Is Huffington Post the Most Anti-Catholic Mainstream Site on the Internet?

The popular online site Huffington Post recently relayed a much-seen Associated Press story that Pope Benedict XVI may be in tired and weak health.

Below is just a small sample of over 2,100 comments that were posted:

“Maybe, if he finds some robust young altar boys to molest, he can muster the strength to continue running the world’s largest and oldest criminal organization.”

“All that hate takes a lot out of a guy."

“The holy catholic church needs a large number of well placed heart attacks, beginning at the very top and working its way through the curia.”
A reply: “PAINFUL heart attacks. Well said.”

“I’d like to think that the guilt of the mistreatment of children under his watch is killing him but the man obviously has no morals or srupples” (sic)

“Must be the lack of little boys, They are hard to come by these days. This clown should be burned at the stake for covering up catholic priest abuses. SHAME, SHAME, and SHAME on all catholics."

“The Pope’s doctor said, have one little boy and call me in the morning.”

“He might be too tired from participating in too many pedophile activities? About time the old abuser retires, never to be seen.”

“the nazi had one to many alter boys this year” (sic)

“…get rid of this 2000 year corporation that rapes kids…”

“That man looks scarier and more evil than any serial killer I have ever seen. God help us all.”

“Tired and weak. He is a reflection of the Catholicism in general.”

“Who cares???? …. He’s head pedophile in chief of the world’s greatest organized organization of child abusers!!!!!”

“The weight of the gold cross around his neck must be taking its toll”
A reply: “maybe if he jammed it somewhere, it would help him stand up straighter”

“So many boys, so little time.”

“Hopefully he’ll have enough energy to continue to defend child rape. God bless.”

A significant percentage of the comments are downright venomous.

And here’s the kicker: These comments were screened and approved for publication. At the start of the comments section, HuffPo clearly states,

“Our moderators screen these comments before they are published.”

In other words, someone with Huffington Post actually read these comments and approved them for publication.

G-o-o-d g-r-i-e-f. Would HuffPo have allowed such comments directed at another religion or a leader of another religion? One seriously doubts it.

It is time to cue the late Peter Viereck once again: “Catholic-baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals”