Media Is Predictably Indifferent As Rock Star Sting Accused of Rape [w/ Court Docs]

Sting Police Arizona rape allegation 1979

Turning a blind eye: Rock star Sting on May 14, 1979, the afternoon of the alleged rape

When rocker singer Sting was recently accused in a lawsuit of raping a 15-year-old girl back in 1979, media critic Roger Friedman swiftly ran to the star's defense and boldly asserted that the claim was "preposterous" and that Sting was "telling the truth" in denying the charge.

But how could Friedman be so sure that the rape allegation was false? Well, it seems to Friedman that the accused person was an admired Hollywood celebrity, "one of the most moral people I've ever met," and … not a hated Catholic priest. Get that?

Remarkable details

Notably, unlike almost all accusations against priests from decades ago, Sting's accuser actually has video corroboration that, at a minimum, shows that she was in Sting's company the very afternoon of the alleged assault.

It turns out the the drummer of The Police, the band with whom Sting played, filmed various parts of its early tours and captured footage from a May 14, 1979, appearance at a record store in the Phoenix area. The alleged victim reportedly appears in this footage, which can be seen in the 2006 documentary film, Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out.

[**Click to read the rape accusation lawsuit against Sting (pdf)**]

Despite some noteworthy corroboration for the accuser's claim, the media has remained largely silent in reporting the startling accusation against the international rock star.

Sting should be thankful he's not a Catholic priest. This latest kid-glove media treatment of the accusations against Sting should make it plain to everyone by now: It's obviously not the sexual abuse of minors that concerns the media but who the alleged abuser is.


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