Msgr. Paul Bochicchio

On 20th Anniversary of ‘The Dallas Charter’, Newark Msgr. Begs Bishops For Justice for Accused Priests

In a recent impassioned letter in the Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Msgr. Paul L. Bochicchio of the Archdiocese of Newark implored the leadership of the Church in the United States to address the grave injustices being committed against priests merely accused of abuse. While the 2002 "The Dallas Charter" started with good intentions, Bochicchio correctly notes that twenty years later the "zero tolerance" policy enacted by bishops has now resulted … [Read More]


French Catholic abuse report

Facts Don’t Matter: Authors of Sloppy French Abuse ‘Report’ Stand by Its Figure of 300,000 Alleged Victims Despite Admitting ‘Weaknesses’

After the release of a shoddy report from France last October claiming that some "300,000" people were sexually abused by Catholic priests and lay workers in past decades, we … [Read More]

Zach Hiner : SNAP : David-Clohessy

Giving Comfort to the Enemy: Catholic Media Gives Life Support to Anti-Catholic Hate Group

After a scandal-ridden series of events back in 2017, you would not be alone to think that the group SNAP faded off into oblivion. Its media profile in the past few years has been … [Read More]

Fred Hiatt : Doug Peterson : Will Bauer

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Another State AG Releases an ‘Abuse Report,’ and the Media Is Hysterical – Again

Following the international frenzy three years ago surrounding the Pennsylvania grand jury report against the Catholic Church, attorneys general across the country looked on with envy at the … [Read More]

2020 USCCB CARA annual abuse report

Stick a Fork In It: Time to Finally End the Annual Copy-and-Paste Church Abuse Reports

Once again, this year's newly released annual audit report by United States bishops about abuse in the Catholic Church amplifies the rampancy of false accusations, suspicious and … [Read More]

Mitchell Garabedian : Theodore McCarrick : James Grein

**MEDIA FACT SHEET** What You Didn’t Know About McCarrick’s Kooky Accuser

This coming Thursday, October 28, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, now age 91, is scheduled to appear in Dedham District Court in Massachusetts for the second time on the charge that he … [Read More]

Anne Barrett Doyle : PRI The World PRX : Marco Werman

Sloppy Clergy Abuse Report From France Stirs Up Bigots in Public Radio

A recently released, poorly sourced report out of France alleging abuse by priests committed many decades ago has predictably created the usual media circus of unhinged accusations and … [Read More]

James Grein : Mitchell Garabedian

Did Somebody Get to Somebody? New Criminal Charges Against McCarrick to Pump Value of Accuser’s Crazy Civil Suits

In August 2019, when the state of New York opened a "window" to suspend the statute of limitations and allow anyone to sue others for sexual abuse no matter how long ago, one of … [Read More]

Catholic clergy sex abuse history

Iowa Atty General Report Confirms the Obvious: Sex Abuse In Church Is Ancient History

An exhaustive report (pdf) from Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller examining alleged Catholic sex abuse dating back to the 1930s has confirmed what clearheaded folks have long known: Catholic … [Read More]

Fr. Michael Pfleger : Fr. Larry Sullivan : Fr. Joseph Bradley : Fr. Patrick Sullivan

Another Wave of Falsely Accused Priests Returned to Ministry

In the past several weeks, a number of falsely accused priests were finally returned to ministry despite the extremely liberal and nebulous standards used by diocesan review boards of … [Read More]

Catholic Church shakedown

Shocker: Veteran Sex Abuse Investigator Reports Archdiocese Paid Out Settlements on Bogus Abuse Claims

In a new bombshell article by Matt C. Abbott at RenewAmerica, a veteran private investigator/child abuse advocate confirms what many of us have known for a long while now: The Catholic … [Read More]