Rhode Island

News Blackout as Rhode Island Teachers Lobby To Keep Sex With Students Legal

Where's the outrage? It seems simple enough: Rhode Island House Bill 5817 states that it should be an actual crime if a teacher has sex with a student under the age of 18. As it stands now in the Ocean State, that is not the case. But apparently the teachers' union in Rhode Island does not like being "singled out," and the ACLU, who is supporting the teachers, is saying, "While one may disagree whether this type of 'Romeo and Juliet' … [Read More]


Rev. Gary Graf : falsely accused priest

Falsely Accused Priest Finally Reinstated In Chicago After Long Witch Hunt

Chicago priest Rev. Gary Graf is finally back on the job after being reinstated by Cardinal Blase Cupich. Church officials ripped Graf from ministry last August after a 17-year-old boy … [Read More]

Jeff Anderson : lawyer

Always On the Hunt For More Money: Crazy Jeff Anderson Issues His Own ‘Report’ On Abuse in Illinois

What happens when a money-hungry, publicity-seeking attorney starts running out of accusers to represent? Well, in the case of the notorious Jeff Anderson, the dean of hateful lawyers who … [Read More]

Michael Voris : Church Militant

Priest Acquitted After Short Deliberation: Michael Voris and Church Militant Humiliated

It should be an important lesson for us all: Wait until you have all the facts before opening your mouth. A criminal jury took only two hours this week to acquit a Catholic priest in … [Read More]

George Will : anti-Catholic atheist

Notorious Anti-Catholic Bigot George Will Ups His Game In Latest Abuse Screed

Well-known atheist pundit George Will has never hid his hatred for the Catholic Church, but in a recent piece in the Washington Post, Will goes so far off the rails that one wonders if his … [Read More]

Jeanne Marie Obein and Jean Louis Martin : Rev. Francois Jerome Leroy

In France, Falsely Accused Priest Fights Back Against His Accusers and Wins

In March 2018, Marie-Jeanne Martin, 74, and Jean Louis Martin, 70, penned a letter to their local prosecutor in northeast France with purported "testimony" that their two … [Read More]

Cardinal Pell : martyr

Storm Clouds On The Horizon: Phony Conviction of Cardinal Pell Spells Deep Trouble Ahead For Church [w/ Cardinal Pell Police VIDEO]

"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square." – Cardinal Francis George, circa 2010 Back in a June … [Read More]

Dana Nessel : Michigan AG

Latest State Witch Hunt: Michigan AG Nessel Proudly Makes Her Hatred of Church Known, Catholic Media In Hiding

"If an investigator comes to your door and asks to speak with you, please ask to see their badge and not their rosary." When she was elected Attorney General last November, Dana … [Read More]

Michael Rezendes : Boston Globe

Yawn: The Boston Globe’s Resident Bigot Rezendes Keeps Writing the Same Storyline

What's a bigoted reporter to do when there is no real "news" concerning the source of his enmity? He simply writes the same story over and over again! The latest … [Read More]

Peter Steinfels : Fordham University

Speaking Truth to Power: Esteemed Journalist Calls Out PA Grand Jury Report As a Fraud

Upon the release of last August's Pennsylvania grand jury report and the media hysteria that followed, felt like a lone voice trumpeting the fact that the report was … [Read More]

James Grein : Cardinal McCarrick accuser

** Follow-Up** Even More Questions Raised About McCarrick Accuser James Grein

Contrary to what some readers may believe, we at generally believe most accusations against priests until we see reason to question them. And in the case of the accuser … [Read More]