Book Review: William Lobdell’s Dishonest ‘Losing My Religion’ (Extended)

William Lobdell's new book Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America-and Found Unexpected Peace is nothing original. A former "serious Christian" loses his faith because he finds a … [Read more...]

At the LA Times, Some Lawsuits Are More Worthy Than Others

Today's Los Angeles Times (Wed. Feb. 11, 2009) features a curious article on page B4, "O.C. priest is focus of suit over alleged molestation," written by the fact-challenged Duke Helfand and staffer Christine Hanley. The … [Read more...]

Yet Another Fallacious Op-Ed on Church Abuse Scandal From the LA Times

As we've stated before, no one can challenge the awful harm wrecked upon youth at the hands of Catholic clergy. The harm is real, incredibly sad, and unspeakably damaging. But that is no excuse for the Los Angeles Times to continue its … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor in the LA Times: Pope Benedict Was Groomed By Hitler

Does anyone think that a major newspaper like the Los Angeles Times would ever allow a hateful and patently false anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim personal attack to be published in its letters to the editor? Of course not. But check out this … [Read more...]