With Pope in Spain, AP’s Winfield Trumpets Gay ‘Kiss-in,’ Misrepresents Catholic Church

The Associated Press' Nicole Winfield is at it again with erroneous and slanted reporting of the Catholic Church. In an article about Pope Benedict XVI's dedication of a basilica in Spain this weekend (Sun. 11/7/10), Winfield … [Read more...]

Coverage of Pope UK Trip by AP’s Winfield May Be Sinful

Mainstream media outlets continue to frustrate serious Catholics with reporting that is far too often erroneous, misleading, and agenda-driven. Such is the case with an article published by Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, who is … [Read more...]

Media Singles Out Catholic Church, Goes Wild Over Report of Decades-Old Abuse – In Ireland

Since when is the media so interested in keeping America abreast of the latest news coming out of Ireland? A commission in Ireland just released a report detailing awful abuse of children who attended Catholic schools "from the … [Read more...]