It Was Never About Abuse: Famed Boston Globe Abuse Reporter Rezendes Finally Comes Clean

Mike Rezendes : Associated Press

Notorious anti-Catholic bigot Mike Rezendes of the Associated Press

We have said it many times: It is not about what it claims to be about. Simply put, the media's single-minded obsession over abuse in the Church from decades ago has almost nothing to do with abuse and everything to do with the media's ideological hatred for the Church.

For if the media were really concerned with the issue of abuse, they would also cover the abuse that occurs in Hollywood, the public school system, and the many other places where abuse sadly still happens today.

But sometimes the media blow their cover. Just last week, sleazy Michael Rezendes of the Associated Press – and a famed writer of the phony 'Spotlight' series from the Boston Globe and many follow up hit pieces against the Church – co-authored a 4,100-word screed against the Catholic Church crying foul over the fact that parishes and dioceses throughout the country received federal coronavirus relief money.

Did Rezendes uncover any illegality or improper conduct in parishes receiving funds? Nope. Rather, it seems that Rezendes' piece was simply driven by his anger that he had not already bankrupted every diocese in the country through his nonstop coverage of old abuse claims. Thanks for the insight, Mike, into what really has driven your coverage of the abuse storyline.

Not only did Rezendes not find that parishes committed any impropriety, but, as Church experts observed in an article for the National Catholic Register, Rezendes completely misled his audience about how Church finances operate.

In addition, as pointed out by the Catholic League, despite having easy access to information about many other religious organizations receiving federal funds, Rezendes somehow chose to analyze only the Catholic Church and nobody else. Odd that.

However, Rezendes' crazy screed was a long needed and deeply clarifying event. It finally belied his true motivation for covering the issue of sex abuse in the Church in the first place. After all of these years in which Rezendes claimed to be the good guy, a dogged reporter rooting out abuse in the Church, his latest story finally revealed him to be the simple anti-Catholic bigot that he is.


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  1. Shawn R Johnson says:

    Rezendes was always a fraud.  

  2. Dan says:

    "has almost nothing to do with abuse and everything to do with the media's ideological hatred of the Church"

    Can you be more wrong? It has everything to do with the hierarchy of a church steeped in the sexual abuse of minors, blatant deceit, obviously stinking greed (as witnessed by this AP report), idolatry and packed full of liars and cheats. To say different is absolutely ridiculous. And you still can't understand why your church is hated?

  3. Malcolm Harris says:

    Pope Francis has announced that this year we should make special appeal to St. Joseph.  Because he is the patron saint of families. OK… but I will also be praying to St. Thomas More….the patron saint of the legal profession. Because this man had the finest legal brain of his time. I have a hunch that there was an important lesson to be learned in the persecution and vindication of Cardinal George Pell, but we don't appear to have yet grasped the lesson. In other words…push back.

  4. Julie says:


    Thank you!!! I counted your words and will give $1 per to St. Paul Catholic Church this Sunday where I attend. Lose the hate and accept Jesus. You would be so happy!!!! Please find happiness and lose the hate. Life is too short. 

  5. LLC says:

    Since this is an AP piece of news, the negative tone against the Catholic Church shouldn't surprise. Personally, after a quick read, I gathered that while some Parishes and other Catholic agencies/institutions were well prepared to withstand the economic effects of this pandemic, others decided to utilize the funds made available by the Federal Government to protect their workers and continue their missions in the secular world. In my opinion, nothing wrong with that: as the Bible teaches, we must be prepared and careful: see Proverbs 21:5, Luke 14:28-30, Genesis 41:34-36, for example.

    The question then is, so what? It is very interesting how people are quick to criticize how others spend or not their resources. The Government wastes resources continuously, often by funding sinful projects like abortion, embryonic stem-cells research and idiotic school programs; using some taxpayer money to fund good is a welcomed change.

    Let’s not forget that the Church is the institution that has done more than any other to help the poor and the invalid, the sick and the orphaned. And She extremely efficient in it, compared to any other institution, including the government.