune Breaks Rank and Refuses to Print Names of Accused Priests Where Claims of Abuse Are Unsubstantiated

Manya Brachear

When the Chicago Tribune's Manya Brachear reported the story of 31 Chicago-area grown men suing the Congregation of Christian Brothers religious order alleging abuse from decades past, it seemed to be no different from the thousands of … [Read more...]

A Headline in Search of a Story: Old Abuse Claims Are ‘New’ to the Chicago Tribune

Christy Gutowski : David Heinzmann : Stacy St. Clair

Last Sunday's splashy headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune darkly warned readers, "Priest cases show abuse issues persist." From the headline and the ensuing 2,100-word article about the Diocese of Joliet … [Read more...]