The ‘Secret’ Is Finally Out: False Abuse Accusations Rampant Against Chicago Ex-Priest McCormack

Daniel McCormack abuse fraud

Busted: Claimants caught on tape scheming to bilk the Church and falsely accuse Daniel McCormack

It has long been a poorly kept secret in the neighborhoods near St. Agatha Catholic Church and within the offices at the Archdiocese of Chicago that most, if not nearly all, of the abuse accusations lodged against ex-priest Daniel McCormack are completely bogus.

For the past several years, MacCormack has been the subject of many breathless headlines in Chicago with each new ridiculous lawsuit claiming "repressed memories" of abuse. But now the secret is finally out in the open thanks to the serendipity of a jail telephone recording of a plaintiff trying to defraud the Catholic Church.

In fact, a Chicago judge has even ordered that the plaintiff repay the Church for the money it spent defending itself after the audiotape was revealed.

But that's not all. It turns out that this one case is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

The story was first reported by Michael J. O'Loughlin at America magazine.

Show me the 'free' money

In court documents, the scammer is only identified as "John J. Doe," a convicted criminal. And as O'Loughlin reports:

In June, just before Mr. Doe was released from prison, his cousin reassured him that he had been "working with the archdiocese … [A]nybody I say got touched, or didn't get touched, they believe me."

Mr. Doe replied that he needed "free money" and that he was happy to proceed with the suit as long as nobody had to "touch me for real."

By July, Mr. Doe had contacted a lawyer. He told his cousin during another phone call that he should be able to convince church authorities that he was also a victim because he had previously met some of Mr. McCormack's victims and even Mr. McCormack himself.

"Yeah boy," Mr. Doe said to his cousin. "I gotta go play that role."

Burying the lede

Unfortunately, O'Loughlin waits until the very end of his article to report the real story here:

Mr. [James C.] Geoly, [Archdiocese of Chicago] lawyer, said there are some other pending claims against Mr. McCormack that may be turn out to be false.

"We are defending cases right now and we certainly think there are some that are fraudulent," he said.

Earlier in the article, O'Loughlin had run to the lawyer-funded hate group SNAP and quotes the hysterical Barbara Dorris, who claims, without any evidence, that false charges against priests are "rare" and that "[t]his is going to make it harder for victims to come forward."

In truth, however, false claims like these will only make it harder for more false claims to come forward! As a matter of common sense and logic, if one case of fraud is uncovered, there are likely many more to be found. has recently contacted its sources in Chicago who have indicated that we likely have not heard the end of this story.

It was reported years ago – back in 2001, in fact – that an East Coast lawyer wrote, "I have some contacts in the prison system, having been an attorney for some time, and it has been made known to me that [accusing a Catholic priest of abuse] is a current and popular scam."

Some things never change!

Stay tuned.

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