Your PBS Tax Dollars Hard at Work – Promoting Anti-Catholic Bigotry In Boston

Phil Saviano : Margery Eagan : Mitchell Garabedian : Michael Rezendes : Martha Coakley

Publicly funded haters (l to r): BishopAccountability's Phil Saviano, dissident Margery Eagan,
contingency lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, the Boston Globe's egomaniac Michael Rezendes,
and former Mass. AG Martha Coakley

It was 65 years ago when political thinker Peter Viereck first wrote, "Catholic-baiting is the anti-Semitism of the intellectuals."

That aphorism was fully ablaze the other night when the left-wing talk show Greater Boston, airing on Boston PBS television station WGBH, devoted a half hour under the pretense of discussing the death of Cardinal Bernard Law to brutally attacking the Catholic Church with ugly falsehoods and outright bigotry.

Greater Boston is hosted by Jim Braude, a veteran broadcaster whose thirst to attack the Catholic Church is only outweighed by his own sense of self-importance. And Braude made sure to round up a reliable stable of like-minded Church-bashers who would be sure to hammer the Church over decades-old sex abuse cases. Braude's panelists included:

Jim Braude : WGBH

Carnival barker/host Jim Braude
directs a bigoted assault

And Braude's guests surely kept the hate flowing, with panelists taking turns predictably blaming the abuse scandals on the "all-male priesthood" and the "power structure" of the Church. Saviano chirped that "if there had been a few women in those rectories, there wouldn't have been half the problems we ended up with." (Note to Saviano: Women have been running parish rectories for at least the past 50 years.)

Yet the worst may have come from Garabedian, who, in addressing abuse in the Catholic Church decades ago, raged, "The Church has been doing this for centuries; they've been raping kids at a wholesale pace for centuries; it's a trillion dollar business."

After nearly 25 minutes more of this echo chamber of hate, Coakley unleashed a line which one could only imagine she had been waiting the entire episode to deliver: "This is an institution where they still dress as they did in the 15th century. So what do you expect?" Classy, eh? And this is from a former Attorney General, who is supposed to be fair and impartial.

Double … standard

Step back for a moment. Imagine if a guest on a television program had said that Muslims, Buddhists, or Jews had been "raping kids at a wholesale pace for centuries." Think about it. The rebuke would be rightfully fast and furious. The person who would utter such calumny would likely be fired and banished from mainstream media forever. The same applies for someone who would attack a religion because they "still dress as they did in the 15th century."

This is called "bigotry." But if the topic is the Catholic Church, it is only business as usual.

And the tragic irony here: You are forced to pay for all this through your tax dollars.


  1. Mark Taylor says:

    I think you were rather cruel towards Phil Savinao. You do realize he was a victim of clerical pehophilia, don't you?

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    Gee The oldest Christian religion connected to 7 Empires, at least, whose wealth was removed in tiny part, comparitively, by only one king in 2000 years, Henry VIII,and by barely 15% of compensated survivors of clerical sexual abuse ,is hated by intellectuals? I am appalled! How will you survive?

    All religion is looked on askance by rational people. So? You don't think evangelicals are mocked by smart people as much as, or even more so than the Catholic church? Poor poor you.

    Your faith loathes not being in control of everyone like in the good old days, the dark ages.

  3. Jim Robertson says:

    Jews, Buddhists, Anglicans, Jehovah's Witnesses have all been outted for child abuse in the media. You keep trying to created a Catholic persecution where there is none. Why do you need to be a fake victim while your real victims are ignored?

    What is wrong with you?

    • malcolm harris says:

      JR, on the 30th, asks what is wrong with us?. Implying that there is something wrong with our thinking… or our morals?  Well… introspection is something many Catholics do …perhaps too much. Some call it the…. "guilt complex". Meaning we tend to blame ourselves when something happens. Sadly this simply opens the door to cunning opportunists. Much to our ultimate cost.  JR, in an earlier post,  mentioned the wealth of the Church, and alluded to King Henry V111. Well the monasteries he stole, (amongst other things), represented the wealth of Church. But the land on which the buildings stood, originally had to be reclaimed from swamp or dense forest.The monks did it all by the sweat of their brow, with porridge for their fuel. By the way… I sometimes wonder how many dollars I would have to put into the Church collection plate… to make up for the million dollars… that JR got for his alleged molestation. It was his word agaist a teaching brother (no witnesses)…. guess who won? 

    • Dan says:

      Are you kidding, Malcolm? Catholics … "tend to blame ourselves when something happens". Just about every confessed catholic in this forum blames all your disgusting pedophile perversions on anyone besides your lying deceiving selves and your cult of sick hypocrites. It's the Boston Globes fault, the media, anti-catholics, bigots, witch-hunt, haters, etc.. Why must you think that we will accept your repetitive lies as if it is the truth. You deniers, perverts and deceivers refuse to repent, you are the unforgiven, so carry on, but don't think you'll escape the punishment of God's wrath. Keep throwing your money to protect the perverted criminals of your cult. I trust Jim's word over any of the creeps from your lying denying hierarchy of hypocrites, anytime. Crawl back in your hole, Malcolm.

    • marty says:

      Golly gee! I haven't seen any headlines or TV shows about the groups you mentioned! Especially on pbs , or the Boston globe , now that its in the "spotlight"!

  4. Dempsey Hunter says:

    “crank” Phil Saviano? I think his story has been covered rather extensively and proved not to be a crank. Far from it.

  5. marty says:

    Gee, looks like most of the posters should have been on the show too! When they pull their head out, and see that this is an effort to destroy the church, maybe they'll understand, but probably not. None of this is about the children, but just money. They're making money off an old issue. 50% of the lawyers are non-xtian. Other religions and institutions have this ongoing problem, yet hide their sins to protect their money. What do these stooges want? To have the church destroyed, with its catholic charities, and replace it with the satanic temple? Much better then? Ain't gonna happen!

  6. Jim Robertson says:

    Happy New year.

    Right Malcolm I was never sexually abused at school. I made it all up. Your share of the little I was paid, for what never happened, according to you, would add up to about 3 cents. You cheap lying bastard.

    Yes i said how little I was paid. Juries were giving out, justly, $4,000,000 on the average. Comparitively $1,000,000 was cheap.

    So getting due compensation is an attempt to destroy the church? Whose fault is that if true? Your Catholic childrens'? Why of course those little whores.

    You are shameless not blameless..

     Marty, Satan would blanch at your churches lies and your racism. There was one non-Christian.  i.e. Jewish,lawyer in L.A.,you anti-semitic turd. The majority thanks to the false flagged SNAP were in fact CATHOLIC lawyers. That's right CATHOLIC lawyers.

    Does anyone think I would choose a Catholic lawyer knowingly?

    And Marty why do you think Catholicism is any different from other corporate religions? You've tried to hide your sins and your money as well. That's why I and others could sue (in Calif.) your hierarchs transferring of pedophiles to more innocent children wasn't the kids doing.

    If there was a Satan and he had a temple that protected child molestors could he be any worse than your church's patriarchs?

    • marty says:

      Touchy, touchy about the money, so I doubt you went to catholic school! You should do better research, instead of calling people turds! You still haven't addressed why others are getting away with it with no real penalty. When you join the satanic temple, enjoy the perverted rituals, as you go on the road to have the flames of hell eternally lick your rectum,fool!

  7. Jim Robertson says:

    Phil Saviano was personally given around $15,000  by 3 L.A. victims, including me, after our settlements.

    Here's why: In the early '90's Phil was dying. He needed money to bury himself and he didn't want his burial to be a burden to his family.  He settled with the church for around $10,000 so he could be buried. His lawyer took 1/3 of that. Phil recovered.

    I personally organized the honoring of Phil for his early work, informing the Boston Globe for one, with some compensation. (I must share that an "x" nun who was a victim and promised to donate never dropped a dime. I still think she was a spy. She even lived with me for 2 months. Then poof she was gone from my home without a word.)  SNAP ran around with it's hands out for itself never ever for Phil or any other victim.


  8. Jim Robertson says:

    Why Marty such a sweet talker, you are.  Perhaps you'd like to lick a rectum?

    Flames of Hell? Show me. Joys of Heaven? Show me. If you prove either. I'll believe but aside from that happening. You've got nothing . No, you are, sadly, regurgitating childhood lies you were told by grown ups.

    I went to Catholic schools elementary through high school. First Ascension school less than a half block from my house. Started there in 52, I guess, I graduated in 1960. First or second in awards given to my class. I then went to Junipero Serra High school in Gardena Ca. Where I graduated at the bottom of my class in 1964.

    Gosh, I wonder what happened that would cause such a change in 4 years!

    Perverted rituals? Halloween was in Oct. Marty. And Baby Jesus just came and redeemed us all from the flames of hell. Yes the very same Hell he invented to punish us for the sins he supposedly died redeeming us from. What an idiotic construct! What an idiotic God.

    • marty says:

      Jim, glad you see Jesus came to redeem us. duality for you though. What, do you think like american atheists? "We know where we are going when we die: 6 feet under!". Well, good for you! You still haven't done your research. That's your problem! Sounds like you need a hobby! Perhaps woodworking. That can be relaxing. Sounds like you have a lot of venom. Remember, no one is perfect. Hey, those schools taught you how to read and write. Maybe you've gone to a catholic hospital, as well! The missionaries are educating the 3rd world! What have you done? The church has over a billion members. Pax, brother!

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Marty, I was parodying your myths. There's no proof Jesus ever existed.


  9. malcolm harris says:

    Dan, on the 1st, suggests that I should "crawl back into my hole".  Well…. that is just his anger and bigotry talking…  and not rational comment. He fails to see the real danger. The law has been deranged….. to take away the civil rights of a particular group…Catholic priests. Usually an unsupported accusation doesn't prove anybody guilty. Meaning that compelling evidence is needed … prove that a crime actually took place. This protection has seemingly been taken away from priests. Perhaps due to the moral panic… whipped up by a complicit media. Dan fails to see  that this could be extended to others, such as teachers and doctors. Any individual or institution with deep pockets could be targeted. Dan's bigotry blinds him to what is really happening. Basically a revolutionary justice has supplanted western justice…..not what I would call progress.

  10. Dan says:

    Malcolm, you're asking that "Catholic priests" deserve civil rights and fair "western justice"? Where was my justice? You think you excusers and deniers would be ashamed that hierarchy from your cult would falsely accuse someone several times, bring them to court, swearing to tell the truth, and immediately adding more lies in order to cause me more trouble. But NO! You only want justice for the sick nasty disgusting creeps of your cult, men that had no right to harm innocent children, mostly young boys. I believe I have some right to be angry with what lying priests, deceiving nuns, threatening thugs of the cult and corrupt catholic cops did to me. You and publiar have given me reason to research deeper into the sins of the cult, and finding how worldwide their perversions reached, which has added to my disgust with "the Church". With my background in the Bible, taught only by Jesus Christ and the prophets, I've come to realize how well "the Church" and what has become of it, matches perfectly with every disgusting description of a pagan, greedy, idol-worshipping, sexually immoral and cowardly group of liars. Call me whatever names you like (bigot, hater, anti-catholic, witch-hunt, etc.) and I will reserve the right to call your religion of anti-Christian, lying hypocrites whatever is just. Believe me, I would love to get revenge for the injustices done to me, but I will leave that work to my Father, and He promises justice will be done. None will escape His judgments.

  11. Amateur Brain Surgeon says:




    TMR does an exemplary job of responding to hatred and bigotry and the response to that defense of the Church is anger and hatred.

    TMR is expected to just clam-up and take the hate because the unjust attacks and hatred are considered some form of jutsice by those whose visceral hatred of the Church is palpable.

    Would those who are riven with enmity please tell us how many years of unust attacks against Holy Mother Chruch will be considered sufficient justice.

    ABS can see that only the complete destruction of the Universal Church might satisy the haters – but- no; that would not be enough for them, would it? 

    When oit comes to the hatreed of some in here, the hatred is without limit when it comes to size, intensity, and duration.

    Well, that is one way to live out one's life…

    • marty says:


    • Jim Robertson says:

      You want a time limit on our sex abuse damages, Amatuer? Well so do I.

      Let me know when my pain from that abuse ends. Let me know when the damage stops.


    • Dan says:

      Whoa!! ABS, might be good for you to apply the brakes. You think the hatred of the horrible sins of your church is unjust? Oh really!?! Then I guess you catholics really don't know how the Almighty feels about sin, now do you. "But your iniquities have built barriers between you and your God, and your sins have made Him hide His face from you so that He does not listen."  Isaiah 59:2  "Yes, even though you multiply prayers, I will not listen." Isaiah 1:15

      Add excuses, denials and lies, in order to hide and minimize your horrific sins from the Almighty, and all you've done is piled on more sin to the disgusting sins you already had. "Your hands are the hands of murderers, and your fingers are filthy with sin. Your lips are full of lies, and your mouth spews corruption. No one cares about being fair and honest. The people's lawsuits are based on lies. They conceive evil deeds and then give birth to sin." Isaiah 59:3-4

    • Dan says:

      My fight is not against Roman Catholics. My fight is against a false pagan religion that has brainwashed it's followers into thinking that they are practicing a belief system that will lead them to eternal life, when truly it is the evil work of Satan himself, deceiving and lying to the masses. When the works of the leadership of a religion, amount to the ultimate in greed, idolatry, pedophilia and pederasty, cowardice and compulsive lying, you better believe it is not the religion or belief system that is sanctioned by the One Holy and Pure God. Attack me and blame me all you like, and all you're doing is adding fuel to your own fire. Your cult is not some holy pure clean and horribly persecuted church. Instead your followers find some sick joy in lying and persecuting others. Gathering of hypocrites fighting against God's Faithful. You are truly the bigots and lying haters of the world.  servant of the Almighty

      P.S. I find no joy in criticizing your church. I will find joy if my work helps one lost catholic come to know the truth and escape the lies and liars of this wicked cult. There is no selfish gain for myself, though some have even lied and accused me of that. Satan never sleeps.

  12. Jim Robertson says:

    Marty who exactly are these "others are getting away with it"? Can you name them? Just because the church might be conned should we/you believe that the majority of claims are a fraud?

    And Malcolm rape and sex abuse are crimes usually not witnessed by others. One can judge the veracity of a case, in part, by the personality change that happens after the crime occurs. By the damage the claiment has shown in their lives post such events. It's always there to see if you bother to look.Anyone who thinks that the Catholic or any church is above lying in these cases is a fool.

    I believe Dan was lied about.  Exaggerated about. The church has always got to play the persecuted, it rallies the troops. That's why TMR was invented.

    • marty says:

      Hey jimmy! Still haven't done your research, but don't expect me to do it for you! You are in a "catholic" ghetto mindset, and you don't want to get out of it! Unless you live in a vacuum, do you remember roman Polanski? The church doesn't have to play persecuted, because it is! The majority of cases, are questionable, as these people, as well as pbs, are looking for ongoing "reparations" forever, yet the Boston globe, in the "spotlight" now, completely disregards its own demands it made on the church, to sell newspapers, but not investigating itself! They should have it shoved down their throat, like they did to us.I know of a case, personally, where a priest was accused by a woman, but it was fluff. She was psycho, and mad that the priest wouldn't be associated with her, so tried to ruin him!!

         I'm glad tmr was invented! I seldom read it, but was incensed by the pbs situation, and still am! Even you must admit that the media stacks it against us catholics! But probably not

          Well, thanks for the sweet talker compliment! Hey, what about the woodworking hobby?

          Jim, these people view the church, like the s.s.a. annuity. They view the church as a large sum of money to be fleeced!

      Pax Marty – marty

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Marty Do you think real victims like fraud?  We are real victims trying to deal with people who think we are lying and worse criminal. You have had very very few fraudsters coming from our side in this scandal. Your side has its own frauds. Fr. Tom Doyle SNAP are not on our side. They are on your side and are our controllers.

      If you know people who defrauded the church, name them. We real victims don't like them either. "Questionable" who told you not to ask questions? Your lawyers, your insurors asked plenty of questions.  Marty you aren't well informed on the subject.

      Mumbo-jumbo rituals will not save any of us. We have no need to be saved from anything but religion and GOD, "himself". He invented Hell. He's a fking monster.

  13. malcolm harris says:

    Replying to Dan's comment, on the 2nd.  Well…. we get that he has written off the Catholic Church. He does not need to convince us any further of his personal animosity. However I do note his expressed personal lament for justice. Dare I sugget he consider joining another religion  Years ago met a young guy who was Salvation Army…  was genuinely impressed with him… and  also his family and friends. When we come down to facing this harsh world, we all need a support group…even the most proud of us. Unlikely that I would ever leave the Church that Christ himself started. But if I  ever did…. then I would join the Salvos.

    • Dan says:

      Malcolm, I appreciate the concern, if that is what this is. Do you think if I join some other false belief system, then that will keep me busy and distracted enough to leave your church alone? If you ever question a group or religion you'd like to join, it's as easy as adding 'fraud' to the end of your google search to find out what's going on with that group. I'm not sure why catholics need such a support group behind them, when the Word plainly states that, "the way to heaven is narrow and difficult and FEW will ever find it". Why are you under the impression that my life is lacking in something? I live a Spirit-filled life, Christ and God's Word has completely turned my messed up life around. Part of my payback to the Lord for what he has done for me is to let others know how kind, loving and forgiving He is. Believe me that this job is not one of my choosing, trying to open the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf and break through hardened brainwashed hearts of those encased in solid catholic lead. I am totally satisfied with the results I've obtained in this forum, because you all may be unaware, but they wouldn't listen to Christ either. What stubborn, hard-headed religious fanatics ever listened to the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel or Daniel? I surely don't place myself worthy of expecting more than what they got. When Christ sent the apostles out, he said he was sending them among wolves. "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you." Luke 10:19  Believe me, I have run into plenty of vicious snakes and stinging scorpions in this forum alone. God has kept His promise that "nothing will harm [me]". I will keep mine.

    • Dan says:

      I know there will be those, I will not even mention by name, who will make the claim that my message isn't one of kindness, love or forgiveness. Before one can enjoy the gifts of the Lord, one must realize that they are wrong, be willing to turn from their past sinful lives, accept  Christ's sacrifice for the forgiveness of their sins and the One True Loving God will heal them. When you've hitched your wagon to a false religion of idol-worship, prefer to Hail Mary and believe that she's your source of mercy, life, sweetness and hope, well then the only message you're going to hear is the message of God's wrath. You are denying Christ as your one and only Savior and have replaced Him with his human mother, who never died for your sins. Until you figure that out you are in grave disobedience of God's Word, and you will never experience His kindness, love or forgiveness. And every time I try to explain these things to you, I will do so with great pain and sorrow in my heart, that you have been deceived into thinking that I am your enemy, when truly I am the only one here concerned for your eternal souls. Your church is only concerned with how much money they can steal from your wallets and purses, while laughing behind your backs as they pied-piper your souls towards Hell.

  14. Marty says:

    Dan, you sound like just another Catholic basher to me! Or a troll! You missed the point of Mary. Pray that she intercedes, not worship! Bigotry like yours belongs in Charlottesville. If you're spiritually happy, fine! I'm glad for you! But if you think the church is a moneymaking machine, then next time you have a heart attack, be sure to ask the cardiologist if he was trained at a catholic university, and refuse treatment, as they are only in it for the money. You reap the benefits of western civilization, as the church tamed the barbarian tribes of Europe and the world, but you want to destroy it! What have you done to help? Sounds like you might be a freeloader! – marty

    • Dan says:

      What is wrong with you brainwashed catholics? You go around throwing accusations at others hoping that something will stick. You talk trash that has no truth to it, while claiming to be a member of the One True Church. The only thing true about your church is that it is full of a bunch of lying, accusing hypocrites, and now your here to top the pile. The Bible plainly states that Christ is the ONLY mediator between God and man. How many of your false temples are named after your "Queen of Heaven"? You phonies are so used to lying that you think you can claim that you don't "worship" her, when truly it's just another of your many lies.

      I haven't needed any doctors for forty years. I had spine crippling arthritis and major depression for many years and have been totally healed by my Lord and Savior. I think your greedy catholic universities and hospitals have pumped out a slew of drug pushing snake oil doctors that lack in common sense and have no clue of the healing powers of God.

      Your last stupid accusation that I "might be a freeloader", knowing little or nothing about me, shows your lack of brains. Are you aware that Satan was known as the Accuser of the brethren. Welcome aboard the catholic express to Hell.  servant of the Almighty

  15. Marty says:

    Just a general comment to all that have left the church, due to what is being discussed here: if you live in the u.s., then I expect that all of you will leave someday, due to pres clintons sex abuse. If you had been in the military, you must be angry enough to leave, as you take an oath to defend him! Also, never watch a movie again, due to Weinstein, too. Too much for you? Come on! You are all claiming spirituality, yet can't bring yourselves to do simple temporal acts?

  16. Marty says:

    I'd just like to personally thank Dan and Jim, and the others who came on here! Thank you so much! Like I said, I seldom came on this website, but now I'll make every effort to. The church needs another voice on here, and I'll humbly try to do it! – marty

    • Dan says:

      Didn't you mean that the "church needs another [lying] voice on here"!?! Seems like you'll qualify just fine. Never have seen in any religion such a slew of compulsive lying accusing hypocrites. Did the church breed them after they succeeded so well in breeding deviant pedophiles and pederasts. You're cult is getting scarier, as more liars join the fray.

  17. Amateur Brain Surgeon says:

    Let me know when my pain from that abuse ends. Let me know when the damage stops.

    ABS can not imagine any man who would not be angry about the sex crimes that were committed agianst you but ABS thinks therapy and The Cross of Christ can be an answer to those like you who gravely suffered the sex crimes committed by queer clergy.

    Neither sodomites nor railers can attain unto salvation. Living with such hate is disfuring and destructructive. Yoo have to find a weay to forgive, not forget, but forgive.

    You must ask Jesus to save you from your visceral hatred; ASK Him

    Ask and He will answer

    Seek and ye shall find Him

    Knock and He will answer.

    Lay your hatred at the foot of the Cross and Jesus will help you carry your burden.

    There will come a time when you wil stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and you do not want to stand before Him with your soul disfigured by hatred.

    There is no room in Heaven for souls weighed down by hatred. No, such souls which have an anchor of hatred attached to it will be dragged down into Hell where perfect hatred exists for eternity.

    Innocent victims do not have to bear their hated but they will if they refuse the free offering of Jesus to help you bear your Cross.

    May God Bless and Keep you and may He send The Holy Ghost upon you to lead you to the Cross where you can lay down your burden and afterwords walk in the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding.

  18. Amateur Brain Surgeon says:

    Dan, It is clear you are a Judaised protestant who has internalsied the lies about the Church Jeaus established and called the pillar and ground of truth. One of the ways this can be seen is you quoting only from the Old Testament.

    Nobody ever said the Church did not conatin booth wheat and chaff, both sheep and goats but because you claim the church is an evil cult you are constrained to believe that Jesus Christ, Creator, Redeemer, and Saviour, is a far worse liar than Satan for it is He, Jesus, who estabsihed His Church you have such a vile hatred of.

    Good luck explaing yourself to Jesus when you stand before His judgment seat.




    • Dan says:

      My guess is that you're directing both of these posts towards me. I have absolutely no harbored hatred for any of the liars, slanderers and false accusers who have attacked me from your church or in this forum. That doesn't mean I have to love their sins, anymore than I have to love the sins of your church. I'm not sure how catholics think that their greedy, idol-worshipping, sexually immoral, cowardly and lying cult can ever be the church established by Jesus Christ. You have a hierarchy of obese greedy slobs who not only teach followers to bow to statues, but even have them bowing and kissing their ring finger, as if they were Caesar himself. You claim this is not "worship". Your leaders molest and rape little boys and then do anything they can to deny their sin, all for the good of Holy Mother Church. Very few members live like Christ, but some are whacked enough to dress in black, grey or brown hooded capes and parade around, hiding in remote castles, like sons of dracula, thinking their isolation is Christ-like or displays holiness. What does it take for you people to open your eyes and realize that this is not Christ's church. You are not Christians whatsoever, and the ones claiming you are, are the same ones telling you that you don't "worship" statues, speaking lies as they lead you into Satan's grasp. You catholics have proven to me how difficult the process is to reverse the indoctrination of a religious cult. I'm not sure how you let such a group of horrible sinners brainwash and control you, while you buy into everyone of their lies and schemes. I can only feel sorry for you, it's so sad that I can't even hate you.  servant

    • Dan says:

      ABS, Please show me in the Bible where Jesus spoke any of the words that represent the major beliefs of your church. 1) Catholic 2) Pope 3) Rosary 4) Pray to my Mother 5) My Mother was sinless 6) My mother will assume into heaven 7) Make all kinds of idols and icons, crown them with gold 8) Make discs in the shape of the moon, but tell others you're not pagan sun worshippers 9) Call my mother "Queen of Heaven" bow to her. 10) My salvation is not good enough. You'll need my Mother's intercession. 11) Pray to My Mother over and over again, because the words I spoke in the Bible have no meaning. "Do not repeat your prayers as the heathen do." 12) Dress the outward person in beautiful satin, because My Father cares more what you look like than whats on the inside (heart, soul and mind).

      Sorry catholics, but you are not of Christ and you are not being taught anything close to what God and Christ wanted from His followers. You are controlled by greedy obese kings of this world who don't even know the difference between the worship of God and worship of statues made to look like dead human beings. You are idol-worshippers no matter how much you think you can deny it.   servant of the God of Truth

    • Dan says:

      Oops! Forgot lucky number 13) Burn incense in all of your pomp and circumstance ridiculous over the top celebrations. I believe it's written somewhere He said, "I hate your incense burning." Oh! Here, I found the quote. Not that it will do any good, 'cause you guys ignore God's Word.

      "Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me. New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations– I cannot bear your worthless assemblies."  Isaiah 1:13

      Isn't it a joy to be catholic. We never have to listen the the Lord or His prophets. We only listen to our Holy Father. I mean, think about it? He can even protect and harbor child molesters. God refuses to do things like that. How much greater is our Father in Rome than God.


  19. Jim Robertson says:

    Jesus sucks! ABS you are a fool. Marty a low iq'd"peoples" clown.  People aren't supposed to leave the church right Marty?  Why because the church said so? Because Jesus said follow the church? All of it humbug. as phony as Santa. No proof = no belief, therefor no need for god.

    You want pie in the sky when you die? Groovy. The church has nothing to give me spiritually. emotionally or intellectually. You pretend there's an attack when people don't give you privilege even though none of your Bishops have gone to jail and you've barely compensated your victims. you yell persecution when  in fact your criminals have either been transferred  hidden; and or promoted . Persecution is the cover you wear as you get off criminally and financially  scot free. No mumbo jumbo hocus pocus can cover the truth. You don't like the truth because it interfers with your fancies.

    • Marty says:

      I can see you in "the exorcist" movie, holding a crucifix,

    • Marty says:

      The beginning of this paragraph, sounds like something right out of an al Goldstein interview. Maybe you wrote the notes for him.

  20. Jim Robertson says:

    When people talk about themselves in the third person like ABS does. I run for the hills.

  21. Dan says:

    Should be 'to' instead of 'the' the Lord.

  22. Marty says:




    Dan/Jim, I'm back to defend the church!  You might be the same troll, I don't know! Again, I'm a newbie here, and noticed that you are here long time. I never knew that the articles had comments, so you are long time bashers! After all the truthful articles, and wonderful comments, you're still ignorant! Big time! Which leads me to think you are "perfectly possessed"! I prayed for you yesterday, hope it does some good. That's ok, I've dealt with satanists before on yahoo, and your temple too! Jesus protects me from them. 

    Hey, again, I'm grateful to you, as you jogged a memory! I'm a victim of sexual harassment too! Not from the church, of course. Only happy memories, and grateful for the education I was privileged to receive. A reunion this year. Looking forward to it. 

        I don't know if the mods will let this thru. I'll tell you my harassment. It was many years ago, when I was starting adolescence. There was a political campaign. My friends mother was a precinct captain, but this was on our own. We went to an office to get flyers, and bumper stickers to hand out. The manager wanted to get us, individually alone in a room. And when he did, he "spanked" us. I was repulsed! We talked, and my friend said "that guy spanked me". I said same here, and said the guys a fruit, and never went back. Simple. Now this was one of the 2 major political parties in the u.s. But now that the memory is back, I can see that it was the cause of anything that went bad in my life. Sometimes I voted, and my choice didn't win. I've had physical operations, I don't get money back from income tax, parking tickets, etc. again  thanks to you, since you're the pro, maybe I need a lawyer. Not a steeplechaser, but a "dome" chaser. What do you think? The political parties are obscenely, fabulously wealthy, far more than the church! I don't know. Again I forgot all about it, and got on with my life, and didn't make it my religion, or constantly whine about it. 




    • Dan says:

      Marty (little) McFly, We all appreciated your childhood time travel story of so-called sexual harrassment, when handing out flyers, when the person in charge had to put a whooping to you and your dweeb twit friend, because you were still acting like a child. NOT SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.

      I've understood you're a bit dense from the nonsense you've contributed so far, and I'm glad you've grown up enough to realize that the great big web has articles that people comment to. Let me update and educate you, and you can let me know if I'm talking too fast. OK, Marty?

      Dan – Bible believing Christian – Love my God and am saved thru Christ His Son – victim of several habitual liars of the catholic cult – doubted by phony lying catholic hypocrites – heterosexual – I have had to pay over $2,000 dollars in fines to settle with the court for crimes I never committed, based on your cults lying hierarchy and corrupt lying catholic cops.

      Jim – Atheist – thinks "Jesus sucks" – doesn't believe that God exists – victim of real child molestation by a marianist teacher – doubted by phony catholic lying hypocrites – homosexual – Jim received a 1M dollar settlement that I feel he rightly deserved – The church can never pay enough to make amends for their horrific crimes against minor children, even though they think they've paid too much. PREPOSTEROUS!!   *Note to catholics – You'll never buy your way out of your sins, catholics.

      Does little Marty now understand that we are two very different people, total opposites. Before you go around calling people names, like "freeloader", you might want to go ask your mommy what the word freeloader means. OK? Maybe mommy can tell you that it's not nice to call people names when you have no clue what you're talking about. OK, little Marty?

  23. Marty says:

    Dan/Jim (con't) again, yes you're a freeloader, living off western civ. I'm looking forward to a long posting career to correct you! Unless they knock this site off, or you die and go "6 feet under" and that's all, or I die and go where God wants me to. You may think I'm the people clown, but you're the real "bozo"!  - pax Marty – come back home! – marty

  24. Publion says:

    From JR’s most recent crop we get only a repetition of some of his favorite points: a dodgy historical excursus regarding the Church / the epithetical bit about “all religion” being doubted by “rational people” (… JR?) / the effort to wave-away all the Stampede dynamics as merely Catholic attempts to deflect from the failings of the Church / lots of epithetical larding to cover the abyssal conceptual gaps in his claims.

    And then on the 2nd at 1040AM another extended repetition of his preferred-narrative as to his own experiences (or, rather, claims).

    Any reader can consult the record on this site to follow the twists and turns of whether JR was “sexually abused at school”, and when, and how, and how often, and by how many, and the war-induced whackness of one or more of the teaching Brothers at his high-school.

  25. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on JR’s of the 2nd at 1040AM:

    Adding – nicely – the bit about the “share” his claims cost every Catholic as working out to “about 3 cents” (so why quibble over so small an amount that his attorney somehow managed to snag for him?).

    He – or rather his attorney – managed to hook his story/claim  into the massive 500-plus plaintiff LA lawsuit of a dozen years ago, which resulted in a payout of around 660 million dollars. (And he’s still fuming here recently that the attorney’s efforts necessary to get his story included in the settlement payout cost him extra attorney fees.)

    The “due compensation” bit is a spin that has never been reliably demonstrated to be accurate at all.

    The epithets start flowing fast and thick as he goes on, which is a typical distraction ploy.

    Ditto, that it was “Catholic” (all-caps omitted) attorneys who mostly ran the case.

  26. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on JR’s of the 2nd at 1040AM:

    And SNAP – he yet again baselessly and against all historical evidence insinuates – was a tool of the Church rather than of the tort-attorneys. Adding this time around that he didn’t know that his attorney was Catholic. Would he not have inquired at the outset as to the attorney’s religious affiliation? Perhaps he was distracted by an overriding priority to do whatever it took to get the swag.

    As to his “Catholicism is any different” point: all human organizations participate to some extent in sin because the humans who comprise them are sinners. That’s Catechism 101. Nobody here, and surely not the Church herself, has ever claimed that Catholicism – its agents and its adherents – are sinless.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      No, my own racism, assumed with a name like Freiberg she was Jewish so did my Jewish friends think she was Jewish . I wanted a Jewish lawyer. She wasn't she was Catholic . And she disappeared after the settlement. So much disappearance of our controllers after the settlement. 

    • Jim Robertson says:

      I don't give a flying fuck about sin. I care about your victims who you still haven't been just with and just to. All this nonsense plastered here is a cover that allows your injured to continue to be harmed.

  27. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on JR’s of the 2nd at 724PM:

    As to JR’s claims about his efforts in regard to Mr. Saviano (the 2nd at 1111AM), readers may consider the reliability and accuracy as they will.

    Whether the former nun was herself somewhat unreliable or whether she realized soon enough just what she was dealing with … readers may also consider as they will.

    And on the 2nd at 724PM – moving beyond the usual thick larding of epithet – JR once again falls back into running his old chestnut about there being no ‘proof’ of the Beyond and so forth, concluding that bit with the mere assertion that it was all “childhood lies” perpetrated by “grown ups”.

    Regular readers may be familiar with my radar-sonar point: if you’re looking for aircraft with a set designed only to locate submarines, then you aren’t going to find any aircraft. Which proves only that you don’t know which set to use and perhaps aren’t clear on what you are looking for in the first place.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Worst answer ever for a belief in God.

      Good answer for a question about how to look for submarines.

      God is supposed to be bigger than a submarine. He should at least have left a little trail of crumbs for his to prove him by ,but nope. So far still impossible.

  28. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on JR’s of the 2nd at 724PM:

    His preferred narrative ‘proof’ is that there can be no other explanation for his serious fall-off from a (allegedly) promising grade-school performance to a very poor performance in high-school except that he was thoroughly thrown off so promising a developmental and academic trajectory by having a teacher’s hand stuck down his pants or some such.

    But of course there are other possible explanations, among which are: a) the eruption of a familial genetic cognitive or ‘mental’ problem (perhaps from his father, as he has already described it here quite a while ago) asserted itself in his high-school years; or b) an effort to cover his academic failures (and such personal failures as might be included therein) by blaming his teachers, shrewdly using a sex-assault claim to do so.

    Certainly, the Stampede was designed to give cover to any sort of ‘failure’, and in the settlement-route those possibilities would have been largely ignored in the dust-cloud raised by the larger brouhaha over sexual-abuse (actual or claimed).

    But he slyly squirts an ink-cloud over any such considerations by bringing the performance home with a big epithetical finish.

  29. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 2nd at 1132PM:

    Here ‘Dan’ will try to counter ‘Malcolm’s comment by squirting his own now-familiar ink: his own preferred-narrative that he received no “justice” in his assorted misadventures with the law and psychiatry (he was “falsely accused” each and every time and it was all “lies”, doncha know?).

    On the basis of which – popcorn, please – he has simply and heroically rededicated himself to “research deeper into the sins of the [Catholic] cult”. ‘Dan’s working definition of “research”, as should be clear by now, is nothing more than tossing up various assertions with nothing but his own delusive ‘authority’ from ‘God’ to back them up.

    As to ‘Dan’s “background in the Bible” – delivered to him directly from his bathroom mirror – readers may follow that sad and silly masquerade of his in any number of prior threads here.

    And he brings the performance home with – had you been waitttttinggggg forrrr itttttt? – assorted threats along the lines of ‘God’ll getcha all’.

    • Dan says:

      And the publiar continues with more mocking, while insisting that he doesn't do any mocking. Do habitual liars ever get tired of lying, or is it so ingrained into their spirit, that to tell the truth would actually cause their head to explode?   servant of The Truth, on authority from God.

  30. Marty says:

    Thanks Publion! I'll be coming back to this thread for reference! He already seems redundant, but I thought it was just me.

    • Dan says:

      Wow, you're an observant one, Marty McFly, or is it Marty lil'Fly? We already have enough catholic publiar kiss___es. Don't tell me your next?

    • Marty says:

      Dan – just read your 6/12/2017 to David Pierre. Now who's doing kiss___ing?

  31. malcolm harris says:

    Am getting the impression that the Church-suing lawyer Mitchell Garabedian must be a real nasty piece of work. For saying on publicly funded T.V….. that priests "They have been raping kids at a wholesale pace for centuries".  My first inclination is to dismiss him as a rabble- rousing crank. But actually he has an agenda and PBS handed him the megaphone, to persuade the gullible.   He understands that large-scale moral panic will stampede both the public and courts…. and that "no evidence is needed" and that we should  all "believe the victim" . Personally I would rate Garabedian in the same catergory as those old snake-oil salesmen.  His college degree does not necessarily give him a good character…. it rarely does.

  32. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1114PM:

    If you had any doubts about the abyssal lack of self-awareness without which ‘Dan’ would have to face his actual self, then his second sentence of his comment here nicely and vividly demonstrates it: he has “harbored no hatred” for – waitttt forrrrrrrrr ittttttttttttttttt! – “any of the liars, slanderers and false accusers who have attacked” him on this site or in those many instances where he wound up in the hoosegow, in court, and then in psych-wards.

    And that – to his own satisfaction, at least – allows ‘Dan’ to riff on with a bunch of his usual bits against Catholicism and the Church (of course, if this were a Protestant-focused site, then ‘Dan’ would be applying all this to whatever variant of Protestantism ran the site).

    Including the rather presumptuous bit – delivered by ‘Dan’ wearing his home-made Pope hat – that “You are not Christians whatsoever”.

  33. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1156PM:

    What to say in regard to ‘Dan’s shopping list here?

    In regard to (1): Jesus, we recall, told Peter that he would be “the rock” upon which He would build His church” / Jesus gave Peter the ‘power of the keys’, i.e. to “bind and loose” sin / there is a line of succession from Peter onwards, and ‘Dan’ has never demonstrated just where he thinks that line was broken so profoundly that the Church is not the same entity that Jesus sought to “build” / “katholikos” in the Greek means “universal”.

    In regard to (2): the same points apply here as noted in (1) / since Peter was not going to be given a physical life lasting beyond the usual human span, then upon his death a successor, Linus, was appointed (and , Irenaeus says, is mentioned by Paul in 2 Timothy 4:21) / if Jesus had merely given the power of keys and the Great Commission to Peter personally and did not intend to build a church upon Peter’s new office, then we have Jesus contradicting Himself.

    • Dan says:

      I think we're making progress. You've confused the "Great Commission" with one of your all-time favorites, "It's the 'Great Pumpkin' Charlie Brown", followed only by that other catholic fantasy "A Charlie Brown Christmas". And you've confused "Linus" with Peter's successor, when in reality you were mixing the characters of your favorite cartoons, with your lack of Biblical knowledge. Don't worry! This can happen when you walk around with your head up Irenaeus (pronounced yur-anus). Sometimes when this happens you'll even find that you often end up sitting on your brains. Someday maybe some catholic who is into cartoons as much as you can turn this into a peewee cartoon. And you can stuff your face with popcorn and your Kathlik-Kool-Aid and go wee-wee all the way home. publiar oinks, "That's All Folks!!"

  34. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1156PM:

    In regard to (3): the Church has always held the Rosary to be a devotional, developed in the course of the Church’s history to honor Mary as Mother of God and as humanity’s human intercessor at the heavenly court / as a devotional practice it is not an article of Faith.

    In regard to (4): on the Cross Jesus said to John “behold thy mother”, which is taken to mean not only that John should now take care of Mary as if she were his own mother, but that Mary was to be seen as Mother of the Church (that Jesus had appointed Peter to lead, as we have seen) / see more in my response to point 7 below.

    In regard to (5): the Church holds that as a human following the sin of Adam Mary too required to be ‘saved’, but that she was uniquely ‘saved’ before birth in light of her unique role as Mother of Christ.

  35. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1156PM:

    In regard to (6): while Jesus ‘ascended’ into Heaven (although some might say he was ‘taken up’ by His Father) Mary was ‘assumed’, meaning that she did not enter Heaven bodily ‘under her own power’ (as it were) but rather was indeed brought to Heaven (or taken up, if you wish) by the power of God / both Enoch (Genesis 5:24) and Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) were taken up into heaven , as were the “two witnesses” noted in Revelation 3:11-13 / and Revelation 12: 1-5 refers to the “woman clothed with the sun” and so on.

    In regard to (7): Catholicism has no “idols”; this is merely ‘Dan’s borrowing of a familiar fundie point and has been dealt with here at length on prior recent threads / Mary is not held by the Church to be ‘divine’ or a ‘goddess’ but is rather fully a human being, taken up into Heaven / statues of Mary (and the various saints and Christ Himself) are merely aids to human visualization and memory, just as Lincoln’s statue at his Memorial is not held to be the permanent incarnation of Lincoln himself and Washington’s statue and painting in the capitol is not held to be Washington himself and Jefferson’s at his Memorial … and so on.

  36. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1156PM:

    In regard to point (8): this is another old fundie point and is too ridiculous to consider seriously / and it has already been addressed on a recent thread here.

    In regard to point (9): Mary is seen as Queen of Heaven, though one might – if one wished to make a historical point of it – say she is better seen as Queen-Mother in Heaven (a point discussed on prior recent threads) and either usage would work in Catholic theology / but her role as God-appointed Intercessor by virtue of her maternity of Christ remains / ‘bowing’ is a gesture of respect to important personages; it in no way establishes the fundie bit about her being considered by Catholics to be herself a divinity.

    • Dan says:

      Maybe once again, you might need a review of the 10 commandments, especially this one in regards to 'bowing' to your false goddess, Mary "Queen of Heaven".

      "You SHALL NOT make for yourself an IDOL, or ANY likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You SHALL NOT BOW DOWN to them or WORSHIP them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing lovingkindness to thousands, to those who love me and KEEP my COMMANDMENTS. Exodus 20: 4-6

      So this is where we stand, catholics. Are you going to continually listen to the excuses and lies of catholic apologists and their catholic theologies, or would you prefer to follow the Bible and listen to God's Word. Biblical theology is much different than catholic poppycock theology. Go ahead and listen to a compulsive liar explain away obvious Commandments from God himself, but you won't stand before God and say you weren't warned about the false teachers and deceivers of your cult. I have been warning and quoting Biblical Truth in this forum now for 2 years. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to put up with all your attacks. Publiar is a compulsive false accuser and liar, and cares nothing for your souls or the truth. He thinks he can sarcastically label me a "fundie", because I follow Biblical Truth. Good Luck in believing his lies. You may as well listen to Satan himself.  servant of the Only True God

      *note to catholics – "Catholic thought, theology and praxis" is unbiblical and against God's Word

  37. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1156PM:

    In regard to point (10): Mary’s intercession is not held by the Church to be indispensable to a salvific relationship with God / the point ‘Dan’ makes here is merely another old fundie bit that was cobbled together to have more plop to toss at the Church / ‘Dan’, of course, has his bathroom mirror séances.

    In regard to point (11): ditto / and if we are to take ‘Dan’s point here literally, then after one’s very first prayer to God, there can be no further prayers to God – and readers can consider the whackness of that as they may.

    In regard to point (11): ditto again / ‘Dan’ has merely taken over yet another hoary old fundie point / if some humans wish to show respect and reverence for Mary by clothing her statue in rich garments, that is emblematic of human psychology and has no bearing on Mary’s role in God’s salvific plan / in no way does Catholic theology insist that only expensively-garbed statues of Mary can be useful in the human relationship to God and Mary / the painting on the ceiling of the Rotunda of the Capitol, of George Washington being taken up into the clouds (with a crown of laurel leaves, if memory serves), does not in any way indicate the ‘divinity’ of Washington and the same dynamics apply to human depictions of Mary.

  38. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 4th at 1156PM:

    Thus ‘Dan’s silly “Sorry, catholics” conclusion merely emphasizes the sorry state of his own ‘theology’ and surely his ridiculously sorry (but slyly self-serving) knowledge of Catholic thought, theology, and praxis.

    But no surprises there.

    His comment of the 5th at 1210AM merely continues his sorry and silly performance and that’s that.

    • Dan says:

      Catholic thought, theology and praxis is unbiblical and in opposition to the Almighty God's Word. Do you want to listen to man's lies or listen to the very Word of the Almighty? Your choice.

  39. Publion says:

    And now for something not completely different at all, we get JR’s of the 4th at 1123PM:

    This is just another adolescent and witless repetition of JR’s best shots in the theological forum and what you see is what you get. And what you see is pretty much all JR has.

  40. Marty says:


    Dan, ok, I'll go along with it. You're 2 separate persons. Like the patty duke, show, different as night and day, but really……!

    DAN – Thinks he's Jack Chicks replacement. Will be putting flyers under windshield wipers soon. Setting the tone to sue the police to get at least 2k back, if not more. (Having been on a police reserve, at one time, if I was involved with you, and totally truthful, you would have

    probably had to pay $5k, but don't really know)

    JIM – thinks he's Al Goldsteins replacement. Greedy, as he has $1k! Why are you still on here? Close to 72, acts like his claims happened yesterday. Can't take it with him! Didn't thank me for the 3cents!

    MARTY – low iq "people's clown". Knows that God said in the bible that he would put those that think they're so smart, in their place. SEXUALLY HARASSED, by non-church org, but not freeloading off it. No problem with Catholic Church. Understands it's not perfect. Has a life off the computer.

          "Both" you come up with the same ol', same  ol',! I Try to fight satanism anywhere, but especially when it tries to destroy the Church, thru the Internet. Will say deliverance prayers for "you" soon! Hope you stop your spewing, as it starts to remind me of pea soup. Thanks for not talking fast! – marty


    • Dan says:

      Marty, we already have enough catholic imbeciles represented in this forum. I inform you that I've paid out over $2k "for crimes I never committed, based on your cults lying hierarchy and corrupt lying catholic cops", and you chime in that you once were a wanna-be cop, and if you were involved with me, you would have probably made me pay $5k. That's nice, you would have made the falsely accused pay 2 and 1/2 times more. You would have made one hell of a corrupt catholic cop, Marty. I knew some cops were dumb, but didn't know they were dumb as rocks. Welcome to the corrupt lying priests and lying pigs federation, better known as the catholic church.

    • Jim Robertson says:

      Screw the pigs! you sound as thick and brutal as most cops are, Marty.  You are a self appointed Defender of the True Faith?  You and Dan have that in common. Only Dan is trying to be decent in his born again way. Are you here to behave decently, here, Marty or just to behave like another trained seal?

  41. Dan says:

    CATHOLICS – On the 4th @ 11:56pm I asked ABS, "Please show me in the Bible where Jesus spoke any of the words that represent the major beliefs of your church."

    As is typical, the catholic spokesperson for this forum, publiar, thinks he's got all the answers to my request. In fact he came up with nothing from the Bible to prove one of my points. He thinks he can weasel his way out of anything by acting like he is the supreme catholic authority on the Bible and has all the catholic answers to anyone's questions, but he does not. For 11 of the terms he could provide no Biblical proof. Only twice he gave Biblical references that made no sense in answering to the catholic terms I listed. See below;

    2) Pope – publiar claims that "Linus" was the successor to Peter as mentioned in 2 Tim 4:21. What could be a more ridiculous claim? It states in 2 Tim 4:21, "Linus" mentioned along with several others as followers sending their greetings. Well my catholic relatives and friends send me greetings now and then, so I'll let them know that they must be popes. RIDICULOUS!

    6) My mother will assume into heaven - This is his (publiar) very poor answer: "Enoch (Genesis 5:24) and Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) were taken up into heaven, as were the 'two witnesses' noted in Revelation 3:11-13 / and Revelation 12: 1-5 refers to the 'woman clothed with the sun' and so on". All of these men were taken up into heaven and the Bible clearly references this happening. Publiar states, "Revelations 12: 1-5 refers to the 'woman clothed like the sun' and so on." Nothing says this refers to Mary, and many scholars think this refers to the church, and not the catholic church and this is his terrible proof that Mary was assumed into heaven. Rev. 12 mentions nothing about the woman being assumed into heaven. In fact it says she ran or escaped into the desert. How do you catholics listen to this catholic liars poppycock theology? Hey publiar, I saw where you can purchase some Poppycock Popcorn on Amazon. Is that the brand you've been stuffing your face with?

    Conclusion: Everything publiar oinks that he regards as intelligent questioning and wonderful assessments, which in reality usually refers to his lies, amounts to nothing but ignorance and nonsense.


    • Marty says:

      Dan, thanks for the welcome! I guess I was talking too fast, in the above comment about the police. I don't really know what you did, but said TRUTHFULLY. If you spew off at the police, they won't like it. Common sense!  Have been trying to defend the church for 45 yrs., due to an endless amount of assailants!  Your low iq'd "people's" clown – Marty 

  42. Jim Robertson says:

    Blah Blah Blah.

     61 % of Australian claiments of child religious sex abuse were against the Catholic church. You are in the news because you harmed more of your own children than any other religion on that continent. The rest was divided largely by Anglican and Jehovah's Witnesses.

    That's the facts.

    Oh deary me! Publiar is back and with an idiot side kick Marty. It's like a bad Roy Rogers.

    And here I was praying to Jesus-boy  that you were dead,Pliar.  Well maybe my prayer's on hold. One day.

    Thanks Dan for the heads up to Marty about sex abuse. I was awarded 1Million but the church provided lawyer took 40% of that million. 40% which may have gone back to the church by now. that's what the church and obviously some of its parishioners are mostly concerned with.

    Nary a word of sympathy for their own kids being harmed. What love and understanding have you to offer?



    • marty says:

      Dan/Jim, prayed the deliverance prayer for you yesterday. – marty

    • Marty says:

      Jim – all is not lost! Perhaps the money went to help displaced, marked for extermination, Iraqi Catholics, or the homeless in California.  Your low iq'd "people's" clown – marty

  43. Jim Robertson says:

    That Blah Blah … crack was not against you Dan. It was against the Liar known as P. On and on he goes. He doeth declairth something good or bad. As if he has some special credentials. Some superior position and authority. All he wants is power all he cares about is power. It's in every note he entones. Pathetic. He's a piece of stage scenery. No depth. Just deny and attack. Its all he has poor soul. I still wish he was dead. 

    • Marty says:

      Jim, 61% Australian CLAIMENTS, seems like your own answer. It's what they claim! I personally have lots of love and understanding, until it's used and abused. In the above, somewhere,you mentioned about praying, but to who? Or are you parodying again? Maybe you are a "firebrand" atheist, like American atheists was on about , some time ago. Again, thank you and Dan, for getting me "hooked" on this site! Couldn't have done it without you!         

      Pax Marty -your low iq'd "people's" clown – Marty 

  44. malcolm harris says:

    just testing access, might be my computer???

    • marty says:

      You seem OK now Malcolm. Maybe some "malcontents" from here sent "malware". Hope not! – marty

  45. Jim Robertson says:

    According to the FBI, 2% to 8% of all rape and or sexual abuse claims are false. And those figures haven't changed for decades.

    So all your wailing and lamentations are over 2% to 8% of claims against your church. Meaning obviously that, at the very worse, 92% of the claims are true. TMR is here pretending that 8% false accusations are more important than the 92% of Catholic children hurt.

    As far as the press goes, 64% of all the claims of church related sex attacks in Australia were against the Catholic church. You have THE largest share of harm done. Therefore your church deserves to be reported about the most. your lot committed the most crimes. End of story TMR.

    • marty says:

      Perhaps in a normal setting, like Hollywood and the work world, but the church is viewed as a "cash cow" to be milked and destroyed. Heard that someone accusing Cardinal Pell in Aussie died, yet Pell is guilty until proven innocent!   

      Pax Marty – your "p" c – Marty 

  46. Jim Robertson says:

    Correction: 61.4% of claims in Australia are against the Catholic church.

  47. Jim Robertson says:

    Here's some truth: Hell was invented by St Augustine.

  48. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 6th at 548PM:

    ‘Dan’ just cannot help giving himself and his game away: confronted yet again with Christ’s Great Commission given to Peter (along, we recall, with the power to “bind and loose” sins), ‘Dan’ tries to go for some yuks: it all reminds him of “Peanuts” and “the Great Pumpkin” – doncha see? Ya know: Great Commission, Great Pumpkin … that sort of thing. Only a diabolic Satan-worshipper wouldn’t see the insightfully great and mature relevance of that comparison, right?

    To ‘Dan’ such silly and deceitful dreck is “progress”.

    Ditto, Pope Linus (Peter’s direct successor) and the Linus of Peanuts … serious insight here, doncha see?

    But wait. There’s more. All  this – doncha see? – demonstrates my “lack of Biblical knowledge”.

    Then a bit of scatological word-play: Irenaeus and – had you been waitttingggg forrr ittttttttttttttt? – “yur anus”. This is as nice a demonstration of the genuine ‘Dan’ as we might ever hope to see.

    Readers may bear it all in mind the next time they find themselves addressed (e.g. “Catholics!”) in this poseur’s version of a stentorian bray.

    • Dan says:

      I thought that since you are such a big joke and are amused by all your own cartoon garbage analogies, that I would combine your poor Biblical sense with your sad sense of humor. From your response I believe I succeeded and proved what we've known all along. You're just a boring dweeb twit troll, lacking any sense of humor.

  49. Publion says:

    Thus advised, we proceed to ‘Dan’s of the 6th at 635PM:

    In response to my counter-points to his own eleven points, ‘Dan’ rummages through his mind to find some evasive pretext and hits upon – had you been waitttingggg forrr itttttttttttttt? – “the 10 commandments”.

    Aside from those 10 being somehow numerically similar to the 11 points he had made (i.e. one set  described by the number “10” and one set described by the number “11”), of what relevance is this bit of his here?

    Well – doncha see? – there’s the Commandment about “idols”, and ‘bowing down’ to them. Regular readers may quickly realize that ‘Dan’ has nothing here except to repeat his old Mary-as-goddess and statues-as-idols bits. And, actually, ‘Dan’ is here only interested in the first of the Commandments, not all 10 of them.

    But that Commandment simply insists that Yahweh is the only God for Israel. As I have pointed out on numerous occasions here, Mary is not considered a divinity by Catholics, nor is the statue or image itself considered to be an actual divinity (unlike the Hebrews’ golden calf, which was itself considered a divinity).

    • Dan says:

      If your stupid enough to believe that it's not necessary to obey or follow the first commandment, which just happens to be the most important one, there's not much reason to discuss the other nine. The fact that God makes claim to being the One and Only God, and you shall have no other Gods before Him, and you think that only applies to Israel, shows your ignorance of the Bible and how God speaks prophetically through His Word. Though I have exhaustingly pointed out all the Biblical references against your cults idolatry and goddess worship of the "Queen of Heaven" in Jeremiah 44, Isaiah 44 and more, I'll once again point to Baruch 6:8,9, even from the UCCSB (NAB):

      "People bring gold, as though for a girl fond of dressing up, and prepare crowns for the heads of their gods. Then sometimes the priests filch the gold and silver from their gods and spend it on themselves … " Baruch 6:8,9  Funny how the greedy thieving priests of your cult aren't much different. So gold crowns were made and placed on the heads of their gods. In example fatima, lourdes, and every disgusting church and ceremony where Mary your "Queen of Heaven" is crowned in gold, worshipped and adored. No excuses, heathen idolators, denying the God of all gods and His son Jesus Christ as your only Savior (your worship is just like the Hebrews' golden calf).  servant of the One and Only True God

  50. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 6th at 635PM:

    Having thus tossed up – for lack of anything better – his usual chaff yet again, ‘Dan’ quickly moves to his preferred mode of declamation and denunciation as, having donned the Wig of Declamation and Denunciation, he bleats the aria “So this is where we stand, catholics”.

    In this aria, he slyly sets up his usual deceptive equating of his own stuff with “the Bible” and “God’s Word”, insinuating with the sinuousity of a well-known Biblical reptile that there be “much different” between “Biblical theology” (of which ‘Dan’, but of course, considers himself the Ne Plus Ultra of expounders) and “catholic poppycock theology”.

    Since ‘Dan’ has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he could not theologically or logically reason his way out of a paper bag, then readers can take his bleats and brays as they may.

    • Dan says:

      If a compulsive catholic liar was to tell you that Dan "could not theologically or logically reason his way out of a paper bag", then I suggest any gullible catholic should listen to the lying pigs' oinks.