Andrew Sullivan Tagged for Rampant Falsehoods About Catholic Church, Pope

[HT: Thomas Peters, American Papist at] Following a debate the other night with Maggie Gallagher on the topic of gay "marriage," pundit Andrew Sullivan has been cited for airing a number of falsehoods and lies … [Read more...]

Media’s Double Standard Continues When Reporting Child Sex Abuse

Here are two stories from this past week: 1. "A [newly released] General Accountability Office (GAO) investigation has found that people with histories of sexual misconduct are still getting hired by school systems across the [United … [Read more...]

Media Falls Way Short in Claiming Pope Has ‘Justified’ Condom Use

The media is practically falling over themselves with a report, propagated in part by the flimsy Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, that Pope Benedict XVI has "justified" the use of condoms. (See this enormous (and … [Read more...]

Commentary: SNAP Should Condemn Brutal Attack on Priest

The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) should condemn a high-profile, brutal attack against an elderly priest whom the suspected attacker alleges abused him in 1975. The known facts, from an Associated Press report … [Read more...]

LA Times Continues to Propagate Abortion Falsehoods

A defender of abortion falsely claims in a letter in today's Los Angeles Times (Sat. 11/10/07), "The Bible does mention abortion." The erroneous reader adds that a passage in the Bible, Numbers 5, gives a "a detailed … [Read more...]

When Reporting on the Catholic Church, Media Can’t Even Get Headlines Right

(HT: Phil Lawler/ Major news outlets delivered a collective message about the Catholic Church this week. Here were the headlines: "Pope orders sex abuse summit" (Boston Globe) "Pope to Hold Sex-Abuse … [Read more...]

With Pope in Spain, AP’s Winfield Trumpets Gay ‘Kiss-in,’ Misrepresents Catholic Church

The Associated Press' Nicole Winfield is at it again with erroneous and slanted reporting of the Catholic Church. In an article about Pope Benedict XVI's dedication of a basilica in Spain this weekend (Sun. 11/7/10), Winfield … [Read more...]

Not the Catholic Church? Major Newspapers Blind to Massive Sex Abuse in Kenya

In the past eight days, ABC News has filed two shocking stories about "a serious epidemic" of sexual abuse and rape of children in Kenya. Not only did the network report that "over 1,000 teachers have been fired for sexually … [Read more...]

Boston Globe’s Bible Lesson Fails Miserably

For a Christian who reads the Bible, there are few things more frustrating than picking up a newspaper or magazine and reading an interview from some bleary-eyed college professor who seeks to overthrow 2,000 years of traditional Christian … [Read more...]

Time Continues to Trumpet Pretend ‘Women Catholic Priests’

This Halloween, millions of Americans will dress up in costumes and pretend to be celebrities or other important figures. Most journalists won't take serious note of this. Yet recently a few women have slipped into some vestments and … [Read more...]