Giving Aid and Comfort To The Enemy: ‘Catholic’ Assumption College Gives Big Money to Anti-Catholic Hate Group SNAP

Dr. Gregory S. Weiner : Assumption College

With friends like these … : Dr. Gregory S. Weiner of Assumption College

In September 2021, a priest – whose identity has not been made public – made a generous donation of $31,000 to Assumption College, a small Catholic college in Worcester, Massachusetts, sponsored by the Augustinians of the Assumption. Fair enough.

Yet when the President of Assumption, a guy named Dr. Gregory S. Weiner, later learned that the priest who made the donation was merely alleged to be a "credibly accused" priest in the phony 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report targeting the Catholic Church, he chose to rescind the donation by taking his money and donating it to – wait for it – the viciously anti-Catholic and scandal-plagued organization SNAP.

Why on earth would Weiner do this?

Clueless to SNAP's corruption

Weiner presumably assumed that his donation was going to a worthy group dedicated to combatting abuse and supporting victims. But if only he had read only some of our reporting in the last nineteen years about SNAP. The group is not really concerned about abuse at all. It is little more than a lawyer-funded hate group comprised of aging 1960s radicals who object to the Church's teachings on human sexuality, and it serves little purpose other than to generate leads for lawyers to file bogus lawsuits against the Church to bankrupt her. For example:

  • A shocking 2017 lawsuit from a SNAP insider chronicled how SNAP "does not focus on protecting or helping victims – it exploits them"; "SNAP routinely accepts financial kickbacks in the form of donations"; and "SNAP is a commercial operation motivated by its directors' and officers' personal animus against the Catholic Church." SNAP eventually paid a hefty settlement to end the suit.
  • A federal judge once ruled that SNAP and its former director David Clohessy falsely accused an innocent priest of being a pedophile and that they had "made these statements negligently and with reckless disregard for the truth."
  • SNAP has sued for the right to harass and intimidate parishioners even at Sunday Mass.
  • SNAP has published the phone numbers and email addresses of accused clerics on its web site to incite harassment of Catholic priests.
  • SNAP's Clohessy suggested in 2012 that the late Philadelphia Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua was faking his cancer to avoid appearing in court. Bevilacqua later died in his sleep less than 36 hours after Clohessy's unbelievable remark …

… and much, much more. If Weiner wanted to give the money to an organization that truly hates the Catholic Church, he could hardly have done better than giving it to the lunatics and bigots at SNAP.

And how about … due process

Notably, neither Assumption College nor SNAP identify this "credibly accused priest" by name. Why is that? SNAP has hollered for years that it is "reckless" and "dangerous" to not identify a priest "even for one day (especially if the accused is alive and in a parish)."

Could it be that this accused priest is entirely innocent? Well, we believe so, in light of the fact that even SNAP has not even demanded that the priest be identified. Maybe Assumption and SNAP are trying to avoid the lawsuit that might (and, indeed, should) follow accusing an innocent man of abuse.


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  1. We can only hope that Dr. Gregory S. Weiner and the people at Assumption College will read this reality check from The Media Report.  This post exposes a deeply misguided contribution to an organization whose corruption has also been widely exposed, including by me in this article: