Ailsa Chang : NPR : Jason DeRose

Ignoring the Elephant In the Room: NPR Spins the Facts In Reporting Bankruptcy of Arch. of San Francisco

Why did the Archdiocese of San Francisco just declare bankruptcy? Well, if you listened to a recent segment on taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) with host Ailsa Chang and the network's "religion correspondent" Jason DeRose, you were told that the Church faced 500 lawsuits and they were filing bankruptcy to cover up their crimes and short the victims of compensation. Trotting out an old bigot And just to underscore its complete lack of … [Read More]


Rev. William C Graham : Rev. Pascal Pat Ipolito : Rev. Michel Mulloy : Anonymous

Unintended Consequences: Dallas Charter Leaves Innocent Priests In Limbo

It might be human nature. Humans seem incapable of correcting one problem without overcorrecting to the point that they create another, opposite problem. So seems to be the case … [Read More]

2022 USCCB annual abuse report

Enough Already: The Latest Annual Abuse Report Shows Again Abuse in the Catholic Church Is Long Over

Once again, this year's newly released annual audit report by United States bishops about abuse in the Church merely demonstrates the large volume of patently phony … [Read More]

Anthony D. Brown, Maryland : anti-Catholic press : Kwame Raoul, Illinois

Clown Show: Two More Phony State AG Reports Issued to Uncritical Media Applause

I guess it was inevitable. Following the international frenzy in the summer of 2018 surrounding the phony Pennsylvania grand jury report against the Catholic Church, … [Read More]

Dr. Gregory S. Weiner : Assumption College

Giving Aid and Comfort To The Enemy: ‘Catholic’ Assumption College Gives Big Money to Anti-Catholic Hate Group SNAP

In September 2021, a priest – whose identity has not been made public – made a generous donation of $31,000 to Assumption College, a small Catholic college in … [Read More]

School sex abuse

Move On, Nothing To See Here: Epidemic of Current Sex Abuse in Chicago Public Schools Barely Merits Mention By Media

As we've reported so many times before, when a report is released alleging abuse many decades ago by long-dead Catholic priests – priests who are no longer around to … [Read More]

Msgr William J. Lynn : Msgr. William Lynn : Philadelphia

It Ends With a Whimper: A Decade After a ‘Historic’ Trial, the Case of Wrongfully Convicted Msgr. Lynn Is Officially Over

What may be the greatest courtroom fraud ever perpetrated against the Catholic Church has finally come to an end. But unlike a decade ago when the media fell over themselves … [Read More]

priest study : stress accusations abuse

Common Sense Alert: New Study Shows That Vast Majority of Priests Fear False Abuse Accusation

As we have repeatedly reported, false accusations against priests nowadays are rampant, and now we know that this fact may be having a monumental effect on the overall emotional … [Read More]

Harvey Silverglate : WSJ : Rev. Gordon MacRae

Twice Is a Charm? Wall St. Journal Again Profiles Stunning Case of Wrongfully Convicted Priest Fr. Gordon MacRae

For the second time this past decade – and at least the fourth time since 2005 – the Wall Street Journal has taken up the case of Fr. Gordon J. MacRae, who has, quite … [Read More]

Kim Daniels : Georgetown University

Ultra Woke: Phony Catholic College Forum Now Promoting Diversity In Abuse Scandal

Just when you thought every single possible imaginable angle of the Church abuse story had been ground to a fine powder over and over again, along comes an online forum last … [Read More]

Linda Pizzuti Henry : Jeremy Blackowicz

David Versus Goliath! The Boston Globe Tried to Intimidate and Silence – And Lost.

I guess we struck a nerve. Shortly after publishing our post last week critical of The Boston Globe for unfairly targeting the Church yet again, a legal representative of the … [Read More]