Cardinal Pell Is Finally Freed: The Story Behind the Story

Cardinal George Pell

Finally, a free man: Cardinal George Pell

As most of you have already heard by now, Australia's Cardinal George Pell has finally been freed from prison and exonerated by Australia's Supreme Court.

However, as a site that has been long following the issue of falsely accused priests, we know that the media will still not report the important backstory here: that bogus accusations against Catholic priests are widespread and go largely unreported.

While the Church rightfully offered compensation in restitution for the grievous harm wreaked upon innocent victims, it is now indisputable that scammers and mental cases now see the Catholic Church as an easy target for a cash grab and media attention.

On that topic, we found this to be a great time to revisit one of our most important posts ever from just last year. It showcases important facts and statistics about the outbreak of false accusations against Catholic priests. (We've updated some data as well.)

Please check it out:

"Just the Facts, Ma'am: False Accusations Against Catholic Priests
Are Now At Epic Proportions" (May 2019/Updated April 2020)


  1. People's Clown says:

    Praise be to God! This happening during Holy Week! Cardinal Pell certainly has had his cross to bear! Having followed his witch hunt has always mystified me. The Bolsheviks in Australia have lost this round, as well They should. The Bolsheviks media, as usual , have given less than minimal coverage of this. MSM stations seem to refuse. Only saw coverage on PBS.

  2. LLC says:


    “the media will still not report the important backstory here: that bogus accusations against Catholic priests are widespread and go largely unreported” = correct: even more aggravating, most Media around the world are yes, reporting this great news, but mostly casting shadows on it as if it were a failure of the Australian justice process, instead of a long-awaited and overdue rectification of a great wrong.

    • Dan says:

      Well surprise, surprise! The Cowardly Cathys have returned in all their glory. I ended the previous article, "At Last", with three comments nine days ago to which you cowards apparently had no challenge, rebuttal or LLC false equations for answers. As soon as one of your favorite grooming pedophiles worm their way out of justice, you immediately come out of the woodwork to applaud and praise such a failure of the courts. He should have served some time for his swimming pool perversions, even witnessed talking naked to three young boys by an adult in the locker room. I read how Pell held "no ill will" towards his accuser. I only spent 7 days in jail one of the times based on the lies of your clergy and I can't say when released that I had "no ill will". That sounds like someone who was guilty and got away with it. I know you clowns will claim how forgiving the perverts of your cult are. I'm just not buying it.

      And Clown, I don't know where you get your news, but the net is plastered with news organizations that covered the story. New York Times, CNN, BBC, Reuters, The Guardian, etc. etc. I know you guys love to blame the media, but would you even lie to claim it wasn't covered very much. 

      P.S. LLC, And your bogus accusation that "bogus accusations against Catholic priests are widespread and go largely unreported", is absolutely as usual totally ridiculous, but you never miss an opportunity to make your false analysis with your stupid equal signs = absolutely incorrect dumb exaggerations. 

      Servant of a Mighty God, who thinks this "widespread" Covid 19 scare would have brought some change to you catholics and made you think before spreading your lies and deceit.

    • Dan says:

      LLC, I realize that wasn't your bogus accusation, but you did agree that it was "correct". NOT!

    • LLC says:


      “Well, surprise, surprise!” = so, it seems that justice surprises you; it will be interesting when God will overthrow all your preconceptions and incorrect assumptions about His Church.

      Meanwhile, here nobody is surprised by your stale rants, nor by your blind assumptions of guilt when it comes to Jesus' Church, regardless of the actual facts.

      Have a blessed Easter, easily dumbfounded non-Christian brother.

    • People's Clown says:

      Dan – usually watch NBC evening news. Still haven’t seen a story by them. Only on the net. If they have had a story, it’s minimal. Typical of the Bolsheviks. The CCP sat on corona, even when they knew something was wrong. So the distribution of Cardinal Pell’s story is minimal, as it doesn’t fit their narrative.
      Eveyone have a Happy Easter!
      Brother Dan : may you lose your cranky excon attitude this year!
      Pax to all! He is risen!

    • Dan says:

      Telling the truth or calling a spade a spade, can never be considered as  "preconceptions and incorrect assumptions" regarding your cult. Your idolatry (Queen of Heaven, saints and  Pachamamas), sexual immorality, greed, cowards and blatant liars spell out plain as day that your church is not and never will be "His Church". REV 21:8 and 22:15 

      "Hear this, O foolish and senseless people, Who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear."  Jer 21:5       servant of the All Seeing God

  3. Krazy Koala says:

    The bigots in Australia are so blinded by their hate, they can't distinguish between credible and unbelievable.   So naturally, they assumed, the most recent charge would be the one most capable of sending him away    He's been pestered with these accusations before most people ever heard of "pedophile priests'' a misnomer in itself   He should've fought this when he was first banned from swimming pools  




  4. Herb Zeller says:

    Regarding the article, “Just the Facts,” the Catholic Church does not take allegations of sexual abuse to court for at least three reasons:  1. Their insurance companies would regather  settle than incur the costs of litigation;  2.  Church records would be exposed to “discovery” by plaintive lawyers who would go  aon fishing expeditions looking for evidence and mismanagement, collusion and other scandalous information, which they would leak to the media who will explode it on the front page and news hour in their effort to destroy  the credibility of anything the Church authorizes say about the case or morali teachings of the Church.  3.  It would reopen the wounds that an already critically wounded Church has self-inflicted, and has failed to clean up – the existence of homosexual clergy at all levels of the hierarchy. 

    • LLC says:


      “…the Catholic Church does not take allegations of sexual abuse to court for at least three reasons:” = your points have already been addressed many times before. To recap:

      1) Insurance companies settle out of courts for a multitude of reasons, and it’s not automatically an admission of guilt.

      2) Regarding the Church “records”: why the quotation marks? Are you implying anything sinister? Would you do the same for, let’s say, your school district “records”? The Church is mandated to disclose just and only records pertinent to actual investigations, and they have done it. Sometimes, in the past, not perfectly or as quickly as they should’ve, but it’s beside the point. If your school district had some teachers under investigation for sexual misconduct, they would not release records related to all their teachers; only the ones named in the suit, and rightly so.

      3) Regarding the wounds, allegedly “self-inflicted” (nothing sinister here, simply quoting you), they are still open, and will be for a long time; Jesus did not promise a painless journey for His Church; just a very joyous (and ultimately free of hurt) destination. Incidentally, homosexuality tendencies or temptations are not sinful in themselves; surrender to them is.

      Have a blessed day, brother, and be safe.

    • Dan says:

      4. Why tell the truth when you can just lie and deny? This secrecy had worked so well to protect the church's reputation in the past, until it backfired and bit them in the ass. Seems like they're obviously still going with the same deceptions and deceit that has brought them along this far. Somehow they believe that God isn't licking His chops waiting for that Great Day of His Justice. It shall be fair and swift and we shall witness those things that were done in darkness, as God brings all truth out into His marvelous light. Praying for that Day.

    • Dan says:


      2. The problem is, LLC, that the church claims how transparent it is and you guys claim it's the most transparent of all religions and has done more to clean up it's act than any of them. Aside from the fact that there's more nasty transgressions against children among your clergy than among other religions, the only thing transparent is that the church does everything in it's power to hide, deny and keep their horrible sins from being exposed. We see right through your deceptions.

      3. Regarding your church's "unquestionable" self-inflicted wounds, they are not only "still open", but they are way past festering. Jesus did not promise a painless journey for "His Church", but he surely never referred to catholicism as "His Church" (quotation marks because your church doesn't deserve capitalization). You claim, "Incidently, homosexual tendencies or temptations are not sinful in themselves; surrender to them is." Are you trying to convince us that the homosexual bishops and priests aren't acting or surrendering to their homosexuality tendencies, because they predominantly prefer raping young boys as pedophiles and pederasts? Maybe you should refer to them as perverts instead of homosexuals, so you can boast of your transparency.

      4. I'll be waiting for your comments and equations to my material, and I'm sure it will be as unenlightening as ever.  servant

    • People's Clown says:

      Dan – it’s plain to see that you are following some of your own “differential equations”.
      Catholic priest = pedophilia, everyone else = homosexuality.
      You’ve “proudly” embraced the Bolshevik media court of public opinion directives!!!
      No one is defending anything, but when post-pubescent people are involved, they aren’t children.
      So, homosexuality problems. Or are you scared to call it this? Anyway, I’m sure you are glad to see all the closed Catholic churches, due to corona.
      Pax to all! He is risen- People’s Clown

    • Dan says:

      LLC = "your points have already been addressed many times before." 

      Problem is that your terrible excuses, defending of the guilty, minmizing the corruption of the church and the rest of your nonsense must be addressed and readdressed, because you keep repeating the same lame excuses and reasons for your church's total lack of common sense and truth. Place blame where blame belongs.

    • Dan says:

      Hey Bozo, 

      1 – Do you know what the meaning of "pederasts" is? An adult man who indulges in pederasty. In other words, an adult man who has sexual relations with a pubescent, post-pubescent or adolescent boy. Try to pay attention to what I write.

      2 – As I've tried to point out to you Cathys. Romans 1:18-32 describes in detail how God gave over idol-worshiping fools to homosexuality, v. 27 "men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error." v. 28 "so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not be done."

      3 – So to summarize; Homosexuality is a sin, so homosexuality with an underage child takes that sin to a whole other level. Men claiming to be holy should have never been caught up in such sins, but much of your hierarchy repetitively fell into that horrendous sin. Even worse, they continued to perform what they think is their sacred mass while indulging in their perversions.

      4 – And yes, you are trying once again to defend their perversions by claiming these were teenage boys, as if that makes it OK.

      5 – Has the coronavirus closed your church or has God shut you down? Maybe since you don't listen to His Word, then He'll spell it out for you. Acts 7:48-52 

      Take Care, Fear God and you will Fear Not!

    • LLC says:


      “…your terrible excuses…” = let’s start from this one. Please report where I have excused any of the guilty priests. The operative term is “guilty”. My words, not your paraphrasing. I will not address your posts until you first show, with written evidence, that I have defended guilty priests.

      Have a blessed week, non-Christian brother.

    • LLC says:

      PC (and non-Christian brother Dan),

      Catholic Churches are open for personal prayer. No disease can close God's own Church. Puerile attempts to see COVID-19 as His punishment towards Her are, well, puerile. 
      If anything, we should all take the opportunity to re-evaluate our own (stress on own) life and relationship with Him and make any change needed.

      His hands and His Church are always open. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.

      Have a blessed week, brother, and stay safe. 

    • Dan says:

      LLC, Pay attention. I said, "defending of the guilty" and "minimizing the corruption of the church", of which you are absolutely guilty of both. You're right, "The operative term is 'guilty'." You defend your "guilty" church's sins of idolatry, greed and sexual immorality with lies, deceit and minimizing, while living in total denial and blindness. All of you Cathys are defending guilty bishops and priests, when you applaud their weasling out of one conviction, while they are accused of other malfeasances and sometimes dozens of other sexual crimes against children. Then try to convince us that everyone is after the church's filthy money. Bah!

      For a people claiming to be so well versed in church history, you sure are ignorant when it comes to Biblical history. To say it's "puerile" to think God is possibly punishing heretical churches with this plague, is to be totally ignorant of Moses and the Psalms stating how God would send disease, illness and even death on people, especially idolaters, for their lack of trust and disbelief in Him. I understand the fact that you'll take every opportunity to try to discredit me with your cowardly futile and "puerile" nonsense. I will not miss if you never again "address [my] posts".

      Servant of the One True God and His Church, which never was catholic. Try going into the closet to pray like the Bible states. We speak english here and not pig-latin stupidity. Christ alone is our salvation and has nothing to do with your false church. His Church is never closed!


    • LLC says:


      “Pay attention” = always. I also speak, write and read English, but I can understand other languages, including Latin. I’ll leave the “pig” part to you.

      Since you have not provided any concrete proof of the first accusation, I am moving onto the second one: “Minimizing the corruption of the Church”. Again, in plain English, report where have I ever written anything of the sort. The only thing I’ve always done is putting in perspective the few, proven cases, against the time span of the accusations and the vastly larger pool of clergy (of all levels) and lay population of Jesus’ Church, compared to any other organization. “Aside from the fact that there’s more nasty transgression against children among your clergy than among other religions” = laughable, and factually wrong, according to all publicly available reports.

      Since you repeat unfounded and wild claims about widespread corruption, I request that you bring forth concrete proof. You’ve fallen short many times of providing your so-called sources, but I am giving you another chance.

      Have a blessed week, truth-challenged non-Christian brother, and be safe.

    • Dan says:

      LLC states, "I always speak, write and read English, but I can understand other languages, including Latin. I'll leave the 'pig' part to you." a) Well whoop de doo! How impressive! 1 Cor 18-21 b) And it's the understanding and comprehension of English that you apparently have a problen with. c) I said "pig-latin stupidity" because your quote of "Outside the Church there is no salvation." is Biblically false. Salvation is through Christ alone and has nothing to do with your apostate church or your Queen of Heaven. Acts 4:12

      You ask, " ' Minimizing the corruption of the Church' …. where have I ever written anything of the sort"? Immediately followed by more minimizing, "… few, proven cases, against the time span of accusations and the vastly larger pool of clergy …". Oh! Let's just ignore all the truth. How the Church has kept full lists secret. Gives up names of their dead child molesters and those past SOLs to prevent from being sued. Then claims what a wonderful job they're doing and how traansparent they are. I'm glad you think you can deceive your dumb sheep. 

      P.S. Corruption in the church is not exclusively pertaining to their sexual immorality, as previously stated.

    • LLC says:


      “How impressive” = nope, not really. I guess for someone who chooses to ignore the importance of Scriptures’ original languages, everything is impressive. Interestingly enough, 1 Cor 18-21 perfectly describes your self-assigned titles and misquoting of Bible verses to support your wacky theology, the exact behavior of  Paul’s adversaries in Corinth.

      Regarding the second accusation, once again you have failed to bring forth any kind of proof of widespread corruption. Not a surprise, since there’s no widespread corruption. Except in your biased mind, it is.

      So, having you failed to produce any proof of two of your more common wild and unfounded accusations, I now bid you farewell, allergic to the truth non-Christian brother. As far as I am concerned, you are a liar, either by active or passive choice; a liar nevertheless.

  5. Dan says:

    Everyone of my so-called "wild and unfounded accusations", described as that by a Biblically inept heathen idolater, are proven by Bible verse of which I have pointed to countless times. So glad your false assessment of myself is completely worthless and God will be the judge as to who are the blatant liars in this discussion. You might want to concentrate on learning just the English language so you might have some slim chance of understanding the Lord's Word, instead of interpreting it to suit your twisted agenda of defending "Church" hypocrites and their heretical false teachings. Good riddance. Servant of the Truth, not your fake truths.

  6. Gene says:

    “Aside from the fact that there’s more nasty transgression against children among your clergy than among other religions” 


    Hey DAN! curious minds still want to know, we’re waiting to see your sources, look at your evidence, study your documentation for the above statement made by you.  Please put up or shut up.  We’re rooting for you Dan SO PLEASE DON'T LET US DOWN!  Ok??


    • LLC says:


      I wouldn't hold my breath. Our non-Christian brother Dan has had ample chances to produce his alternative sources, but has always failed to do so. He confuses his biased alternative reality with truth, and sees everything thru his wacky theology lenses. 
      have a blessed week, brother, and be safe. 

  7. Dan says:

    OK Gene,

    1) You show me another religion, school or organization of adult men, 80% of the time preferring to groom, molest, sodomize or orally rape young boys.

    2) You show me another organization who has done more to  avoid coming clean and has a lurid past of coverup, deceit, lies and secrecy. Many times placing blame on victims, calling children liars or threatening parents with excommunication.

    3) What other organizations have popes, bishops and mgsrs covering for pedophile and pederast priests, shuffling them to other unaware churches or giving them vatican protection? You have to wonder what these excusers and defenders are doing with their own moral ineptitude.

    4) In every state and diocese across the country there are short lists that eventually have become long lists of perverted priests and bishops, which the church does everything in their power to avoid exposing. They have done the same worldwide.


  8. Tancred says:

    Dan's a mindless tool.