***BREAKING*** SNAP Founder and President Barbara Blaine Now Resigns As Pressure Mounts From Multiple Lawsuits

Barbara Blaine : SNAP resigns

The other shoe drops: SNAP president Barbara Blaine makes a hasty exit

***BREAKING: Saturday, February 4, 2017, 2:35pm EDT***

Barbara Blaine, the founder and national president of the troubled and contentious group SNAP, has just resigned.

An email announcing the resignation was sent to members of SNAP earlier today (Sat., 2/4/17) (screenshot (jpg)) followed by a separate email with a statement by Blaine (screenshot (pdf)). It was then reported in the Chicago Tribune and other outlets.

Blaine's announcement continues a tumultuous past few months for SNAP:

  • Just a couple weeks ago, SNAP's former director of development, Gretchen Hammond, dropped a bombshell lawsuit on SNAP, asserting that SNAP "exploits" victims and "routinely accepts financial kickbacks" from Church-suing contingency lawyers in the form of "donations";
  • Last week, after Hammond's lawsuit alleging serious malpractice at SNAP received substantial national media attention, SNAP national director David Clohessy announced his embarrassing resignation.
  • And in August, after Rev. Joseph Jiang sued SNAP after the group falsely accused him of being a pedophile, a federal judge ruled that SNAP maliciously defamed him "negligently and with reckless disregard for the truth" and ordered that SNAP must "pay the reasonable expenses, including plaintiff's attorney's fees";

Now SNAP's own founder has deserted the organization with an announcement hidden on a Saturday morning.

This is a developing story …

ALSO: TheMediaReport.com is investigating a tip that SNAP was sued again last Monday (1/30/17). An accused priest in Michigan lodged the suit. Developing …


Here are a couple of Blaine's "greatest hits":

5/30/2013: "Confidential SNAP Memo Reveals Founder Barbara Blaine Admits Writing Letter on Behalf of Doc Busted With Kiddie Porn, Outlines Plan For Cover-Up"

4/29/2014: "Publicity Trumps Kids' Safety: SNAP Knew About Abuse Claim Against Chicago Priest 'For Several Weeks' But Did Not Call Police; Instead It Held a Press Conference"


  1. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s of the 21st at 1138PM:

    But ‘Dan’ is on to something when he declares that he doth not “depend on [his] own understanding” … and we surely should not depend on his “understanding” either. Especially including ‘Dan’s “understanding” that when you hear from ‘Dan’ you are hearing from God.

    And the whole bit concludes with another of ‘Dan’s favorite (and in light of the weakness of his material, necessary) bits: God’ll getcha if you don’t listen to ‘Dan’. If you can’t make sense of ‘Dan’s stuff and thus accept it on the level of rationality, then at least be afraid enough of God to accept it.

  2. Dan says:

    You won't want to miss my "God'll getcha" on Feb. 22 @ 10:42pm, in older comments.

    Catholics read Romans chapter 1, explaining how idol-worship (statue worship) leads to all types of sexual immorality. How God let them follow their own evil desires. This description fits your hierarchy and all the evil, wicked and greedy creeps of your cult, including publyin'. Romans 1:18-32

    Run from their wicked cult. Escape the punishment he has waiting for all "cowards, idolators, dirty-minded, sexually immoral, murderers, liars and all who love the lie." Rev 21:8 and 22:15  Read, study and live the Word. God's reward awaits those who change and seek His love.

  3. Dan says:

    Todays word from the Lord: I, the Lord, will show you how to deal with all the wicked people in this world. When I know they know nothing about your life, and try to make the decisions for you. Look at ME, they know nothing and brag on how much knowledge they think they have, when their knowledge is without My teaching. Love is the most important word in life, always keep it deep within your heart, until eternity. Show that love and kindness, each day, until eternity. Use the word love in your life, until eternity. Have faith with people, that have no faith in me and are against me, unwilling to change their ways and put love in their heart, until eternity.

    Don't allow publiar to try to convince you that these are my words. You can easily tell that they don't sound like me at all. I'm sorry, answering to his BS, makes it hard for me to share the love I'm able to express with caring and loving people. None of us can con or fool the Lord God, and He knows those who are truly His, no matter what the world and it's liars have to say. Don't allow them to deceive you.

  4. Dan says:

    And you shall reap exactly as you sow! "Easy-peezy." Immature, mocking, little creep.

  5. Publion says:

    Since ‘Dan’s most recent bunch of comments here are on both the ‘older comments’ and ‘newer comments’ screens, then I’ll deal with the ‘older comments’ section first.  And some of them don’t bring anything new, so I’ll work with whatever fresh material he proffers.

    On the 22nd at 1042PM ‘Dan’ opens with a long string of epitheticals. My, he does like to go on.

    My comments about ‘Dan’s “mental state” are not snide; they are based on his own presentations here. They are serious. And as usual, no examples of where I have “mocked God, His Word, and His Holy Spirit”. Unless you buy ‘Dan’s bit that by countering his material you are countering God Himself.

    He cawn’t see what’s off about his bit about another commenter being able to “destroy … another’s ‘mental and spiritual attribute’”. But no surprise here because if he faced up to my point, he’d have to face up to his actual manipulative gambit.

    As for ‘Dan’s “moral character”, no examples there of how I made “false accusations” about it. But it’s all easily comprehensible if readers recall one of ‘Dan’s primary hermeneutical principles: if it makes ‘Dan’ look bad, then it must be “false accusations” and “lies”.

    • Dan says:

      You're under the impression that your garbage "bring[s] anything new". It's the same repetitive excuses, manipulating facts and lies, in order to protect the lying, idol-worshipping, cowardly, perverts and pedophiles of your cult, and you being a perfect example of all of the above, creep. Do you think your "luc[iferi]an infancy" nonsense and ignorance, you throw at us, shows some form of "anything new", just because you're impressed with your worldly knowledge? Using your stupid wisdom, you said "infancy", so how many infants have you been hanging around? "Infancy", sounds like you been playing with an army of baby boys? Sounds extremely "pedophile and perverted". You're an ignorant, lying, mocking fool, and many times I've pointed out examples and you insistently repeat the lies and mockery, so quit playing dumb, or maybe you're just not playing. 1) Lies – a) accosting, harassing, haranguing children. b) deceiving, lying and making excuses for pedophiles and perverts and liars, like yourself  2) Mocking God and His Holy Spirit – a) Faxes from Beyond, etc., etc. b) When pertaining to myself, capitalizing He, Himself, etc., insinuating that I'm claiming myself to be God or Christ c) Prophecies from God's Holy Spirit, claiming it's " 'Dan' trying to mimic Scriptural diction and style", when I didn't even receive the Word, but was given to my disabled roomate the day before. Although you think not, this is all mockery against God's Spirit, and you may want to start to not "lean on your own understanding", because, boy are you dumb to mock God and His Power. Don't forget. God's gonna getcha, and I can't wait. servant

    • Dan says:

      And by the way, your own presentations as to my "mental state and Scriptural attributes" are just more of your lying, ridiculously stupid assessments, and make you look like the jackass that you have proven yourself to be. "Take the board out from your own eye, before trying to take the splinter from another." Problem is, you've got a giant Sequoia stuck in your eye and I think it's already dead, just like your deceiving, manipulating material. Later, lying mocker. servant

    • Dan says:

      You probably think you deserve forgiveness, also, but you're just one more perfect example of a catholic creep, unremorseful, unrepentant, lying perverter of God's Truth.  servant

  6. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s’ of the 22nd at 1042PM:

    In the second paragraph ‘Dan’ once again puffs up his faux-papal pinfeathers: he would “like to bring every catholic’s attention” to something.

    And what would that something be? My post of the 22nd at 312AM.

    “It is known”, he doth declaim, “that your cult is full of idol-worshipping, pedophile perverts and liars”. And where is it “known”, beside in the séances in his bathroom mirror?

    Then ‘Dan’ does a bit of cut-and-paste work on his own material to try to evade the gravamen of his own comment. He had said on the 21st at 652PM and purely as his own choice of material, that he doth “know infants that could interpret the Bible better than [I do]”.

    First, he surely doesn’t know any such “infants”. Given the lack of development in the prefrontal cortex there is not one ‘infant’ on the planet who could accomplish such a task, let alone “infants” plural.

    Second, the very fact that out of thin air and with no prompted relevance from anything in the comments, his mind goes to “infants” is revelatory in and of itself. That such a tendency doesn’t ring any alarm bells in his mind simply demonstrates something that I would say is very much a part of the original Big Bang that prompted his creation of the ‘Dan’-verse to begin with, probably quite a while ago.

    • Dan says:

      And sarcasm doesn't necessarily have any gravamen to it. It's just sarcasm, plain and simple, stuff that goes clear past your peewee brain. LOL, potty-mouthed mocker.  servant

  7. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s’ of the 22nd at 1042PM:

    So to now assert  – as he does here – that all he had done was to ‘compare’ my material “to that of an infant” is doubly inaccurate: first, he didn’t just ‘compare’ my material to that of an infant’s; actually,  he said he doth “know infants that could interpret the Bible better than [I do]”.

    Second, that final bit doesn’t quite qualify as a ‘comparison’; it is proffered as an assertion of fact, and it fails as such. As do so many of ‘Dan’s assertions made as if they were demonstrated fact.

    • Dan says:

      Last two ignorant posts: Comparing your mind to that of a child was what is called sarcasm. Alot of your material is immature and so childish, so there's no need to carry on with your stupidity, as you enjoy doing. You sure do like to carry on over nothing, and nobody is interested in your long-winded explanations of nothingness, Mrs. Persnickety.

  8. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s’ of the 22nd at 1042PM:

    But he dassn’t dawdle on this difficult bit. So he quickly tosses in a distraction from the way-back: clutching his pearls he now huffs about how I would “dare” to “nauseatingly blame” poor old JR for “mistakenly” (correction supplied) having “called his child molestation … ‘rape’”.

    As was demonstrated when this bit of JR’s was looked-at quite some time ago here, the probability or even plausibility of JR’s having made a ‘mistake’ is slim-to-none: JR had gone over his story with a fully-qualified attorney almost a decade prior to his having made the claim of ‘rape’ here; and he had submitted a formal allegation as part of that huge 500-plus plaintiff lawsuit under pains and penalties of perjury (otherwise it couldn’t have been in the lawsuit’s master Complaint).

    Thus to accept the characterization of JR’s rape-claim as a ‘mistake’, we would have to presume that during the preparation of the Complaint the attorney did not explain to JR that his story did not rise to the level of rape for any legal purposes.

  9. Publion says:

    Continuing with my comment on ‘Dan’s’ of the 22nd at 1042PM:

    But on the basis of this balderdash, ‘Dan’ can then toss up all of his concluding epithets and threats-from-God and so on and so forth.

    And he likes to do that. He likes it a whole lot.

  10. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 22nd at 1148PM:

    Here, ‘Dan’ simply “must say” … and he goes on again that he is being lied-against – though as always without any demonstration that anything in my material is a lie. It’s just – we are to believe – that poor decent and innocent and “Chosen” ‘Dan’ just happens to have been “falsely accused” a real whole lot.

    I am reminded of one of the classic plaints of Homer J. Simpson: Oh why is it that things that only happen to stupid people always keep happening to meeee?

  11. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 22nd at 1154PM:

    Concerning my example of the problems with the Lucan ‘infancy narratives’ ‘Dan’ will try to evade the point by claiming that he simply cawn’t see how it has anything to do with anything we are discussing”.

    I had been pointing out the complexity and difficulty of the Bible that ‘Dan’ claims is so crystal clear and forthright and easy to understand and interpret. And readers may note that ‘Dan’ also hasn’t jumped right in to clearly explain the crystal-clarity of the Lucan ‘infancy narratives’. Which should come as no surprise at all.

    And he concludes with an epithet to the effect that I “have no clue what [I’m] talking about”, although he proffers no explanation or example.

  12. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 23rd at 1208AM:

    Here we merely get pearly-clutchy huffing and puffing without any explanation of what his objection actually is. Par for the course with his stuff.

  13. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 23rd at 1225AM:

    How oh how is ‘Dan’ to deal with the grossly inconvenient fact of his lengthy court and psychiatric record?

    Easy-peezy: At least he hasn’t been charged with “pedophilia”.

    Few priests have been, as the first Jay Report demonstrates.

    And who here really knows what the reasons were that drove courts to send him for psychiatric evaluation six times?

    And is ‘Dan’ seriously trying to claim that “just about every clergyman on the planet” is a pedophile?

    An alternative explanation for this sublimely whacked-out bit: ‘Dan’ sees everywhere what he doesn’t want to see … much much closer to home, as it were.

    • Dan says:

      I was just quoting you, "just about every clergyman on the planet" is a pedophile. Maybe that's wrong, but they're surely cowards, idolators, insistent liars, perverts and their excusers or all of the above, as you would qualify. Sorry, but that's God's honest truth. There's still time for decent, deceived catholics, to run from there corruption and escape their eternal destruction.

    • Dan says:

      Satan, claiming to be "the Angel of Light", while accusing me of "channeling the entities" and "seances in his (or His) bathroom mirror. And the pee-devil oinks, "No, I don't mock God's Holy Spirit." Do you catholics know that Satan is known as the Deceiver and Accuser of God's chosen. Should it be any surprise that his demon-possessed children would falsely accuse and slander God's faithful, in order to carry out his wicked deceptions. Be ye not fooled, by the Prince of Darkness and his Cult of Liars.  servant

    • Dan says:

      peewee oinks, "How oh how is 'Dan' to deal with the grossly inconvenient fact of his lengthy court and psychiatric record? At least you realize how "grossly inconvenient" it is to suffer for crimes and slander, that you're not guilty of, at the hands of the most wicked, grossest, lying cult on earth. My satisfaction will come on Judgment Day, when all the pedophile and perverted creeps are exposed, the truth shall come to pass and all the lying creeps are thrown into the pit and Lake of Fire. Revenge shall be so sweet, saith the Lord. I hate to say, that I may find some enjoyment in that myself.  servant

  14. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 22nd at 1109PM (appearing on the ‘newer comments’ screen):

    Here ‘Dan’ simply tosses up more of his 3x5s, based on his presumption that Catholicism is “idol-worship” (he slyly tries to adapt Paul’s actual statement of “idol worship” to the more cartoon-friendly “statue worship”).

    And only if one buys that bit can one then entertain with a straight face ‘Dan’s Scripturally ‘logical’ assertion that “this description fits your hierarchy” and so on and so forth.

    • Dan says:

      Not a "presumption", whatsoever. Catholicism, from the top, down, is idol-worship in it's truest, worst form. Statue worship, pope, archbishop, cardinal and Mary Mediatrix, "Queen of Heaven" worship, false Saint worship, greediness and disgusting, sexual lusts. All forms of idolatry in it's truest sense. No one does it any better, catholics. Do not be deceived. Escape the lying Cult. servant

  15. Publion says:

    On then to ‘Dan’s of the 22nd at 1126PM:

    Here ‘Dan’ will deliver himself (or Himself) of “Todays word from the Lord” (sic).

    Readers unfamiliar with ‘Dan’s M.O. can familiarize themselves with it here: this is merely ‘Dan’ channeling the entities ‘Dan’ accesses in those séances in his (or His) bathroom mirror.

    That was the first paragraph.

    In the second paragraph – as if ‘Dan’ sorta realizes that this is all a bit of a stretch – he then attempts to burnish his stuff in the first paragraph by pointing out as evidence that this hash of “words” must surely be from the Lord since “you can easily tell that they don’t sound like [‘Dan’] at all”.

    Seriously? While his words surely don’t sound like ‘Dan’ insofar as they lack all the usual epithet and trash-talk, they certainly do sound like ‘Dan’ trying to mimic Scriptural diction and style (which would explain the notable lack of epithet and trash-talk).

    ‘Dan’ should try to imitate God more often; it certainly reduces all the juvenile whackery of his usual diction, style and usage. But if all that were omitted, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left to his material.

    And I doubt many people get the “caring and loving” from ‘Dan’, unless they are willing to buy into the ‘Dan’-verse and all its pomps and all its works.

  16. Dan says:

    Satan, claiming to be "the Angel of Light", while accusing me of "channeling the entities" and "seances in his (or His) bathroom mirror. And the pee-devil oinks, "No, I don't mock God's Holy Spirit." Do you catholics know that Satan is known as the Deceiver and Accuser of God's chosen. Should it be any surprise that his demon-possessed children would falsely accuse and slander God's faithful, in order to carry out his wicked deceptions. Be ye not fooled, by the Prince of Darkness and his Cult of Liars.  servant

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