An Injustice EXPOSED: The 2011-2013 Philadelphia Clergy Criminal Abuse Cases

Seth Williams : Mark Cipolletti : Dan Gallagher : Mariana Sorensen : Patrick Blessington

Throwing justice out the window in Philadelphia (l to r): D.A. Seth Williams, Asst. D.A. Mark Cipolletti,
triple accuser Dan Gallagher, Asst. D.A. Mariana Sorensen, Asst. D.A. Patrick Blessington

The February 2011 Philadelphia grand jury report resulted in a media tsunami. The mainstream media portrayed the Catholic Church in Philadelphia as nothing less than a careless cabal that was indifferent to the abuse of kids.

We now know that the truth was something entirely different. In fact, this site was the first to uncover the fact that the grand jury report was rife with misinformation and falsehoods. Subsequent revelations disclosed that the grand jury and its ensuing report were a deliberately orchestrated affair by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office with the predetermined goal of prosecuting Catholic clergy, no matter what the facts were.

The grand jury report also resulted in criminal charges against Catholic clergy and former employees. The charges entailed three cases:

Case #1: One man, Dan Gallagher, accused three different men (current priest Rev. Charles Engelhardt, former priest Edward Avery, and former teacher Bernard Shero) of abusing him years ago. All three men vehemently denied the charges against them.

It turned out that Gallagher is an admitted heroin addict with a lengthy arrest record. Gallagher's claims of abuse against the men were so wild, varied, and inconsistent, that veteran journalist Ralph Cipriano concluded that believing Gallagher's tales actually "required the suspension of all rational thought."

There is a lot more to this one. The fraud and corruption that has been perpetrated is not only eye-opening but very troubling. [Read more]

Case #2: Another man, Mark Bukowski, accused Rev. James Brennan of raping him years ago. Fr. Brennan has forcefully proclaimed his innocence.

As it turns out, Bukowski has a lengthy criminal record wrought with fraud and deceit, including a disturbing 2005 incident in which he completely fabricated the tale of a violent home robbery and filed a false police report.
(See our exclusive, "Philadelphia Abuse Accuser Has Extensive Criminal Record of Fraud and Filing False Police Reports")

In June 2012, a jury voted 11-1 to acquit Fr. Brennan. Yet the Philly D.A.'s Office has still chosen to re-try the case. A second trial is scheduled for October 2013 June 2014.

Case #3: The Philadelphia District Attorney's office charged Msgr. William Lynn for conspiracy – that he deliberately conspired for these men to abuse young boys.

It was a wild charge indeed. It was so wild, in fact, that Judge Teresa Sarmina, who was so biased in the favor of the D.A.'s Office that she was once described as being "often mistaken for a member of the prosecution team," threw out the charge. It was an episode that the mainstream media almost completely ignored.

Learn information about the Philadelphia cases that the mainstream media has refused to report:

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