Priest Acquitted After Short Deliberation: Michael Voris and Church Militant Humiliated

Michael Voris

Oops. The verdict was 'not guilty': Church Militant's Michael Voris

It should be an important lesson for us all: Wait until you have all the facts before opening your mouth.

A criminal jury took only two hours this week to acquit a Catholic priest in Michigan, Rev. Robert DeLand, who had been charged on multiple counts that he had sexually assaulted two teenage boys in 2017.

Deland's acquittal is especially noteworthy because the right-wing site Church Militant – operated by the bombastic Michael Voris – published numerous over-the-top stories about the accusations, even going as far as to sending its editor-in-chief and a camera to the courtroom last spring to report on preliminary hearings.

The jury's verdict

From the hopped-up coverage of the case, regular viewers of Church Militant would have assumed that Fr. DeLand's guilt and a prison sentence were inevitable.

However, at trial it became clear that Deland's accusers were not believable. One of the accusers made a crazy claim that DeLand had somehow attempted to grab his penis in plain sight at a memorial service attended by hundreds of people. The other accuser – a high schooler who apparently had quite a discipline record – claimed that DeLand pulled him out of class one day, gave him $20, and then touched his buttocks. [Check out: "Attorney: Case against Rev. Robert DeLand is false, investigation is 'witch hunt'" (, April 2018)]

The war on Catholic priests

Rev. Robert DeLand

Vindicated – for now:
Rev. Robert Deland has been around for a while now, and if there's one thing we've learned in this time, it is that it is well worth always questioning the media's coverage of accused priests.

Prosecutors regularly exaggerate the "evidence" they claim to have against accused priests, often greatly. "Very reliable sources" often turn out to be anything but reliable. Accusers often sound extremely convincing, even through tears, as many are mentally unstable or simply not telling the truth in hopes of big bucks from the Church.

When it comes to justice for Catholic priests, none of the usual rules apply. An allegation is never too old. Evidence is never too flimsy. A lack of corroboration or of any physical evidence does not matter. The background of the accuser, even if it is one of fraud, is wholly irrelevant. The point is to bring a charge against a Catholic priest, any priest, and garner splashy headlines for the prosecutor.

Thus DeLand faces two additional trials against him, even though one of the remaining cases involves a same accuser whom the jury this week did not believe. DeLand's ordeal is still not over, and prison time is still a possibility.

But the point is that DeLand was found innocent of charges for which the hyperbolic Voris had already found him guilty. Voris – just like many opposite left-wing Church haters – has seized on the sex abuse issue as a pretext to attack what he perceives to be a corrupt hierarchy.

The problem is that along the way Voris ends up committing his own injustices and humiliating only himself.


  1. Brad says:

    Voris is a nut job. Just watch any of his videos.

    • Del says:

      He's not a nut job. 

    • Dawn Slike says:

      Michael Voris is not a nut job. He made a serious mistake, his judgment lapsed. Probably won’t happen again. He like many of us wants the predation to end. Some of us have children who were victimized. Some of us are ourselves victims.

  2. peoples clown says:

    This is great news! The bolsheviki commissars are defeated today! Thanks for including the commissar "formula" for their attacks!

  3. Tom Healey says:

    You are mistaken in calling Voris “bombastic”, which itself is bombastic because it’s not based on any evidence. Michael never flinches from telling the truth about corrupt bishops and priests today. He is honest, courageous and is moved by a deep faith for Christ and His church.

    Now if you want to expose bombastic idiots look to Fr Larry Richards who called CM “evil”. This priest IS bombastic…i referred to him as a ‘”holy” wind bag’. Another windbag who loves to pontificate is David of Vox Cantoris fame who recently cast Steve of 1Peter5 into outer darkness.

    However, it looks like CM erred with regard to this priest, which is extremely unfortunate, and you should get your facts straight, even though I simply take your word for it since he was acquitted of the sexual crimes he was accused of.

    Church Militant goes to great lengths to check and verify before they report on the vast hierarchical corruption in the church today in both our countries.

    It looks like Michael Voris was wrong, and he should feel humiliated, and with Sanctifying Grace will make the necessary correction, apologize and learn from his mistake.

    • malcolm harris says:

      Tom Healey, on the 24th, may think he is on the side of the angels, in defending Michael Voris. Well… Tom should do a reality check, which might be possible with the help of Sanctifying Grace. Tom  should ask himself how he would like to face trial for child molestation, when the media has already told the public that he is guilty?. Thereby influencing the judge and jury?. It is called 'prejudice'….  and you should pray to God it never happens to you.  Michael Voris is like a pirate ship sailing under a false flag . He pretends to be a loyal Catholic… whilst actually being amongst our worst enemies. Am just hoping his ship is blown off course, by the resulting bad karma.

  4. Claudia Sanchez says:

    This article is bunk.  Talk about checking your facts!  This is one of three trials for the priest on matters of sexual impropriety.  So, hold your horses, you soon might be putting some of that egg on your face!  

    Thank goodness, we have Voris.  He's a bulldog for the truth which we need.  We've already got plenty of milktoast out there.

  5. LLC says:

    Some of the comments indicate that we ourselves are not immune from the rush to judge, in support or condemnation, for both accusers and accused. This is not a TV show, where the punchline “See? I told you so” is supposed to generate a mechanic and often pathetic laughter. What we say and when we say it can further damage the already distorted representation of the Church portrayed by the sensationalistic Media.

    If the recent past has taught us anything, it is the need to be quietly charitable and sympathetic towards the alleged victims, while at the same time show strong support for our priests, often left alone to defend themselves against scoundrels and profiteers. There are already enough characters ready to describe ad nauseam in prime-time TV the sound of a tornado…

    One of the positive results of this post, however, is that it evidences how more and more Catholic sites are fighting back against the biased Media and report the (otherwise swept under the proverbial rug) welcomed news of priests acquitted and restored. That should be a main reason for celebration for everyone (well, maybe except for doomsayers a la Dan and JR).

    • Dan says:

      I have absolutely no comment to the bunch of you, so I'll let the Lord's Word inform you of one more attribute that Paul asked of His church, another obvious complete failure in your Church.

      "I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and the same judgment." 1 Cor 1:10

      So bicker and judge harshly (wishing "bad karma") on even your own followers and further prove to the world that you are far from being God's One True Church, for you don't even agree as "One", let alone show much of anything that is "True".  servant of the One True God

    • LLC says:


      "I have absolutely no comment" = and yet, you waste 136 words to say it. Zero would’ve sufficed. Poor Julie, she’ll go bankrupt. Oh well, for her it’s just money. For you, it’s moral bankruptcy.

    • Dan says:

      I have to love your use of words, claiming "For [me] it's "moral bankruptcy". The nerve of you to accuse me of such, when you belong to a Church completely void of morals. And this is not the first time you've tried to twist and deceive with your wicked ignorance. My hope is that your Church might go bankrupt and that Julie may wake up and stop funding their immorality.

  6. Julie Nickell says:

    LLC, You counted for me. Thank you. $136 – ouch. I might just do 50 cents per word this time and put that into the collection plate for the church this weekend rather than the food pantry ministry. I guess Dan that since you don't believe true followers of Christ don't wish bad karma on each other, that you are not a follower of Christ since you're always so full of wild insults. Friend, I will pray for you anyway. I myself are a servant of Christ, and always try to be His instrument. Obviously you're helping me since I am giving to the church an equal amount to the words you post on here. God bless. Take some time out from hatred and enjoy the nice weather God is giving us. 

    • Dan says:

      Thank you Julie, but I would prefer not to have the prayers of Catholic idolaters. For all I know you're probably praying to Mary for me. No thank you! Quit trying to accuse me of hatred, but I do have some sort of hatred for religions that brainwash their sheep with lies. I'm out here in beautiful California and I enjoy every wonderful day the Lord has givin' to me, if only deceived Catholics would quit casting a shadow on my sunshine. Thanks again, Dan

    • Dan says:

      And I'm so sorry to break the news to you, but Catholics are not true followers of Christ, so anything I say about your false Church does not harm my walk with the Lord. Again, so sorry.

    • Dan says:

      I want you to know, Julie, that though I might have much to say in regards to you guys and your Church, I've never wished "bad karma" or God's punishment on any of you. My hope is that you might come to know the truth, but wishing harm on others could never be considered a Christian thing to do. And that wouldn't matter whether someone is kind to you or treats you with hatred as some of you have. Have a good day.

  7. Julie Nickell says:

    BTW Dan did you get kicked off Quora?

    • Dan says:

      And more backhanded insults and yet you Catholics act like your saints. Please!?!

    • LLC says:


      there is indeed a Dan Corner in Quora who bears an uncanny resemblance to our brother Dan. The same ignorance of Scriptures, poor grammar, and absolute conviction of being in the right, despite continuous proof to the contrary. Fun to read, in small amounts, but it gets old pretty fast.

    • peoples clown says:

      LLC – excellent post! Indeed, I went on it. And yes, only small amounts! He's not very nice on this site!

    • Dan says:

      For all you insulting catholics – I am not Dan Corner, not a pastor, have no church, no evangelical outreach, have no website, don't believe God needs clever websites to bring people to Christ, don't ask for donations, write no books, sell no books, believe God needs no gimmicks, nor comic strips, don't sell or pass out Bible tracts and don't walk around with a gold edged large Bible to show how holy I am. I believe and try to follow God's Word and His Word alone. 

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan – again though, what about that "bathroom mirror"?

    • Dan says:


      Do you think this comment shows your intelligence or cleverness? You might want to try some of your own wit, rather than relying on anothers stupidity, huh?

  8. truth seeker says:

    You do realize that Deland pleaded no contest for the next two charges??? Due to the EVIDENCE that would have gotten him convicted in jury trial. 

    Why would he do that if he was innocent? Seems you spoke to soon condemning Church Militant…

  9. Claudia Sanchez says:


    CM/Michael Voris were correct!  Egg is flying.

  10. doug says:


    Not so fast.  Hope you saw the news today.  "Father Robert DeLand has pleaded no contest to sexual assault of a male minor."


  11. Thomas Pernice says:

    Father DeLand just pled guilty — no contest — in a second sexual molestation trial. Looks like you have egg on your face

    • says:

      You might want to actually read our post, Thomas.

      (And you might want to learn the difference between guilty and no contest.)

    • Dan says:

      The groomer predator creep was "guilty" and that is why he pleaded "no contest". 

  12. Jim Robertson says:

    LLC you got to smelling bad pretty fast.

    Dan spells better than I do, there are very few here who don't.

    And a big fat so what? to that.

    That means he's less valuable as a person than you? Prove that.

    He doesn't hide behind initials. He says what he thinks and though I don't agree with tons of what he says about your god, when it comes to your church's coverups of sexual abuse he's been absolutely right on. Why aren't you? Why are you never proven right about false claims when daily your honest critics are being handed new hundreds of priests accused and acknowleged as being named in credible accusations by your church? You just mock and lie LLC. how like Pliar.


    • LLC says:


      It seems that you do not agree with my handling of these online exchanges with Dan, so I have decided to explain my behavior.

      First, “you got to smelling bad pretty fast” is pretty lame, even for you. Recess retorts are not fun after you turn six.

      “Dan spells better than I do, there are very few here who don't” = correct on both counts. Perhaps you and Dan don’t care, but I always try to use proper grammar and vocabulary to be as clear as possible. I fail at it, obviously, from time to time, but I always try, and I expect the same courtesy from others. Your prose and Dan’s would be well served by a leaner style and a sound rereading.

      “That means he's less valuable as a person than you” = never said that. Both you and Dan have this uncanny capability to reach bizarre conclusions out of thin air.

      “He doesn't hide behind initials” = really? I thought Dan stood for Depressed Awful Nonsense… in all seriousness, unlike Dan’s and yours, my name is quite unique, and in other blogs I had my domicile exposed by a simple online inquiry, therefore I now use my initials.

      Ultimately, my main issue with Dan’s posts is that he mixes his (absolutely incorrect) views of the Catholic Church’s theology and teachings, with her dealings of these horrendous crimes. The formers would be better dealt with in other blogs, where Dan would get invariably pulverized by real theologians and historians of the Church. I am not saying that he’s afraid of them. I am only saying that this blog is neither the place nor the time. Believe it or not, Catholics feel the same as you and Dan about these crimes and their perpetrators, when proven beyond reasonable doubt. We simply do not agree with taring everybody and everything the Church is and does with the same brush, nor with the hysterical and biased treatment of the Church by the Media. It doesn’t serve any actual purpose except for maybe feeding your sense of revenge.

      In the immortal words of Capt. Frankel, “I have explained these matters to you because it is useless to use irony [paraphrased] with a man unless he knows why”. Now, please, stay on topic.

    • Dan says:

      Romans 1:18:32  Absolute proof of how your "Catholic Church's theology and teachings", especially idolatry, lead to the "horrendous crimes" of sexual immorality and perversions against the innocent, preferably little boys. Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot that you have no clue how to interpret the Word. My fault, you obnoxious Catholic troll.

      You claim I have an "absolute conviction of being in the right", and yet you think you're so smart you can correct and criticise anothers grammar or spelling, Grammar Nazi. You are so despicable, Mr. Know-It-All.

    • Dan says:

      Romans 1:18-32  Now Mr. Know-It -All can correct my punctuation, so he can prove what a brilliant Catholic he thinks he is.

    • Dan says:

      You can bring on your Mary-worshipping theologians and idolatrous, statue kissing, burnin' at the stake historians and we'll see who pulverizes who. I have no fear dealing with any of your Church's hypocrites, especially in this forum where they can't falsely accuse me and have me put in jails or mental hospitals based on their evil lies. Nothing but a bunch of cowardly liars and accusers that scare me not.  servant of God, of course not your god or goddess

    • LLC says:


      QED. Brother Dan used 189 words to say absolutely nothing.

      I forgot to mention a very symptomatic trait of Dan’s troubling persona. In the three jumbled posts he felt necessary to provide an empty response, Dan assigned no fewer than then epithets to me personally (quite honored, really) and to Catholics in general. Yet, he squeals anytime he finds himself on the receiving end. Quite an illuminating behavior, indeed.

    • Dan says:

      And Gee Whiz, Gilligan, everything I said was true. I answered to your stupidity, quoting the Bible as proof that contrary to your poor opinions, the Word absolutely connects the "Catholic Church's teachings and theology" to its "horrendous crimes" of homosexual pedophilia and pederasty. Instead of challenging or debating Romans 1:18-32, you cowardly choose to ignore the connection. Maybe you can have someone explain the chapter to you on how idolatry (Romans 1:21-25) leads to homosexuality. 26 "For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions … 27 and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error."

      In conclusion, if statue worshiping idolatry led to homosexuality and God sent them the "due penalty" for their sin, just imagine what God would think the "due penalty" will be for grown men who groom and sexually abuse little boys. If you have trouble understanding simple english or not the guts to dispute what I'm saying, then send some of your theologians, historians or apologists and we will see who pulverizes who. Do I hear clucking.  servant of Christ

      P.S. Don't forget that when you have nothing valuable to add to the conversation, see if you can criticise ones grammar or spelling, Grammar Nazi.

    • Dan says:

      Please refrain from trying to explain to us how the Church does not idolize Mary. The Lady's own words to the children at Fatima after showing them a vision of Hell -

      "You have seen hell where souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace."

      In other words, salvation comes through "devotion to [Mary's] Immaculate Heart." We no longer need salvation through Jesus dying on the cross, we only need devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart. Catholics, this is blasphemy and you should run as fast as you can away from this false teaching while you still have the chance. 


    • Dan says:

      This is probably better described as heresy and maybe we should revert to the methods your Church used against heretics, when they burned at the stake some 40 to 60 thousand people. Possibly, if it's anything like the denials and lies regarding their numbers of sexual abusing priests and bishops, the number is probably much higher than they are ever willing to admit. 

    • LLC says:


      420 words and counting (poor, poor Julie). So that we are clear, you won't get an answer until you post something thought-provoking concerning this topic, i.e. Rev. Robert Deland’s acquittal. Random Bible verses don't count.

      Now, to your posts:

      As a curiosity, what does the alone quotation mark (at the end of your 1:54 am post) mean?

      Incidentally, the blue light emitted from your monitor at night tricks your brain into thinking that it is still day, suppresses the release of melatonin and leads to a lower quality of sleep, which in turn can contribute to a variety of negative health effects. Perhaps, at night, you should turn off the PC and get a good night of sleep. We would all benefit from it.

      You know, it is very revealing that you have removed the ‘el” from you name. Funny how even little things reveal greatly about one’s character.

      Sayonara, Brother Dan. Sweet dreams.

    • Dan says:

      What is there to say about Father Bob's aquittal? He got off on one case and plead no contest to three other felony charges because he was guilty as sin, tapes to prove it. Same as Fr. Jiang and Pell from Hell, slip by on some of the charges while guilty as sin on several other charges. What do you want me to say? They all look good in prison outfits, especially Rev. Bob in his black and whites stripes.

    • Dan says:


      Those aren't quotation marks. Those are God's eyes, finely focused on your Church and watching your every move and listening to every excuse deceiving Catholics think they can come up with to deny the filth of their hierarchy. "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." Matthew 10:30  Who do you guys think you're fooling? And what do you mean that "Random Bible verses don't count"? They don't count because God has all of you pegged?

      Thanks for the advice, but there is a three hour difference in the time out here in California. You think I would lose sleep over dealing with you clowns? I sleep like a baby, conscience clear. You might want to try that for yourself sometime.

      I don't even know what you're talking about, removing the 'el" from my name? "Funny how even little [stupid] things reveal greatly about [your] character." My name is Dan, but if you prefer I'll let you call me Daniel. Maybe you think I'm too sophisticated in my posts to be just a Dan. No problem.

    • Dan says:

      Oh! I found it! You thought I was a professor at Princeton, Dan-el Padilla Peralta. I could understand you making that mistake, but no, wrong again. Keep guessing!

    • LLC says:

      Brother Dan,

      wrong on all counts (no surprise here), although, given the low level of the Academia at Princeton (as a matter of lack of open-mindedness), you would probably fit there like a glove. I'll give you a hint. Please check the meaning of your own name in Hebrew. The absence of  "el" is truly symptomatic.

      Finally, "What is there to say about Father Bob's aquittal?" = then, please do everyone a huge favor and do not say anything. At all. It's all has been asked of you.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan corner – 4/5/18 12:17 am.

      " I would lose sleep over dealing with you clowns?"

      Yes, this is out of context, but I think it underlies that us "clowns" , might be giving you a run for your money, thus making you burn the midnight oil, thinking of answers!

  13. Julie says:

    LLC, Yes, I do think that our Dan here is Dan Corner, who keeps getting banned from social media sites because his bigotry is so way out there it's ridiculous. I don't know why he doesn't just put on a sheet and burn a cross in our yards. 

    • Dan says:

      Did you want to give me a list of your addresses? That is the most terrible accusation you guys have come up with yet. Julie, do you know that Satan is known also as the Accuser of the brethren. I have never been on any other "social media sites" so it would be pretty hard to be banned from any. After dealing with the brainwashed catholics on this site, I must say I prefer to never go on any after I'm done with you fools.   servant of the Lord

      P.S. Refer to March 28 @ 2:19 pm. i'm not Dan Corner or much of any of the other accusations you people think you can accuse me of.

    • LLC says:

      Brother Dan,

      "After dealing with the brainwashed catholics on this site, I must say I prefer to never go on any after I'm done with you fools" = if we can spare other sites your obnoxious and empty invective, I think our time here is well spent indeed. By any means, please keep posting!

  14. Sam Colt says:

    Whoops! Is THIS website going to be publishing an apology to "the right-wing site Church Militant – operated by the bombastic Michael Voris" anytime soon?

    • says:

      You might want to read everything we actually wrote.
      Read slowly if you need to, or get a friend to help you understand.

      Everything we wrote was 100% accurate.

  15. Julie says:

    Dan (aka Dan Corner), You don't think God needs websites? You don't get on social media? You're on here all the time. And you used to be on Quora and Facebook. 

    • Dan says:

      This has gone from ignorance and stupidity to utter insanity. I don't care much for tech or the internet. I own no computer, no cellphone, don't care for facebook and don't belong to it, have no email address, don't wear glasses or sport a beard and as Ali would say, "I'm so much prettier" than Dan Corner. Joining the conversation here surely has not changed my opinion of the net. When I no longer have to care of my disabled friend, I have no plans of purchasing my own computer. You guys will have to find someone else to accuse and harass.

      P.S. Dave will verify my using my friends email address.

    • peoples clown says:

      Dan Corner – oh come on! You always accuse and harass me, and I can take it! What's the big deal? Sometimes people move around with different addresses, so they don't get caught! Take it from a former reserve police.

    • Dan says:

      I'm sorry! I should have known from your responses that you were a dumb cop! ROTFL

    • LLC says:


      I am not familiar with the term "Reserve Police"; if it is equivalent to an auxiliary form of Police force, thank you for your service. Comments such as Dan's only reveal gross ignorance and utmost disrespect for authority. It is clear now that his disregard for any form of authority has deep roots, and extends way past the religious realm. The assemblies in his church of one must be very lonely indeed.

    • Dan says:


      Why don't you get a life! Much of that was in jest, but I am tired of this stupid accusation that I'm someone I'm not (Dan Corner), and I've explained it to you jerks in every way possible. Now the cop is accusing me of having different email addresses to avoid getting caught! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Oh! That's right, it only applies to the lying, deceiving, criminal Catholic creeps of the world. I have no problem with authority, but have absolutely no respect for the deceivers, deniers or accusers of your Church. That includes you and you can stop calling me brother, because you're no brother of mine, you two faced accuser. servant of the Lord of Truth, not the goddess you idolaters worship

    • Dan says:

      "Silence their lying lips– those proud and arrogant lips that accuse the Godly." Ps 31:18

      "You love evil more than good and lies more than the truth. You love to destroy others with your words, you liar!" Ps 52:3-4

      You still think that "Random Bible verses don't count."  The guilty would most likely hope to believe they don't count. We'll see how they count come Judgment Day.


  16. LLC says:


    "When I no longer have to care of my disabled friend, I have no plans of purchasing my own computer" = one can only hope… Seriously, it seems that you have been caring for your disabled friend for quite sometimes. God bless you. I will pray for your friend and for you as well.

  17. Julie says:

    Dan, You get on your disabled friend's computer and type vicious, vile and nasty insults? Can you really not help yourself? BTW, I am with LLC, God bless you for taking care of your friend. Concentrate on your dear friend who you won't have forever. Insulting people on the internet is for naught. Caring for your friend, that is what makes Jesus smile. 

    • Dan says:

      Julie, If your Church hierarchy and priesthood wasn't "vicious, vile and nasty", then I wouldn't have anything "vicious, vile and nasty" to say about them, now would I? I had a vision of the "Queen of Heaven" and she told me I was doing just fine, so keep up the good work. LOL

  18. Julie says:

    Dan, I noticed your obsession with "mariolatry" on Quora. Interesting. Anyway, your last post was 53 words, and I am going to do a full dollar on each word this week, so $53 to the church this weekend. Thanks! I'll even write "In honor of Dan" on the envelope. Unless you want to write another comment, I'll add that word count to it. Keep up the good work. LOL

  19. QualisRex says:

    Voris is a sleazy, hypocritical liar with major emotional issues. He constantly tries to suppress  and deflect his own homosexuality and debaucherous past by pointing the finger at anyone in the clergy who comes up in the news. As a traditional Catholic man/father/husband I can say Voris is absolely NOT a force for good; he is devisive egotistical and IMHO a law suit waiting to happen. My guess is in 5 years one of his male interns will be walking away with a rather large settlement.