Bravo! Archdiocese of Cincinnati Obliterates TV Station After Bogus Reporting on Abuse Cases

Jennifer Schack : Archdiocese of Cincinnati : Mike Schafer

Fighting back in Cincinnati! Archdiocesan Directors Jennifer Schack (l) and
Mike Schafer (r) punch back against false reporting

Attention, all diocesan spokespeople! This is a model for how to deal with the media!

Local television station WCPO in Cincinnati thought it could make a big splash for itself during Sweeps Week with a multi-part hit piece against the Catholic Church over its handling of abuse cases from decades ago, but the Archdiocese of Cincinnati responded forcefully and demonstrated that the station's reports were bogus.

In the end, WCPO was left with egg on its face. Lots of it.

WCPO's sloppy reporting

Paula Christian : Cincinnati WCPO

Red-faced: Reporter Paula Christian
of WCPO in Cincinnati

Rather than hiding under their desks while viewers were left wondering whether WCPO's reporting was actually true, Archdiocese of Cincinnati Communications directors Mike Schafer and Jennifer Schack fired off an impressive fact-by-fact rebuttal to WCPO's attacks.

For starters, WCPO entitled its hyped-up series "Culture of Silence," implying to viewers that the archdiocese was tight-lipped about accusations against its priests. Yet as the archdiocese noted, the station could hardly identify any so-called "silence" by the archdiocese. Indeed, the archdiocese already maintains on its web site a public list of clerics with substantiated accusations against them – despite having no legal obligation to do so.

The archdiocese also replied to more than 30 emails over "several months" from WCPO as the station was compiling its series and also appeared on camera one-on-one to answer questions on one of the station's weekly talk shows. Some "Culture of silence," eh?

WCPO also claimed that the archdiocese had "repeatedly declined to answer any questions" about a particular accused priest. But the archdiocese fired back demonstrating that the station had only sent one email asking about the priest, and the archdiocese promptly responded to it.

In other words, WCPO's hit piece was one big miss.

[**Click to read the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's response to WCPO**]

'H' is for hypocrisy

Like other flea-brained media outlets of late, WCPO faulted the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for not "supervising" ex-employees. That's right: ex-employees.

Yet in 2004, police arrested WCPO investigative reporter Stephen Hill on eight counts of sexual battery and four counts of unlawful sex with a minor. Hill reportedly videotaped himself performing sex acts on underage boys. Hill served five years in prison, and was released in 2009. [HT: Catholic League.]

Did WCPO "supervise" Hill in the same way that WCPO now demands that the Catholic Church should? We at sent an email to WCPO General Manager Jeff Brogan asking what measures the station was taking to keep tabs on Hill's current whereabouts.

We never heard back from Brogan, so we assume the answer is that the station is doing nothing at all.

Bravo to Schafer, Schack, and everyone at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for punching back and knocking out WCPO's bogus reporting. All dioceses need to follow their lead! You can either help shape the story or become a target of it.

[Addendum: WCPO also distinguished itself a few years back for publishing what Catholic World Report called the "worst pro-women's ordination article of all time." Check it out.]


  1. Roger says:

    It's about time these folks who work for the church start on the offensive

  2. peoples clown says:

    This is great news! It should be a start for ALL diocese to fight back! We can do it starting here! Raise the consciousness of your fellow catholics with what you read here! After all, the Bolshevik media censors stories like this. The commissars don't want any solidarity amongst ourselves. Our duty is to report to our fellow catholics!

    I guess WCPO = WKRP in cincinnati. Just another satanic Bolshevik tool. Guess we have to agree that they "own the means of production". Guess WCPO is " king of the hill".

  3. Dan says:

    Wow! You catholics sure proved them wrong. You showed them you haven't been a "Culture of Silence", by showing you have a partial list of 33 creepy priest molesters with substantial accusations against them in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Boy you sure showed them! LLC, This is one of the shorter lists among 1 out of many archdiocese in America, so multiply that out and add all the monasteries and all the other divisions of the church that have abused children, and you still claim it's only a few priests? Then add all the other countries priests, orphanages and catholic missions where children were molested and you still think you can continue feeding everyone your lies and deceit? Then add all the priests where the church paid off victims and priest's names never were made public and were never sent to the proper authorities. Oh yeah! Only a few!

    • LLC says:


      “You Catholics sure proved them wrong” = correct.

      “partial list” = how do you know it’s partial? The Archdiocese keeps it updated, and, if you don’t mind, I trust them much (much) more than I would trust your opinion or any secular media.

      “This is one of the shorter lists among 1 out of many archdioceses in America, so multiply that out and add all the monasteries and all the other divisions of the church that have abused children, and you still claim it's only a few priests?” = correct. It seems that your degree in math has failed you miserably, again. Incidentally, adding all the bad apples up, when compared to the multitudes of Catholics (clergy and lay people) around the world, just makes their number even smaller.

      Have a blessed week, non-Christian brother.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan, didn't you read the archdiocese rebuttal? It certainly poked a lot of holes in the story! It looks like you have "egg in your face"! – PC

    • Dan says:

      Shock of all shocks. A lying catholic deceiver and manipulator of all that is true, would "trust…much (much) more" the catholic archdioceses of liars, deceivers and manipulators of the truth. Talk about Revelations!

    • LLC says:


      so, you do not know if the list is partial.

      As usual, you speak of things you know nothing about, including Revelation (correct name of the Apocalypse).

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.

    • Dan says:

      Hey Clown, The only reason why they can dispute this stuff is because they're scared shitless after what transpired in Pennsylvania. They're coming out with these partial lists to try to show some form of transparency, so the authorities will continue to close their eyes to how systemic the problem really is. The church is still handling cases in house and that has to stop if they're ever going to claim transparency. They simply cannot be trusted.

      And for LLC – The reason why I know the list is partial is because they always are, with your church of deception, silence and secret payoffs and out of court settlements. And like I stated, there are other "divisions" and factions of the church divulging sexually abusive priests and brothers. Glenmary Home Missioners of Fairfield, Ohio, released names of priests and brothers credibly accused of sexual abuse. And by the way, their definition of "credible" is "more likely true than not true". How many more of these catholic institutions are out there?

      Comparing your "bad apples" to the rest of the catholic "clergy and lay people", doesn't quite work as you would like to think. The rest of catholics are at least guilty of idolatry, repeated prayers to a false goddess, defending the guilty of their 'glorious holy' church or just plain flat out liars like you and other clergy, cops and thugs that have lied against me. I'm sure there is many more like these out there. Glad I only have to deal with the lying accusers on this website, with all their weak false opinions.       served from His servant


    • LLC says:


      “The reason why I know the list is partial…” = face it, non-Christian brother: you don’t know diddly-squat.

      “How many more of these catholic institutions are out there?” = countless; Jesus’ Church is out there, in the world, doing His job of leading as many as possible to salvation, according to His mandate, supported by His promise.

      “doesn't quite work as you would like to think” = for those who actually know math, it does.

      “that have lied against me” = again, talking about yourself, fanatic.

      “served from His servant” = interesting self-assigned title. Truly, you got served…

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – maybe Pennsylvania josh Shapiro will be brought up on some misjustice charge. After all, a grand jury is supposed to be SECRET, in order to find out if ACCUSATIONS are justified. Shapiro certainly didn't keep any secrets and made the accusations a conviction, so that Bolshevik might wind up in jail himself, like the AG before him . why do they all want to persecute the church in Penn?

    • Dan says:

      For someone who doesn't know "diddly-squat", apparently my diddly-squat sure does bother you, as you fanatically attack my every sentence. You're obviously unable to come up with any of your own wisdom or anything intelligent to contribute to the conversation. Thank you for informing us that there are "countless" catholic institutions out there in the world with sexual abusing and child molesting priests and brothers. I believe you finally got something right. I mentioned the liars I've run into from your church because its my personal proof of the kind of evil lurking in your church. I'm not asking for your sympathy, belief or care. It would most probably be as disingenuous as your hypocritical blessings.  servant

    • LLC says:


      “apparently my diddly-squat sure does bother you” = as already said, nothing you say or do bothers me in the least.

      “as you fanatically attack my every sentence” = interestingly, as soon as you learn a new word, you use it constantly and often inappropriately. Also, I do not attack your every sentence, only the incorrect ones (a vast majority, I should add).

      “I mentioned the liars I've run into from your church because it’s my personal proof of the kind of evil lurking in your church” = or because you have a narcissistic need to always talk about yourself. Furthermore, as “personal proof”, it’s quite weak, and your own behavior often contradicts it.

      “I'm not asking for your sympathy, belief or care” = nor I provide them to you, unlike my genuine blessings.

      Now, my original question, sprung from your comment, was: how do you know that the list from the Archdiocese is partial? If you have a counter-source, please present it. If not, you are a liar.

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.

    • Dan says:

      Like I said, so glad, 'U Can't Touch This', Crazy Frog. Cause by your example you'd be just like the lying accusers of your church who falsely accused me, because they couldn't handle the truth after living, believing and loving the lies for so long.  servant

    • LLC says:


      I take it that you do not have a different list, therefore you are a liar.

      As a side note, you keep using the lyrics of that specific song. It is indicative of your real mindset. Furthermore, as exemplified by MC Hammer’s fate, things don’t always work out as hoped just because you sing a catchy song.

      Now, if you have other remarks about this specific post, please bring them to the plate, and we can have a discussion. If not, there won’t be any more comments to your trite rants from me.

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.

    • Dan says:

      LLC, Is it possble for you to be any more ignorant and judgmental? I don't listen to rap, don't like rap music and call it rap-crap. The phrase was appropriate for what I wanted to say and I took the song from a youtube list. The group is Crazy Frog, not MC Hammer. Next thing you'll be accusing me of is pushing drugs on Whitney Houston. Can you be any more stupid?

  4. Joanne says:

    I hope the Archdiocese circulated that rebuttal to all media outlets within their borders and had it fully published in the newspaper. WCPO should issue a public apology. The Church may have its faults, but the media ought to play fair.

    • peoples clown says:

      joanne – ideally the media should be fair. They maybe be fair to others, and may even apologize, and retract statements, but not for the church and priests. Seeing as they are the bolshevik media, theirdual purpose is to get viewers, and to destroy the church in every way. They own the means of production.i've never really seen them contrite when caught with "egg on their face"  .they just go on  for the nextepisode!

    • Dan says:

      "The Church may have its faults."

      Joanne, You make their horrific clergy sexual abuse sins against innocence sound like they merely stole an ink pen from the bank or 25 cents from their mother's purse. Come on?! You catholics act so naive. I do agree that the media should be truthful, but it is Biblically predicted that in the last days love and truth would be hard to find, as we've witnessed from your church and even in this forum.

    • Dan says:

      Clown, Could you stop with your stupid "bolshevik" and "egg on their face" nonsense. You act as if the church has always been truthful, so they deserve the same from the media. The church is the one who has been destroying itself in every way. About time you guys place blame where it truly belongs. 

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – if I  stop with the "stupid" Bolshevik references then I wouldn't be truthful, would far as "egg on your face" or is it "egg in your face", I think yours are scrambled. 

      Pax, brother Dan!

    • Dan says:

      Bozo, I don't know about you, but I somewhat prefer scrambled over rotten!