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Sloppy Clergy Abuse Report From France Stirs Up Bigots in Public Radio

A recently released, poorly sourced report out of France alleging abuse by priests committed many decades ago has predictably created the usual media circus of unhinged accusations and hysterical claims by haters of the Church. And among the media pile-on was the radio show The World, hosted by Marco Werman. It's produced by PRX, a public radio outfit, and airs on NPR. Taxpayer-funded bigotry Werman is a recidivist when it comes to hatred of the Catholic … [Read More]


James Grein : Mitchell Garabedian

Did Somebody Get to Somebody? New Criminal Charges Against McCarrick to Pump Value of Accuser’s Crazy Civil Suits

In August 2019, when the state of New York opened a "window" to suspend the statute of limitations and allow anyone to sue others for sexual abuse no matter how long ago, one of … [Read More]

Catholic clergy sex abuse history

Iowa Atty General Report Confirms the Obvious: Sex Abuse In Church Is Ancient History

An exhaustive report (pdf) from Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller examining alleged Catholic sex abuse dating back to the 1930s has confirmed what clearheaded folks have long known: Catholic … [Read More]

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Another Wave of Falsely Accused Priests Returned to Ministry

In the past several weeks, a number of falsely accused priests were finally returned to ministry despite the extremely liberal and nebulous standards used by diocesan review boards of … [Read More]

Catholic Church shakedown

Shocker: Veteran Sex Abuse Investigator Reports Archdiocese Paid Out Settlements on Bogus Abuse Claims

In a new bombshell article by Matt C. Abbott at RenewAmerica, a veteran private investigator/child abuse advocate confirms what many of us have known for a long while now: The Catholic … [Read More]

Eileen Markey : Lehman College

Useful Idiot Alert: Dissident America Magazine Grateful to Anti-Catholic Bigots at The Boston Globe

In January of 2002, as its 'Spotlight Team' carpet-bombing campaign against the Catholic Church reached a fever pitch, the Boston Globe published a splashy front-page article … [Read More]

Church Militant : Rev. Joe Moreno : Buffalo

Toontown City: Church Militant Peddles Another Nutty Conspiracy Theory

And you thought they couldn't get any crazier. In what it calls a special "Spotlight" report, Church Militant is now promoting a conspiracy theory that the tragic 2012 suicide … [Read More]

Looting the Catholic Church

Over The Top: WSJ Editorial Exposes Massive Fraud in Abuse Claims Against Boy Scouts

The abuse industrial complex has found a new target it would seem. After grabbing nearly $4 billion from the Catholic Church over the last three decades, contingency lawyers are now looking … [Read More]

Mike Rezendes : Associated Press

It Was Never About Abuse: Famed Boston Globe Abuse Reporter Rezendes Finally Comes Clean

We have said it many times: It is not about what it claims to be about. Simply put, the media's single-minded obsession over abuse in the Church from decades ago has almost nothing to do … [Read More]

Bishop Robert Guglielmone and Fr William Dinga Jr : falsely accused

Falsely Accused But Forever Defamed: BishopAccountability Site Still Trumpets Innocent Priests As Guilty

There have been times when a person making a phony allegation against a priest hears the voice of his conscience and retracts his claim. That recently happened when a man fully recanted a … [Read More]

Msgr. Joseph P. Kelly : falsely accused priest

‘An Open Invitation For Fraud’: Falsely Accused Priest Calls Out Shakedown Racket Against Catholic Church, Lack of Due Process

Kudos to Msgr. Joseph P. Kelly of the Diocese of Scranton (Pennsylvania) for fighting back! After the Diocese of Scranton created a "Survivors Fund" to dole out free cash to … [Read More]