Falsely Accused But Forever Defamed: BishopAccountability Site Still Trumpets Innocent Priests As Guilty

Bishop Robert Guglielmone and Fr William Dinga Jr : falsely accused

Falsely accused but forever defamed: Bishop Robert Guglielmone (l) and Fr. William Dinga, Jr. (r)

There have been times when a person making a phony allegation against a priest hears the voice of his conscience and retracts his claim.

That recently happened when a man fully recanted a decades-old abuse allegation against Fr. William Dinga, Jr. of the Diocese of Richmond. Then the Vatican also recently cleared Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone of the Diocese of Charleston after a lunatic, as we reported, actually stated that "It's worth a try" to accuse him to try and score himself some big bucks from the Church.

Both men have never had any other accusations against them, and both men have accusers who have admitted that their accusations are false.

Terence McKiernan : BishopAccountability

Lead defamer:
Terence McKiernan

Yet these men's innocence is of little moment to the aging and angry Church haters at BishopAccountability.org, who claim to "chronicle" the Church abuse crisis. Shockingly, despite these two men's innocence, they continue to publicly list both on their site as "publicly accused" clerics.

BishopAccountability has a stated policy that it will remove clerics from its listings if an allegation is recanted. But the group obviously does not even adhere to its own alleged policy.

Posting the names and pictures of innocent priests on a web site as "publicly accused" child molesters, especially in those cases in which the accusers have recanted, does absolutely nothing for the protection of children or for the justice of real victims. All it does is maliciously harm falsely accused men who have already been victimized once.

But until the defamation lawsuits start rolling in, don't expect the haters at BishopAccountability to stop their defamatory behavior anytime soon.


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