Matthew Bojanowski and Ryszard Biernat letter

**EXCLUSIVE** Buffalo’s Bare-Chested Buddies: The Secret Love Letter the Media is Hiding

**EXCLUSIVE** Please credit to This is what the media did not want you to see. It's the steamy gay love letter at the heart of everything you have been hearing about in the Diocese of Buffalo. It obviously has nothing to do with the abuse of minors but it's the reason that the top assistant to Bishop Richard Malone, Rev. Ryszard Biernat, secretly recorded Malone: to distract public attention from Biernat's gay love affair and save … [Read More]


Siobhan O'Connor : Matthew Bojanowski : Charlie Specht

*SPECIAL REPORT* The Diocese of Buffalo ‘Crisis’ and Three Simple Facts That The Media Won’t Tell You

The way the media would have you believe, Buffalo-area Catholics are in a frenzy and demading the head of Bishop Richard Malone on a platter because he has grossly mishandled cases regarding … [Read More]

Rev. Ryszard Biernat : heart : Michael Voris

Right Wing Hypocrisy: Church Militant Praises Gay Priest Who Penned Steamy Love Letter To Seminarian Roommate

As even a casual visitor to the hyperbolic Church Militant web site knows, Church Militant vociferously claims that one of the most serious problems facing the Catholic Church today is the … [Read More]

Charlie Specht : WKBW busted

**BUSTED** Buffalo TV Reporter Charlie Specht Airs Impossible Abuse Claim Against Priest, Then Lies About It

In an October 2018 story on Buffalo station WKBW-TV, reporter Charlie Specht breathlessly broadcasted the claims from a man that Fr. Joseph Gatto of the Diocese of Buffalo sexually groped … [Read More]

Charlie Specht : reporter WKBW

**CON JOB** Dirty Buffalo Reporter Edits Messages to Portray Priest as a ‘Predator’

Just when we thought the media could not stoop any lower to hype up a story about the Catholic Church, along comes Charlie Specht, an "investigative reporter" at WKBW-TV in … [Read More]

Buffalo Bishop Malone protest

Priceless: ‘Rally’ Against Buffalo’s Bishop Malone Draws Only 3 People, But TV Station Makes It the Lead Story

The recent breathless reporting at WKBW-TV in Buffalo about Bishop Richard Malone and his handling of accusations of abuse by priests from decades ago would have you believe that Catholics … [Read More]

Bishop Robert Guglielmone : South Carolina

The Latest Ticket To Riches: Suing a Priest

If one needs any more proof that suing the Catholic Church is now seen by many people as an easy, no-risk way to snag a nice bundle of cash, look no further than this latest fraud out of … [Read More]

Michael Voris : Church Militant

Fact Check: SSPX Slams Church Militant for ‘Scandalous Article,’ And, Yes, Church Militant Is Wrong Again

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) has fought back after Church Militant published a shocking article accusing the society of "sheltering a sexual predator." And while we are … [Read More]

Garance Burke : Martha Mendoza : Juliet Linderman : Associated Press

Scandal Alert: AP Attacks Nonprofit For – Gasp! – Helping Accused Priests

It is truly hard to imagine a worse piece of sleazy journalism than this week's lengthy hit piece by the Associated Press targeting Opus Bono Sacerdotii, a small nonprofit that has been … [Read More]

School sex abuse

SHOCKER: Chicago Public Schools Received *Three* Sexual Misconduct Complaints *Every School Day* This Year

If it involved Catholic priests, the international news media would be in a state of acute apoplexy for months or even years penning one breathless story after another about the imminent end … [Read More]

Peter Neronha : Rhode Island Attorney General

Rhode Island AG Wants to Change Law So He Can Attack the Catholic Church at a Press Conference

It is now one year ago that attorneys general from across the country looked on with envy as Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a phony "grand jury report" and … [Read More]