Philly Prosecutors Show Venom for Catholic Church, Not Desire for Justice

Philadelphia map

Prosecutors in the high-profile abuse cases in Philadelphia are revealing that their cases are more about their open distaste for the Catholic Church than their desire for justice for abused children. In a hearing on Tuesday (1/24/12), … [Read more...]

Shock Revelation: How SNAP, Lawyers, and the Media Conspire Against the Catholic Church


Newly released court documents in Missouri have exposed an alarming practice by which the advocacy group SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), abuse attorneys, and the media conspire against the Catholic Church. These … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Sheds Light on Leading Abuse Attorney’s Earnings

Raymond Boucher

The Los Angeles Daily Journal, a publication serving the law community, has reported that a leading Los Angeles abuse victim attorney, Raymond P. Boucher, has filed for bankruptcy protection. At the time that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles … [Read more...]

NPR Posts Fake Headline to Attack Catholic Church

National Public Radio anti-Catholic

I came across the following alarming headline from National Public Radio (NPR) when searching in Google the other day: “Catholic Church Still Hiding Sexual Predators?” Wow. That is a provocative and disturbing headline, … [Read more...]

SNAP’s Founder Blaine Wrote Letter For Child Porn Doc; Now She Blasts Mother Teresa

Barbara Blaine SNAP

In 2009, Dr. Steve Taylor, a Louisiana psychiatrist, faced serious trouble for downloading child pornography and “possessing more than 100 sexually explicit pictures of children.” Shockingly, Barbara Blaine, the founder of SNAP … [Read more...]

SNAP’s President Clohessy Could Go To Jail, Appears ‘Shaken and Teary-Eyed’ After Deposition; SNAP Is Reeling

David Clohessy - Barbara Dorris

After nearly six hours of direct questioning at a deposition on Monday (1/2/12), David Clohessy, the national president of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), says that he could end up behind bars. Clohessy is refusing a … [Read more...]

Falsely Accused Priest: ‘My Life Has Been Ruined’

Rev. James Selvaraj

Six years after the ridiculous accusation that he “touched [a] child in a public setting,” Father James Selvaraj is still fighting to clear his name. Fr. Selvaraj told Erin Duffy of The Times (Trenton, New Jersey) … [Read more...]

Boston Globe Ready for Victory Lap In Anniversary of Clergy Abuse Coverage


Let the gloating begin. It will soon be ten years to the day that the Boston Globe initiated its widely heralded, full-throttle coverage of the Boston-area clergy scandals, and the paper wants everyone to know about it. Starting on … [Read more...]