Rev. David Glockner and Rev. William Nolan

At Last! Falsely Accused Priests Fully Reinstated To Priesthood

In a world which is currently in short supply of good news, we are happy to report that two falsely accused priests have now been finally reinstated to the priesthood after being fully cleared by both civil and Church authorities. The Diocese of Madison has fully reinstated Rev. William Nolan after a thorough investigation by its Diocesan Sexual Abuse Review Board unanimously determined that the claims against Fr. Nolan were bogus. As we reported last fall, a jury … [Read More]


ProPublica news

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: ProPublica Attacks Church For Being Transparent

Fact: The Catholic Church is the only institution on the planet where if you are an employee merely accused of wrongdoing from decades ago, your name may end up on a diocesan web site … [Read More]

Rev. Roy T. Herberger : Diocese of Buffalo

Fighting Back! Falsely Accused Priest In Buffalo Sues His Accuser

There are some abuse accusations against priests that are so crazy that they give pause to even the most ardent Church hater, and we just found yet another one. Rev. Roy T. Herberger of the … [Read More]

Charlie Specht : Buffalo

Comin’ Clean: Buffalo Reporter Admits to Errors In His Reporting

Last month, acting on a tip from a loyal reader of this site, David F. Pierre, Jr. of called into Buffalo radio station WBEN when told that Buffalo television reporter … [Read More]

Jim Mustian : Associated Press AP : Bernard Condon

Happy Holidays: AP on Journalistic Jihad in December Doing Dumb Storyline Retreads Against Evil Catholic Church

In the month of December, the Associated Press published no less than five biased articles attacking the Catholic Church over abuse accusations against priests decades ago. Yet if one … [Read More]

Michael Voris : Church Militant : Simon Rafe

Shameful: Church Militant Continues To Falsely Defame Buffalo Priest

Despite overwhelming evidence that a decades-old abuse claim against Fr. Dennis Riter of the Diocese of Buffalo is an outright fraud, the right-wing Church Militant web site continues to … [Read More]

Jennifer Schack : Archdiocese of Cincinnati : Mike Schafer

Bravo! Archdiocese of Cincinnati Obliterates TV Station After Bogus Reporting on Abuse Cases

Attention, all diocesan spokespeople! This is a model for how to deal with the media! Local television station WCPO in Cincinnati thought it could make a big splash for itself during Sweeps … [Read More]

Reese Dunklin : Mitch Weiss : Matt Sedensky : Associated Press

Phoning It In: Lazy AP Trio Discovers That Church Review Panels Actually Have Critics

Imagine a large private organization – with a membership of some 70 million people – sought to tackle the issue of sex abuse within its ranks by devoting the resources to … [Read More]

Charlie Specht : Buffalo reporter WKBW

A New Low: Sleazy Buffalo Reporter Charlie Specht Secretly Records Bishop Malone Phone Call

In what may be a new low in the reporting by Buffalo TV reporter Charlie Specht, on Friday Specht videoed a phone call he made to Bishop Richard Malone without telling Malone at the start of … [Read More]

Lindsay Schnell : USA Today : Sam Ruland

USA Today’s Insipid Article Claims Church Should Now Stalk Its Ex-Employees

Where does one even begin to criticize a meandering, 6100-word article whose entire premise is so dumb and tiresome? If one were to believe Lindsay Schnell and Sam Ruland from USA Today, … [Read More]

school sex abuse

**Double Standard Alert** Southern California Schools Paid $313 Million In Abuse Settlements In Past Seven Years, National Media Mum

Just imagine: A pair of Catholic dioceses announce that they have paid out nearly one third of a billion – with a "b" – dollars for abuse claims not for allegations … [Read More]

Judge Richard McNamara : New Hampshire

Stunner: New Hampshire Judge Says 2003 Diocese of Manchester Grand Jury Report Never Should Have Been Released

For over a dozen years now, publicity-seeking district attorneys across the country have been bombarding the public with phony "grand jury reports" about alleged misdeeds committed … [Read More]

Claudia Lauer : Associated Press : Meghan Hoyer

Stalking Ex-Employees? AP Advances Dumb Premise In Search of a Storyline

Imagine you work for an organization and that organization has a non-legal, ad hoc process whereby it decided whether you "could have" committed misconduct in your past. And if you … [Read More]