Draining the Swamp: Jailed Bank Robber Who Falsely Accused FOUR Catholic Priests of Abuse Also Sued Hollywood Stars For Stealing His Idea For ‘Skank Robbers’ Flick

Skank Robbers

Of 'Skank Robbers,' celebrity site TMZ, and clergy sex abuse

Some stories you just can't make up.

If there were still any doubt about the circus-like frenzy the media has created about Catholic priests and sex abuse, consider the following case of an imprisoned crank claiming that he too was a victim of priest sex abuse.

While serving time in a Pennsylvania prison for committing some ten bank robberies, Shamont Sapp, 49, accused four different priests in four different dioceses around the country of abusing him over a two-year period in the late 1970s.

Lest one think that there might be a shred of credibility to the claims, consider this:

"All told, the [Oregon Department of Justice] says Sapp filed claims against dioceses in Tucson, Ariz.; Covington, Ken., Spokane, Wash. [; and the Arch. of Portland] – in some instances alleging sexual acts that took place in the same cities on the same day."

Even SNAP's wild-eyed David Clohessy and Judy Block-Jones might have a hard time believing this one. But you never know.

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted Sapp on serious mail fraud charges related to the bogus claims. Not surprisingly, the grand jury found that Sapp wasn't even present in the dioceses at the times he claimed.

"Skank Robbers"?

And if this story were not weird enough, it turns out that this is not the first time that Sapp has made noteworthy news beyond his serial bank robbery.

In 2011, as celebrity site TMZ reported, Sapp sued Hollywood actors Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry for $1 million each, claiming that the pair stole his idea for the lowbrow comedy movie Skank Robbers. He also sued Fox Broadcasting and producer David Zuckerman for a total of $4 million.

There is no word if Sapp had any luck with his Hollywood-hunting claims.

Fortunately, in a very rare act of mercy by Hollywood, the movie Skank Robbers was never unleashed upon the American public.

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  1. Publion says:

    Well, who could be surprised? The bar for credible allegations is so low, the definitions of actionable ‘acts’ so fluid, the probabilities of critical examination and the probabilities of punishment for false-allegations so miniscule, and the potential pay-off (psychologically if not also financially) so strong … what enterprising person wouldn’t want to try a game like this? If this were taking place in a Las Vegas casino, you’d probably have lines going out the door waiting to give it a try.

  2. HeilMary1 says:

    One measly false claim will not wipe out the other MILLIONS of DOCUMENTED RCC abuses like pedophilia, deadly medical trafficking of orphans, AIDS-spreading by the condom ban, 600,000 annual childbirth deaths, slave labor of women, infanticides and forced abortions to hide priests' "love" children, baby stealing, Croatian priests running Nazi Ustasha death camps, forced conversions, and countless religious genocides throughout history.

    • hrh says:

      Stop that! Facts have no place here. You know, they have that constant liberal bias.

      BTW, how many billion (with a B!) has the RCCult had to pay out because of their child-raping clergy, just in the US? 


  3. Unabletotrust says:

    Ok, you exposed a phony, now how about exposing the enablers and abusers ?

  4. Hanora Brennan says:

    Draining the swamp is correct indeed! How many further cases have to be revealed that are being concealed or even redacted as I write by the Roman Catholic Church. Full well you may sneer at Clohessy and Co. but they have persevered where others gave up and have exposed the Satanism within the Church. Less sneering and more piety please.

  5. Publion says:

    It's Saturday morning at TMR, apparently. We must have hit some sort of bot-driven time warp from the looks of the subsequent derangement.

  6. This is nothing new.  In fact, in 2005 Bill Donohue at The Catholic League invited Father Gordon MacRae to contribute an article for the November 2005 issue of Catalyst.  The result was this gem that the imprisoned priest wrote without having to do much more than simply stop and listen to the banter of some of the prisoners around him: 



  7. Delphin says:

    I hear that if we turn the lights on the SNAP cockroaches will all scatter back into/under their media-protected roachie-burrows.

    It is also said that if this world were destroyed by a nuclear event, only the roaches might survive.

    I can say, with comfortable certainty, that roaches likely do not survive into the next world.

    Enough time spent on the apparent "infestation"…….RAID!!

    PS. just can't help but think that these creepy-crawlers were sent to us as a parting gift -

  8. Publion says:

    Once again, I want to thank Ryan A. MacDonald for bringing this excellent article (link  in his comment of today at 4:41 PM) to our attention.

  9. Mark says:

    The Raid seemed to work. The delirious roaches seem to have been silenced. Shame really – HM1's comments were hilarious.

    Of course, they are allowed to post on TMR, whereas the SNAP website closes down the account (via the IP) of any dissenting voice – including victims, apparently. Not for spouting bigoted nonsense like that above, but for stating facts that undermine SNAP's less-than-covert agenda.

    Thanks to Ryan MacDonald for his tip. Meanwhile the Philly debacle is looking more and more disfunctional. Again, Ralph Cipriano's thebigtrial.net provides objective facts from a seasoned trial reporter. All of which highlights the value and need for sites like TMR (despite the occasional invasion of cockroaches).