Scandal Alert: AP Attacks Nonprofit For – Gasp! – Helping Accused Priests

Garance Burke : Martha Mendoza : Juliet Linderman : Associated Press

Journalistic malpractitioners: (l to r) Garance Burke, Martha Mendoza, and Juliet Linderman from the AP

It is truly hard to imagine a worse piece of sleazy journalism than this week's lengthy hit piece by the Associated Press targeting Opus Bono Sacerdotii, a small nonprofit that has been providing support to accused Catholic priests since 2002.

In fact, if you are actually able to finish the tedious, hopped-up piece, you are left wondering what the point of the article was.

Innuendo replacing news

Rather than employing factual analysis, the AP simply strings together a series of innuendos to portray Opus Bono's mission of merely assisting accused priests as somehow sinister. For example:

• The writers note that the group's name is in Latin, the official language of the Catholic Church, suggesting the plot from a Dan Brown novel.

• They also note that Opus Bono has operated in "unmarked buildings," deepening the illicit mystery.

• The article ominously begins, "The visiting priests arrived discreetly, day and night," further suggesting that something wrongful must be taking place.

• The article also notes that Opus Bono "would meet with accused priests, drive them around town and take them to lunch," as if eating lunch were somehow a crime.

An unreliable source

Opus Bono Sacerdotii

Opus Bono Sacerdotii

It turns out the central character in targeting Opus Bono was Mary Rose Maher, the troubled 27-year-old daughter of the group's co-founder Joe Maher.

Yet Mary Rose has some serious explaining to do with regards to some pretty explosive charges she made against Opus Bono that turned out to be outright false. Curiously, the writers never get around to addressing Mary Rose's falsehoods despite the length of their article.

For example, Mary Rose dramatically wrote to the Michigan Attorney General's office in 2017 charging Opus Bono with "millions of embezzled dollars." Millions!

Yet in a government investigation that lasted over a year (!), the best that prosecutors could do was take issue with the group's fundraising letters and complain that it had used "donated funds to cover such personal expenses as sushi lunches" and more. That's it. In other words, administrative violations for which every nonprofit in the country is likely guilty. No "millions of embezzled dollars."

The call of the Gospel

Indeed, Jesus calls all faithful Christians to help the "least" of those around them (Matthew 25:40). Think about it: Is there anyone more "least" today than an accused Catholic priest? Are they not the lepers and tax collectors of the 21st century? Do accused priests not deserve dignity and assistance for their basic needs after they have been abandoned by all those around them?

Simply put, Opus Bono Sacerdotii is doing the Lord's work – thankless though it may be as evidenced by this attack by these three goons at keyboards.


  1. peoples clown says:

    Dan corner, what do you think of these terrible people? I bet that they even SPEAK ENGLISH! When they are in each others company. As the comrade commissars work hard at keeping the money machine alive, by any means necessary, they , like Dan corner, are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Its pathetic, but people believe them. Its surprising that there aren't more organizations to help the falsely accused, but I'm sure the commissars would bring them down, while ignoring their own accused!

  2. Mark says:

    Very well said. As I have said before, it bothers me that groups like Catholics4Change and Loud Fence don't seem to give accused priests a chance.

  3. Frank says:

    I like the photo–middle shot.

  4. Jim Robertson says:

    What charities does the church have for victims?

    Yea I thought so.


    • says:

      In the ballpark of $3 billion in settlements, and I would estimate in the neighborhood of $100 million in therapy for victims.

      Just in the US alone.

    • peoples clown says:

      And much of that goes to the liars who know how the church is vulnerable. But the commissars will NEVER triumph, as Jesus has told us, not even the gates of hell will destroy His church. Its a battle with satanic communists!

    • Dan says:

      Clown says, "as Jesus has told us, not even the gates of hell will destroy His church". Finally something we can agree on. So very true. As per the Catholic Church, "the gates of hell will" never "destroy [this] church", because Hell's gates are wide open and waiting for the false church's entry. Note to all catholics yet to be totally brainwashed; Get away from her while the gettin's good. You may never get another chance.  servant of the Lord 

    • Dan says:

      Dave, Do you consider court ordered settlements as charity? Wow, that's news to me! Do you also believe that the church helps the poor, when really it's the conned sheep that are forking out all the money. Wake up catholics and give to the poor yourselves. Why should your hard earned funds go towards settling their cases of child abuse and sexual deviance? 

  5. Jim Robertson says:

    Dave Pierre/Media Report, Charity means something given. Something coming from love. Not something forced to be paid for injuries committed against children.

    Do you consider costs paid for damages by your car insurance charity? You aren't this stupid Dave; but then again,maybe you are.

    "Just in the U.S. alone."? Imagine all the rest of the children you've raped around the world. All the "charity" you owe them.

    The Church does/did have one group "for" vicims. It's called SNAP.

    Of course it's not known that SNAP is the church because that's a secret which if made public would make the church look all the more shittier than it already does/is.

    People's clown,"satanic communists"?  I've never heard, even with all the capitalist's and church's anti Red propaganda, that us communists were big on the sexual abuse of children.

    Perhaps it was a subject too close to home to be even mentioned by the church in all it's anticommunist propaganda..

    And I believe it was Pope Innocent XIII (I could be wrong about the Pope's name but not about the statement) who said: "One can be both a communist and a good Catholic."

    "gates of hell" "satanic communists" Jesus! You're silly.

    • peoples clown says:

      Jim – Dan corner agrees with me about "the gates of hell"! However, I guess you don't agree with me about " satanic communists". You only need to look as far as Stalin and Mao to find Satan hard at work. "Holodomor" and 1959 starving China. In our lifetime! Please don't deny the satanists just due. They murdered millions, as well as sexually abused them. There haven't been lawsuits, nor will there ever be, as killing is a bigger sin than sex abuse, I think. Go dig up Stalins politiburo cronies who sex abused thousands. Info is there, go look or isn't that the same. I also recommend that you start legal proceedings against the Russian communist party for their sins. Chinese too! See how far you get

    • Dan says:

      Clown states that, "killing is a bigger sin than sex abuse, I think." You're willing to convince us that murder is a bigger sin than the enormous sexual abuse of children crisis by catholic clergy? The acts of these creeps have destroyed whole families. Some parents that didn't believe their childrens stories, further destroying the relationships between parents and their kids. Molested children suffer for decades with broken marriages, risky sexual behavior, depression and addictions, etc.. At least a murdered victim suffers no longer. You must have missed my suggestion to read Matthew 18:1-6 and Romans 1:18-32.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – Well, sin is sin, no matter what, but I don't think the murder of 7,000,000 is as comparable as a groping, or stealing a candy bar. As a Catholic, however, the damage my sins have done, are to be "worked off" in purgatory, if that's where God wants me to go.

    • LLC says:


      "I've never heard, even with all the capitalist's and church's anti Red propaganda, that us communists were big on the sexual abuse of children" = that's because you are ignorant of History and Sociology. A simple Google search on the sexual abuses on children in Russia dn China will suffice.

      "And I believe it was Pope Innocent XIII (I could be wrong about the Pope's name but not about the statement) who said: "One can be both a communist and a good Catholic." = wrong on both counts. It was a post-WWII attempt by the intellectualoids of the PCI (Italian Communist Party) to convince faithful Catholics that a godless ideology like Communism could be compatible with the Christian message. Although, it probably could've worked on individuals like Dan.

    • peoples clown says:

      JR – on September 23, 2014, publion states "then – waitttt for itttttt! – JRhas a story to tell us." Ahh those were the days!

  6. Julie says:

    Dan, You keep hiding behind the facade of claiming that you are a Christian. Meanwhile you post the ugliest, vile insults on here and on Quora. I see that you must have been banned over there. To be honest, I don't read your posts any more. It is the same vileness and insults over and over and over again ad nauseum ad infinitum. And you're pretending that your branch of "Christianity" doesn't have the clergy predator problem, which it most certainly does and in a big way. I really rather choose Jesus over hate. Try Jesus, man. I am telliing you that the hate will go away. 

    • Dan says:

      And Julie, you somehow think that if my fellow Christians had a "clergy predator problem", which it doesn't, then that would make your catholic crisis more acceptable? Just a typical catholic excuse and defense to say everybody else has the problem so it's OK that our so-called Holy self-righteous church is full of perverts and child molesters. Really?! I don't think you would know Christ's church if it was right in front of your face.

      P.S. By the way, I've never posted on Quora and never even looked or knew about their website. I don't know how you people come up with all your nonsense.

    • LLC says:


      I don't know if you noticed, but Dan went from categorically denying that any abuse could ever happen in his church, to allowing for the possibility that it indeed could. Perhaps something is brewing over there…

    • Dan says:

      LLC, Read my lips, NO "clergy predator problem". It "DOESN't" exist. Real Christians would never sexually molest children, let alone some of the babies your clergy has raped. Why do you have such a reading comprehension problem? Do you think you're able to speak for me?

  7. Jim Robertson says:

    P.S. Jesus was a communist.


    • peoples clown says:

      Jim – but not a Stalinist or Maoist! I don't recall reading anything in the bible like " the history of our entire society is a history of the struggle with the bugeoise(sp?)" Only for everyone to give up sin!

  8. Dan says:

    Julie, Since you don't read my posts anymore, then how would you know that I repeat the "same vileness and insults over and over and over again ad nauseum". You're a typical catholic brainwashed sheep who follows and defends without questioning the fact that you're headed straight for the slaughter. You prefer not to hear the truth and would rather close your ears to it. Maybe I wouldn't have anything to repeat "over and over and over again" if your clergy hadn't repeated over and over again the rape of our innocent children. So plug your ears and close your eyes and continue to contribute to protecting the sinning leaders of your false religion. Don't forget to claim your great giving to their cause, one I would prefer not to talk about ever again, but my God has sent me to expose their wickedness. Should I listen to man and you or My God who saved me from the "vileness" of Hell and all it's demonic followers. Jesus loved His followers but hated the hypocrites. Try obeying His teachings rather than what you think is right.  servant of the One True God

  9. Jim Robertson says:

    Clownie, But I'm sure there were some communists who were pedophiles. no group is immune.

  10. Jim Robertson says:

     Clown, name a worse sin than class.

    And the Commies? When they are caught just like priests.


  11. Karen says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have written at length to the writers of this piece of garbage!  I was beginning to think that I was the only one that saw how this was a calculated smear campaign, complete with the ever so convenient "repressed memory syndrome" designed to discredit a good and holy priest! I know Joe Maher and I know several of the falsely accused priests in this piece. Joe is a good man and was doing excellent work in helping the discard priests, for whatever reason. Unfortunately, he has an unstable, estranged daughter that has successfully ruined his reputation and for that, I am so very sorry. Thank you for what you wrote! Nothing about OBS was sleazy, nothing. Their only crime? They spent more time caring for priests than they did in financial documentation, but that's it–nothing nefarious was done. I stake my life on it and my reputation as a Catholic journalist 

    • Dan says:

      Well Karen, I'd have to say, your reputation as a denying, deceiving and corrupt catholic journalist is pretty secure. How many child molesters or murderers have friends and neighbors that make these outlandish claims of disbelief when one of their own are accused of malfeasance. Oh! He was such a good person helping the little old lady down the street with her groceries and mowing her lawn. Ever heard of "wolves in sheep's clothing". Your catholic church is full of them. I'd be careful of staking my life on such claims, that is unless as a catholic your life ain't worth much. Welcome sister excuser.

    • LLC says:


      the litmus tests for the accuracy of your statements are the logorrheic rants of individuals a-la Dan. I don’t know if you are familiar with his work; he’s the resident Evangelical holier-than-thou blogger (perhaps a Westboro-ite), self-professed ex-Catholic, alleged victim of abuses, who parades the most abused (pun intended) and disproved talking points against the Catholic Church as absolute truth while constantly refusing to engage in any meaningful exchange.

      Please do not let him get to you. It is not worth the aggravation.

    • Dan says:

      Oh yeah! Dan "parades the most abused and disproved talking points against the Catholic Church as absolute truth" = Absolutely the absolute truth, unless disproved by catholic liars, deceivers and hypocrites like the one coming to your aid. Listen to the deceivers of your Church or come away from HER and read the Bible to prove your truths. You'll find excusers and apologists like LLC, that will try to convince everyone that the Church is full of saints, when in reality it is plagued with Devil worshiping, greedy idolaters, pedophiles and perverts. Servant of the One True God, not the goddess catholics bow down and pray to.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – what's next? Signs and websites ala westboro? "" and "". Painted signs as well? Peace to you brother dan. 

    • Dan says:

      Clown, Are you aware that the Devil literally means "slanderer", Accuser of the brethen, liar and vile deceiver? Thought as his children, you catholics should be aware of what your father was/is like. 

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – well, Dan, I promised myself I wouldn't bring up the "bathroom mirror" sequence, but if the shoe fits , well………..! Us Catholics are well aware of "our Father" as Jesus taught us how to pray to Him. You know….the lords prayer!

    • Dan says:

      Clown, Do you think that the Almighty God is impressed by your saying one lord's prayer, when it's followed up with Hailing your Holy Queen of Heaven ten times. God who says you have only one mediator, His Son Jesus Christ, has to be thrilled to hear you catholics pray ten times more to Mary than you do to Him or His Son. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Maybe you should print this out and stick up your bathroom mirror. How's that shoe fit?

  12. Jim Robertson says:

    Simply, in order to maintain the class system, millions are murdered and robbed either by weapons or  neglect. Starvation, famine, plague or warfare and all done to maintain the highest class, (the status quo.) Whether that class be religious or aristocratic or military or a combination of them all.

    Why is it it the greatest sin? Well in your faith Jesus said to love one's neighbor as one self. The class system is the antithisis of loving one's neighbor. 

    My moral system? it's the same as Jesus. You don't have to be a god to get that loving one's neighbor is the only sane way to go.



    • LLC says:


      "Simply, in order to maintain the class system, millions are murdered and robbed either by weapons or neglect" = hopefully, you understand that this describes every communist regime on God's green Earth, right?

      "Well in your faith Jesus said to love one's neighbor as one self" = actually, this is the second greatest commandment. With good peace of you and Dan, the Bible doesn't make a list of sins in decreasing order. It does, indeed, mention an "unforgeable" sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit.

      "My moral system? it's the same as Jesus" = debatable, like Dan's self-appointed moral statuses.

      "You don't have to be a god to get that loving one's neighbor is the only sane way to go" = correct. But then, JR, who is your neighbor?

  13. Jim Robertson says:

    That's what the propaganda machine owned by the rich, has told you. So it must be true.

    I wonder why the Catholic church and Pope Pius XII and those that succeeded him never condemned America's use of the atomic bomb twice against civillians?

    I wonder why all the death camps for Jews and Gypsies and Gays and Communists and Jehovahs Witness were all in largely Catholic countries?

    • LLC says:


      the dept of your ignorance never ceases to amaze. It seems that you can't even perform a half-decent Google search.

      Anyhow, "More than two years before the first atomic bomb was dropped, Pope Pius XII warned of the “catastrophic” consequences that could come from using the discovery of nuclear fission to create weapons. Addressing the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in February 1943, Pope Pius noted that scientists were saying that nuclear technology could produce “an amount of energy that could take the place of all the large electrical power plants of the whole world.” But, he said, it was essential to ensure the technology was used only for peaceful purposes, “because otherwise the consequence could be catastrophic, not only in itself but for the whole planet.” First Internet result, from

      Regarding your other claim, "I wonder why all the death camps for Jews and Gypsies and Gays and Communists and Jehovahs Witness were all in largely Catholic countries?", again, please learn your history. The real one, I mean. While most camps were indeed in Poland, they were set up by the National Socialist Workers' Party. Notoriously not Catholic or Christian. Furthermore, would you like to talk about Russian gulags or Chinese re-education camps?

  14. Jim Robertson says:

    First of all, LLC!

    The idea of a moron who believes in a God with no evidence, criticizing me because I don't look things up on Google is beyond the absurd. See if you can find any proof of your god's existence on Google, Mr. Looker Upper.

    And why would I even need to do a Google search on what is so obviously not there? No ringing condemnation of nuclear weapons by the Pope when they were used in 1945. Just silence.

     As far as Capitalists vs. Communists? Simply count the dead, by comparing  the USSR and Chinese re-education camps to the Nazi death camps. the Communists have killed far far fewer( by the tens of millions in fact) than the Capitalists have.  Just count the number of dead and the Communists come out very well contrary to the bullshit propaganda you've swallowed. Just count the dead.

    • peoples clown says:

      Jim – sorry there Jim, but one of the most successful reeducation camps was in Ukraine, 1932-1933. 7,000,000 plus, were reeducated to eat grass and die. This is far more than any amount. Their teachers tried to explain why it was more important for city dwellers to be eating their food, instead of them. "Why don't you just shoot us now" was their intolerant and uneducated answer. Ukraine indeed was reeducated about Bolshevism!

    • LLC says:


      Your first sentence is entirely not relevant. We are not discussing my belief system, nor yours. You have shown repeatedly to be inept on performing even the simplest searches, and calling me names doesn’t change that a iota.

      Second, God does not exist. He is. If you can’t grasp the difference, well, it’s your own problem.

      Third, Google has ample proofs of God’s direct and indirect interactions with His creation, which to me constitute clear evidence of His being. If you choose not to believe in Him, it’s ok, but it’s also your choice, and has nothing to do with proofs or evidences.

      Now, to your actual points:

      As already shown, Pope Pius XII was very vocal against weaponizing nuclear energy, well before it actually came to fruition. Regarding the actual bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in his 1948 address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pius XII explicitly upheld the fallout of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as evidence that the nuclear bomb was “the most terrible weapon which the human mind has conceived up to date” not the least because, he continued, it had been produced by science unmediated by love.

      “As far as Capitalists vs. Communists?” = your actual point was Nazis vs Communists. The National Socialist Workers' Party was notoriously against capitalism (hence the Socialist part on its name), and, as already demonstrated, had nothing to do with Christian values.

      As far as your dead count, well, clearly you and Dan have strong issues with Math, as well as History, Sociology and Theology.

      Now, if you would like to return to the topic of this post, I’ll gladly interact with you. If not, sayonara, baka.

  15. Jim Robertson says:

    As always LLC, you are amazed at what isn't there.


  16. Jim Robertson says:

    Ever hear of famine? I won't argue with you. You act as if the capitalists are always truthful about who they blame to maintain their hegemony.

    Here, let's play tit for tat. Here's a raised Catholic monarch for you.


    • peoples clown says:

      Jim – this isn't tit for tat. He died in 1909. This is the equivalent of blaming Stalin for Russia's problems today, or Mao taking credit for today's Chinese economy. I don't think so.

    • peoples clown says:

      Jim – those in absolute power will say and do anything to stay there. As Pilate pondered : "what is truth?", I don't think today's " Pilates" even care about truth if they discover it.

    • LLC says:


      You have mentioned King Leopold II a few times now, as his now recognized as among the cruelest colonial regimes was somehow due to his Catholic upbringing.

      Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. King Leopold II will be judged according to his behavior, not his titles.

      Interestingly, it was the 1884 Berlin Conference that decided that the area now known as Congo would become the King’s personal property. Missionaries, along with journalists and diplomats, documented the atrocities caused by the Belgian monarch administration. As a result, Congo was transferred from the King’s personal property to the Country of Belgium, and the Catholic faith took roots in Congo, where the missionaries developed an impressive network of public schools, primary, secondary and technical. Funny how God finds a way to change negatives to positives…