‘Deliver Us From Evil’ 2006 film

Throwing around “anti-Catholic” accusations has become quite easy and common. It’s easy to label something as “anti-Catholic” simply because it portrays the Church in a negative way. However, sometimes a work is so especially rife with falsehoods and dishonesty – literally from start to finish – that it’s difficult to tag it as anything but anti-Catholic propaganda.

Such is the case with the “documentary” film, Deliver Us From Evil, that Hollywood unleashed on the public in 2006. Indeed, the film chronicled the despicable crimes of a former California priest, pedophile Oliver O'Grady. O'Grady committed evil abominations that wreaked grievous harm on numerous victims. He shattered innocent children and devastated their families. The stories from his victims and their families are truly poignant and incredibly maddening. It cannot be overstated how revolting O'Grady's actions were.

Director/writer Amy Berg certainly had a golden opportunity to showcase an informative look at a serious topic. However, through crafty editing, dishonest interview subjects, and unchecked facts, director Berg instead deceived her audience and took advantage of the emotions of her viewers. The result is simply a wild and irresponsible hit piece in which nearly every male with a collar is portrayed as a pedophiliac demon.

The following is TheMediaReport.com's analysis/rebuttal to the film.

Part I: Serious Problems With Facts

Part II: A Fallacious Attack on Cardinal Roger Mahony

Part III: Even More Factual Errors