SNAP Attack Wrong On Facts – Again

In a May 3, 2011, press statement, SNAP claims that the Vatican moved "quickly and severely" in removing an openly dissident Australian bishop, William Morris.

The truth is that the Vatican hardly moved "quickly and severely." In fact, as Phil Lawler at has pointed out, even after learning the bishop had made his dissident remarks, the Vatican allowed Bishop Morris to stay as the head of his diocese for five years (!) before removing him.

In other words, SNAP doesn't know what they are talking about – again.

In the same statement, SNAP also says, "We take no position on women's ordination."

This claim is disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst. In fact, a 2003 SNAP "position paper" lists "not ordaining women" in its "Key Components" in its gripes against the Church.

Honesty from SNAP? Not even close.