USA Today’s Insipid Article Claims Church Should Now Stalk Its Ex-Employees

Lindsay Schnell : USA Today : Sam Ruland

Banging their heads against the wall: USA Today's Lindsay Schnell (l) and Sam Ruland (r)

Where does one even begin to criticize a meandering, 6100-word article whose entire premise is so dumb and tiresome?

If one were to believe Lindsay Schnell and Sam Ruland from USA Today, they spent a mindnumbing nine months only to learn that ex-employees of the Catholic Church are … drum roll, please … wait for it … now living in various places around the country without the Church surveilling them. Powerful stuff, right?

What is the story here?

Like the Associated Press with its own crazy article only a month ago, USA Today never got the memo that we do not live in Stalinist Russia, and no organization has the right, much less the duty, to spy on their former employees for the rest of their lives based upon the employees' past misconduct. A government and a justice system are already in place for that. The employees get to live their own lives.

This latest exercise in lunacy only confirms that as long as you are writing a piece with the words "Catholic" and "abuse" in it, the editors will approve any moronic article.


  1. Frank says:

    Really?  The USA Today is a newspaper for chidren.  Though they are left wing bigots.

  2. peoples clown says:

    Though I recommend using the u.s.a. today, at the bottom of your birdcage, you can also use it as a drop cloth if you are painting a door. These Bolsheviks should be investigating each others background, as they are suspect!! Not only that, the u.s.a. today should be monitoring the lives of anyone that ever worked for them including delivery drivers, and especially online employees, as all are suspect in whatever can be suspect. Perhaps these 2 commissars might get a midnight door knocking from the u.s.a. bureau of too long articles. 

    More wasted effort trying to implicate the Church in more imaginary evil!

  3. malcolm harris says:

    The USA Today is playing to the gallery.  I can recall an old saying… "The good that we do lives after us, but the evil that we do is buried with our bones'. Didn't agree then… and don't agree now.  Almost five hundred years ago King Henry the Eighth smeared monks as sexual deviates and traitors against the crown. He manipulated popular opinion, by sowing hatred… before confiscating all the monasteries. That particular evil lives on to this day, we can trace today's bigotry right back to then.  My point.?….Today our priests can be convicted and sent to prison, with little or no evidence to support the accusation. The objective? The Church forced to sell it's property…. to settle claims made by lying accusers and their rapacious lawyers. 

  4. Dan says:

    Hey, why don't we just slander, malign and attack anyone interested in protecting innocent children from your church of pedophile clergy. We're not talking about keeping track or tabs on former employees that we're late to work too many times, stole someones lunch from the lunchroom or just couldn't get along with coworkers. We're talking of grown men that raped children and now are living or working in contact with or near children. The church protected these creeps and helped them settle out of court and avoid the prison sentences they so rightly deserved. And you clowns think the church bears no responsibility and their guilty clergy have every right to their freedom and not have to be registered as sex offenders? Are you people kidding me? Anyone exposing these evils are "anti-catholic", "left wing bigots" or that corrupt media always attacking our poor innocent church. Really!?

    • Rege1 says:

      Dan, where does the article say that convicted clergy sex offenders have a right to their freedom and from registration as sex offenders?  Quoting from the article itself: "A government and a justice system are already in place for that."  Long, long ago in a place far, far away, the Church did have a role in meting out civil punishments.  It was called the Inquisition.  Are you really arguing for that?

  5. LLC says:

    The pearl of this article, in my opinion, is this:

    "Most priests accused of sexually abusing children were never sent to prison. Here's why.”

    The reason, dear USA Today, is that the US Justice system makes a clear difference between “accused” and “guilty”, as you, as a self-declared newspaper, should know.

    • Dan says:


      There are no pearls gleaned from your poor opinions. It's too bad you and your church don't and didn't in the past know the difference between "accused" and "guilty". You all thought  and think guilty means innocent unless there is undeniable 110% proof and accused means we'll lie, deceive and deny regarding our crimes to see how much evil we can get away with before being caught red-handed. Sick, disgusting and the very reason why your church is in such a mess and can no longer be believed. Ever heard of confessing your sins? Apparently not! So sad that the Lord God has your number and catholic hierarchy and their excusers and enablers think they can weasel their way around Him. Good luck with that. servant

  6. Back in 2018, USA Today ran a full page article that started on the Front Page about the vast numbers of public school teachers who have been accused of abuse in the last ten years and then recycled to other schools or school districts.  USA Today was merciless and I could just hear the teachers' unions screaming about the suggestions being made to track the teachers.  USA Today got through the entire two-page article without a single mention of the Catholic Church.  But on the same day, on the Editorial Page USA Today ignored its own article and entitled its editorial, "The Catholic Church Has not Done Enough About Abusive Priests."  They are like a dog with a bone.  They wear their anti-Catholic venom as a badge of honor but it has grown ridiculous.  Earlier this year I wrote an article about one of its more blatantly biased efforts:

    • peoples clown says:

      Yes, how true! The satanic and bolshevic media has concocted the church to be the whipping boy , and chosen by them for bankruptcy, and they do it with gusto, as we all know! A good example is Dan, who forever will malign the church, but refuse to comment on a situation of the public schools! Yes, he says he is against anyone who commits these crimes, but saves the vitriol for the church.the cover up is in place for many outside the church but in order to protect their money there are lukewarm if even that, investigations!

    • Dan says:

      Gordon, You state that "USA Today ran a full page article… Front Page about the vast number of public school teachers who have been accused of abuse in the last ten years and then recycled to other schools and school districts." You added "USA Today was merciless and I could just hear the teachers unions screaming…". First off, sounds much like the MO of your church. Secondly, sort of blows out of the water the claims I hear from catholics that the media only attacks your poor catholic church. Third, apparently they had anti-school venom, but you catholics are only concerned with "anti-catholic venom" against your poor picked on church. Give me a break!


    • Dan says:

      Hey Clown,

      Point me to a website where the public schools are full of denials and making excuses for their perversions against innocent children and I'll take them on too. I'm tired of all the lies and deceptions like there are only a "few bad apples", "less than one percent", "Albeit very few guilty priests (paraphrase of LLC's ignorance)" and all the nonsense that there are so many wonderful and good idol-worshiping priests in your church of divisions. Quit placing blame on anyone else rather than where the fault lies, among you excusers and deniers and your church of child molesters.

      Another question I would like to ask is how many public school teachers and faculty abusers profess to being catholic or were brought up and taught to follow the example of your priests and bishop abusers, even though they no longer belong to your church?

      There you go, Accuser No.4, I commented on the public schools. Funny how you claim I will "forever malign the church", and yet all of you have no problem maligning me. I will stop maligning the church when I see real change, instead of all the excuses, secrecies and denials for their deviance.

    • LLC says:


      “Point me to a website where the public schools are full of denials and making excuses” = TMR has just published such a post; you simply chose to ignore it

      “against innocent children” = again, opposite to “guilty children”

      “I'm tired of all the lies and deceptions” = then, rest a little. Everyone here will appreciate a break from your moronic posts

      “paraphrase of LLC's ignorance” = or, better said, your allergy to facts and numbers

      “Another question I would like to ask” = you seem to like asking questions, but never answer to any

      “how many public school teachers and faculty abusers profess to being catholic” = professing and being are two different things, my grammar-allergic brother. How many do they belong to your church?

      “I commented on the public schools” = no, you didn’t

      “ will stop maligning the church when I see real change” = then, open your eyes, blind brother.

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.

    • Dan says:

      I wasn't aware that you also go by the name Clown, but I'm glad you felt qualified to respond as one.

    • Dan says:

      How many do they belong to your church? Zero. See, I answered your dumb question so please stop claiming that I don't answer questions. Much appreciated. 

    • LLC says:


      Thanks; everybody here knows it. Your use of the possessive adjective is priceless.

      Have a blessed day, non-Christian brother.