Right Wing Hypocrisy: Church Militant Praises Gay Priest Who Penned Steamy Love Letter To Seminarian Roommate

Rev. Ryszard Biernat : heart : Michael Voris

Church Militant's increasingly schizophrenic Michael Voris (r)

As even a casual visitor to the hyperbolic Church Militant web site knows, Church Militant vociferously claims that one of the most serious problems facing the Catholic Church today is the purported presence of active homosexuals in the priesthood.

This is why it is truly stunning, if not outright hilarious, that the group's rabid leader, Michael Voris, is now over the moon in praising a gay priest in Buffalo who once wrote a steamy love letter to a young seminarian in 2016 and recently even bought a house with him.

The priest in question is Buffalo's Rev. Ryszard Biernat, who up until recently was the personal assistant of Bishop Richard Malone. And it was only a couple weeks ago that Voris told his followers that Biernat had a "sterling reputation." Here is a screenshot:

Rev. Ryszard Biernat

Gay priest Fr. Ryszard Biernat has a "sterling reputation" with Church Militant (Aug. 22, 2019).

Church Militant has also tried to keep a lid on the truth about Biernat's romantic missive, but the web site Crux recently got a hold of the erotic letter and published some its lustful text. Its contents are Rated 'R':

[Added 9/11/19: **Biernat's entire love letter is now available to read - click**]

"Remember? The library of the bishop's house? I hesitated at first in saying that I trully [sic] love you. What I have been feeling for you is something totally new and different from all the other feelings of love I have experienced.

"Now, I have no hesitations in saying that I love you (in private and in public) and I will always love you more than yesterday

"I am afraid that all that you know about me may compromise your freedom to love or to leave."

It's the ideology, stupid

So why is Church Militant now singing the praises of an actively gay priest? Well, Church Militant is so giddy that Biernat secretly recorded Bishop Malone and then leaked the tapes to the media that it was willing to overlook Biernat's own glaring misconduct and obvious motivation for betraying his boss.

So in the eyes of Church Militant, it's OK if you're an actively gay priest as long as the scalp of a bishop can be gained. It's just the latest chapter in Church Militant's increasingly unhinged campaign to attack and destroy the Church's hierarchy irrespective of the facts or the demands of justice.


  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Someone more right wing than the Media Report? It's a miracle only comparable to Lourdes.


  2. Mel says:

    Michael Voris is still part of the homosexual network. He is using fellow homosexuals as spies on bishops like Malone. This was predicted years ago in: The Man Behind the Curtain, by Dr. E. Michael Jones.