Falsely Accused Priest Finally Reinstated In Chicago After Long Witch Hunt

Rev. Gary Graf : falsely accused priest

Vindicated: Fr. Gary Graf

Chicago priest Rev. Gary Graf is finally back on the job after being reinstated by Cardinal Blase Cupich.

Church officials ripped Graf from ministry last August after a 17-year-old boy claimed that he received a phone call from a church secretary stating that Graf "found him attractive." The teen also said that Graf "rubbed his shoulders" and offered offered him a free car. Indeed.

Of course the whole thing was insane on several levels. First, it is not even clear what the alleged crime was. "Unwanted shoulder rubbing"? Offer of a "free car"? But with Catholic priests nothing is trivial nowadays.

So the Department of Children and Family Services investigated and found even the allegations, such as they were, not believable. Chicago police then did their own investigation and decided to prosecute. The case later went to trial, and a judge ruled Graf not guilty. An independent Church review also cleared him, making it three investigative bodies looking into the alleged shoulder rubbing.

Many parishioners believed this was a pathetic attempt at a money grab by desperate fraudsters.

In short: Fr. Graf endured three investigations, two public agencies, the Church's own investigation, and a public trial just in order to clear his name over an alleged unwanted shoulder rub. While former Vice President Joe Biden shrugs off similar accusations as his just seeking to "connect" with constituents, the standard is much different for Catholic priests.


  1. peoples clown says:

    Yes, Jeffrey Epstein, as well!

    This is typical of this age! He was thrown under the bus by everyone, as usual! The difference now, is that the comrade commissars in the media, are being forced to have a story, that shows he's not guilty! Its quite different now that the Covington catholic nick sandman has been calling the media out, by having large lawsuits!! Local Chicago media should be sued by fr. Graf, as that is all they understand. There's been no apologetic attitude, considering they consistently ran this story, making you think the worse! His reputation has been besmirched, and that can never be brought back, no matter how much money he would get!

    • malcolm harris says:

      Peoples Clown, on the 8th April, is absolutely right. This witch-hunt is enabled by the mainstream media… we are foolish to ignore reality.  It will only stop when there is a push-back, as the Covington School student has done… with his own lawsuits against his attackers. Unless the Church fights back there will be more cases like Fr. Graf.  And it will just go on for decades to come , because the media only cares about the hip pocket nerve. It is not concerned about fairness to Catholic priests… or Catholic schools.

    • Dan says:

      News for Malcolm and PC – The Post is asking that charges are dropped, saying everything they reported was the truth. I must ask you Malcolm, were the Catholic priests at all "concerned about fairness" as they molested and raped young boys and little girls? Please, give me a break?! My hope is that Nick Sandman's ridiculous greed will smash him in his smirking face, just like your innocent claims of Rev. Robert DeLand left you with egg in your face.


    • LLC says:


      “saying everything they reported was the truth” = incorrect. The WP legal team said, among other statements, that “its stories of that day's interaction were accurate”. Accurate and true are two different things. Furthermore, they claim that the “It was neither false nor defamatory . . . for the Post to report the comments of eyewitnesses”. In other words, the WP claims that as long as they report what other people are saying, they can write everything with impunity. Such statements should send chills down everyone’s spine.

      Personally, I believe that, regardless of the outcome of it, thanks to this lawsuit the media’s bias is now more evident than ever, and its impunity armor is now starting to show cracks and chinks.

    • Dan says:

      LLC, If this greedy kid gets a dime, then I have a damn good billion dollar case against your Church for the lies and slander of priests, catholic cops and the violence of cowardly catholic thugs, hitting me from behind, that wrongly sent me to jails and mental hospitals. But I don't believe true Christians go around suing others, for as the Lord says, "Revenge is mine saith the Lord." Just maybe His fire is just getting started?

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – 4/10/19, 8:41 p.m.,- "egg in your face" = pimple?

      Self defense is not revenge.

    • Dan says:

      Defending a guilty pedophile is not "Self defense". It's ignorance.

  2. LLC says:

    Regardless of the outcome (highly encouraging in this case), is it important to highlight how the Church’s new policies, instituted, if I am not mistaken, around the year 2002, are working properly, with the aim of protecting both the alleged victim and the alleged offender, while at the same time seeking a prompt and just resolution. These policies may require some fine-tuning, but anyone with an open mind can see their positive results.

    It may take some time, but I am hopeful that more and more will come to see that the Church has recognized her past errors, learned from them, and is at the forefront of protecting children from harm in any way possible, surely more than many other institutions where these awful acts have happened and unfortunately keep happening, often completely ignored by the media.

  3. Jim Robertson says:

    So he shouldn't have been arrested and tried? Because you know who's innocent and who's guilty? The judge says not guilty. Fine I've no problem with that. But that's the second Chicago priest falsly accused. Another was Cardinal Bernadin his accuser recanted. If u want to muddy waters have 2 false set ups come from a major American city. Chicago has had it's hands dirty through out this scandal as a sanctuary for SNAP being only one example. Where are the rest of the false allegations? you imply them to be rampant? Where? Is this like Russia-gate? No collusion. No false claims.

    So you have false claims so what? cost of doing business. As if you didn't have enough real cases to discuss and amend.


  4. peoples clown says:

    Its great how this has turned out, as states seem to be following anti catholic ag josh Shapiro's lead. The ag of illinois , did the same with a sham "report", and then didn't run for reelection. Some real news that should be investigated, is that the Illinois governor elect wants to make Illinois the Midwest abortion capitol. Maybe there'll be more fake news about abuse , to cover this up!

  5. peoples clown says:

    "But Graf said it was important that he step aside and let the process take its course because the church must do all it can to protect young people."

    "It was while he was in Waukegan as pastor of Holy Family Parish in 2002 that Graf donated part of his liver to a parishioner."

    - Chicago Catholic 4/12/2019

    Though Dan corner and Jim might view this as a "take another little piece of my heart" j. Joplin, it is not. Would Dan's church ever do this for another member?

    • Dan says:

      PC's 1st quote – We're not impressed with false humility and claims from your priests or bishops of your Church "protect[ing] young people". Where were they for the last 70 years or should I say 1700 years. Nothing but empty promises.

      PC's 2nd quote – "So when you give to the needy, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be praised by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their full reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you …."  Matthew 6:2-4

      True Christians don't boast about the good deeds they do or their giving to the poor and would insist on being anonymous. It wouldn't be headlines in the Chicago Tribune or found plastered all over the internet. Glad you and other Catholics are impressed with all your clergy's goodness. Absolutely no credit from the Almighty. "Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only . Otherwise, you are deceiving yourselves."  James 1:22

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan Corner – guess you have no choice, but to look up this "Chicago Catholic" current article. You'd be amazed that most of these memories of Fr Graf are unsolicited from parishioners and former parishioners, so there's no "payoff"! 

    • peoples clown says:

      "In his letter to parishioners, Cardinal Cupich said, " our policies also call us to do everything possible to restore the good name of priests when the process has determined the allegations to be unfounded. This, too, is a matter of justice. Therefore, both out of regard for Father Graf and all our priests, I am resolved to see that Father Graf's good name is restored."

    • Dan says:

      4/22 @ 6:20pm

      I have no problem with justice, especially the true justice that will come from the Lord. I never would want to see anyone falsely accused. After all, your priests, nuns, catholic cops and thugs falsely accused me. I actually did jail time and mental hospital stays because of their lies. 

      I've also read of cases where the Church "restored" a priest who was supposedly innocent of false accusations, only to see him reoffend, molesting other kids and then admit guilt to the case he was proclaimed innocent of. I hope this time the Church got it right. They have been wrong so often!


  6. Dan says:

    4/22 @ 5:24pm

    Hey Clown, Who says the memories were "unsolicited"? You? Cardinal Kaput? The article didn't say they were unsolicited. Am I supposed to believe lying and denying Catholics?

    I do agree to there being no "payoff" and "no credit from the Almighty". Glad you understood that!

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner

      - unsolicited = "not required" , "payoff" is meant as a money transaction, so there is none.

      "Payoff" and"no credit from the Almighty", that we don't know, as we are not the Almighty.

      I would think that anyone who wants to help the Church, gets "credit from the Almighty".

    • Dan says:

      False, When someone helps the Church, they might get credit from the Church. The only way you get "credit from the Almighty" is if your good deeds or giving is done in secret. Why? Because the Bible tells you so. This is the Bible verse I gave you 4/21 @ 11:38pm. Yes we can "know" much about the way God thinks, just by going to His Word (Bible). Once you come to believe in Him and accept His teachings, then He fills you with His Holy Spirit and it's amazing what you're able to know about the Almighty, as He leads you down righteous paths.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner - 

      False = "deliberately made or meant to deceive".

      " When somebody helps the Church, they might get credit from the Church". And " credit from the Almighty".

      Perhaps, if someone is cleaning up blowing newspapers, in front of a church, both are possible, as I doubt that someone will try to make this action "unsecret"!

    • Dan says:

      Allow me to clarify my statement, "The only way you get 'credit from the Almighty' is if your good deeds or giving is done in secret."

      There are times when giving or good deeds are exposed by others and that can't be helped. What the Bible is saying is that you don't go around bragging or boasting about your goodness. In those circumstances there would be no credit from God, because you did those good things to be seen and admired by others. Wrong motives. 

      In regards to your Church, all the giving and good deeds done for the poor, sick or homeless will never makeup for their crimes against innocent children. On top of that, the Church leaders and parishioners have usually already boasted and bragged about all the good things the Church has done. Absolutely "no credit from the Almighty".

  7. peoples clown says:

    Dan corner – perhaps this is a linguistic problem. .definitions of "brag" = VERB/NOUN – "a boastful statement."ADJ. – " excellent, first rate".

    "The Church invented the hospital system" = ?

    "The church invented the university system" = ?

    "St.Anne's  hospital is having a fund drive for the children's cancer ward. $2mil goal. So far 1mil raised" = ?

    I think this is" credit from the Almighty"  and not "blowing ones horn"

    • Dan says:

      "But evil people and imposters will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived." 2 Tim 3:13

      What do all your equations and questions have in common? Greed and the pursuit of the almighty dollar. These establishments were all huge money makers for the Church. And many fund raising drives claiming wonderful causes turn out to be bigger money makers, usually benefitting the organization, their research, drugs and hospitals, rather than the patients they claim so much care for. Ever heard of hospital-aquired infections, viral, bacterial or fungal pathogens. Ever thought of the harmful side effects of the drugs they've invented and the lives they've destroyed.

       Schools were places they could control the minds of the masses and make huge profits at the same time. Have you ever heard of the costs of tuitions at your Church's schools? They also became the breeding grounds of pedophiles and predators, isolating children from the eyes of their parents and the authorities. 

      Is there any more bragging or boasting about your Church that you'd like to do? Please clown, don't be so deceived by all the evil in dark places. Fooling people and "deceiving others" has been the Church's modus operandi for centuries and they've gotten really good at perfecting it. Sorry, "No credit from the Almighty."