Rev. Andrew Syring : Archdiocese of Omaha

Falsely Accused and Alone: Priest Forced to Sue Own Archdiocese to Clear His Name

Rev. Andrew Syring recently announced that he was forced to sue the Archdiocese of Omaha after he was fully cleared by both church and civil authorities of any wrongdoing yet was still removed from ministry and placed on a publicized list of priests with substantiated claims of abuse. Syring's suit seeks $2.1 million, an amount he figured he would have made in 35 years as a priest. Innocence Is Irrelevant The archdiocese removed Syring back in 2013 after … [Read More]


Charlie Specht : reporter Buffalo WKBW

Sleazy Buffalo TV Reporter Charlie Specht Misleads His Viewers Again

WKBW-TV reporter Charlie Specht in Buffalo has an impressive resume when it comes to dodgy "journalism" and calumny against the Catholic Church. We have already reported how Specht … [Read More]

Andrew Cuomo

Always a Good Time For a Church Bashing: NY’s Cuomo Extends Time To File Lawsuits Against Church

Civil lawsuits always carry statutes of limitations. After a certain time has passed, you can't bring a lawsuit anymore, as it becomes impossible for the defendant to defend himself. … [Read More]

Paula Poundstone : Michael Jackson : Peter Yarrow

*Hypocrisy Alert* Celebrity Abusers Celebrated While Accused Catholic Priests Shunned For Life

Thanks to the media, even a mere accusation of sexual abuse committed by a priest long ago will irreparably shatter the livelihood of that priest. No matter how flimsy or how long ago the … [Read More]

Rev. Peter Karalus : Rev. Thomas Lisowski

Two More Priests Cleared of Phony Accusations

Good News Alert! The Diocese of Springfield (Massachusetts) has now returned Rev. Thomas Lisowski to active ministry after he was ripped from his parish last November amidst a claim of … [Read More]

Rev. Charles Hanel

Media Goes Mum As Another Falsely Accused Priest Is Cleared and Yet Another Fraud Exposed

In September of 2018, local media in Milwaukee went crazy when prosecutors dramatically announced felony sexual assault charges against Fr. Charles Hanel. A 13 year-old girl came forward to … [Read More]

Charlie Specht : reporter WKBW Buffalo

*SPECIAL REPORT* Scandal at WKBW-TV In Buffalo: Contingency Lawyer Buys Airtime, and His Client Gets the Kid-Glove Treatment by Station

In January of this year, Buffalo TV reporter Charlie Specht – who has waged a misinformation campaign against the Diocese of Buffalo for the last two years – reported on two … [Read More]

Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal Pell Is Finally Freed: The Story Behind the Story

As most of you have already heard by now, Australia's Cardinal George Pell has finally been freed from prison and exonerated by Australia's Supreme Court. However, as a site that … [Read More]

Rev. David Glockner and Rev. William Nolan

At Last! Falsely Accused Priests Fully Reinstated To Priesthood

In a world which is currently in short supply of good news, we are happy to report that two falsely accused priests have now been finally reinstated to the priesthood after being fully … [Read More]

ProPublica news

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: ProPublica Attacks Church For Being Transparent

Fact: The Catholic Church is the only institution on the planet where if you are an employee merely accused of wrongdoing from decades ago, your name may end up on a diocesan web site … [Read More]

Rev. Roy T. Herberger : Diocese of Buffalo

Fighting Back! Falsely Accused Priest In Buffalo Sues His Accuser

There are some abuse accusations against priests that are so crazy that they give pause to even the most ardent Church hater, and we just found yet another one. Rev. Roy T. Herberger of the … [Read More]