Mitchell Garabedian

Professional Misconduct? Lawyer Garabedian Descends to Hate Speech on TV Show

The ethical rules governing lawyers in Massachusetts are crystal clear: Rule 8.4 of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct states that it is professional misconduct for an attorney to: – engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; – engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice; [and/or] – engage in any other conduct that adversely reflects on his or her … [Read More]


Pope Francis : false accusation : Spain

If You Are Accused of Abuse, Are You Automatically Guilty? Pope Francis and An Important Story to Remember

In what has now become another eruption of outright media hysteria, let us pause for just a moment to revisit a very instructional episode from a few years back involving Pope Francis and … [Read More]

Pennsylvania grand jury report

Reality Check: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know About the Overhyped PA Grand Jury Report

The recently released Pennsylvania grand jury report about abuse there decades ago has predictably created the usual media circus of untethered allegations and hysterical claims by haters of … [Read More]

Say what

**MORE PA JURY REPORT ANALYSIS** This Abuse Accusation Against a Priest Is So Completely Ridiculous, See For Yourself

We recently wrote how Monsignor Thomas Benestad was falsely accused in the Pennsylvania grand jury report of repeatedly forcing sex acts on a boy decades ago and then "washing [the … [Read More]

Josh Shapiro : Attorney General Pennsylvania

***SPECIAL PA. JURY REPORT ANALYSIS*** PART II: Mouths Washed Out With Holy Water? Rapes at Airports? Pennsylvania’s Dishonest Grand Jury Report EXPOSED

This is Part II of a special analysis of the Pennsylvania grand jury report.Click here for Part I. We will never deny that many stories of clergy abuse are tragically … [Read More]

Donald Wuerl vs. Josh Shapiro

***SPECIAL PA. JURY REPORT ANALYSIS*** PART I: Pushing Aside Media Hysteria: We Uncover Pennsylvania’s Dishonest Grand Jury Report

This is Part I of a special analysis of the Pennsylvania grand jury report.Click here for Part II. A priest washed out the mouth of a young sex assault victim with holy … [Read More]

Cardinal McCarrick : James accuser

**EXCLUSIVE REPORT** Cardinal McCarrick Accuser’s Claims Raise Questions

The high-profile allegations that the prominent Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually abused seminarians and teenagers decades ago are indeed revolting and maddening. Our hearts ache for the … [Read More]

Juan Carlos Cruz : Chile accuser

What Else Is Chilean Accuser Juan Carlos Cruz Fibbing About?

We recently came across a video of a CNN interview with 54-year-old Juan Carlos Cruz, the media-loving accuser from Chile who has claimed abuse by a priest decades ago. In the interview, … [Read More]

Francesco Cesareo : Catholic audit : Brian Roewe

The Spin: Good News Is Actually Bad News: Annual Audit Shows Abuse Accusations Plummeting, But ‘Catholic’ Cranks Forage For the Negative

Once again, this year's newly released annual audit report by United States bishops about abuse in the Catholic Church amplifies the rampancy of false accusations, suspicious and … [Read More]

Barbara Dorris : SNAP : Joelle Casteix

SNAP R.I.P.: After Hefty Lawsuit Payout, Leaders Dorris and Casteix Now Abandon Ship

How the mighty have fallen. Executive Director Barbara Dorris, Regional Director Joelle Casteix, and other longtime board members have resigned from their leadership positions at the … [Read More]

Jim Braude : WGBH

Greater Boston Bigotry (Again): After Advancing Dubious Chile Cover-Up Claim, Host Jim Braude Ignores Beams In Own Eye

Jim Braude, the host of evening talk show Greater Boston on local public television station WGBH, rarely misses an opportunity to lambaste the Catholic Church, and he recently even used a … [Read More]