Peter Neronha : Rhode Island Attorney General

Rhode Island AG Wants to Change Law So He Can Attack the Catholic Church at a Press Conference

It is now one year ago that attorneys general from across the country looked on with envy as Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a phony "grand jury report" and thereafter garnered a wave of flattering international media attention. Like a herd of bison, state politicos then rushed to the nearest microphone to announce that they too would go form their own grand juries to go after the evil Catholic Church so that they could have their own … [Read More]


Michael Voris : Cardinal Bernardin : Richard Sipe

Revisionist History Debunked: Yes, Cardinal Bernardin’s Accuser *DID* Recant His Allegation of Abuse [w/ VIDEO]

There has been an unfortunate attempt in some sectors of the Catholic media to rewrite an important episode in the Catholic Church sex abuse story. It is a clear historical fact that on … [Read More]

Cardinal McCarrick : James Grein : Cardinal Bernardin

Coincidence? McCarrick Accuser Now Claims That the Late Cardinal Bernardin Assaulted Him, Too!

Last year, this site was excoriated after we dared to raise questions about decades-old abuse accusations made by Virginia resident James Grein against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Well, … [Read More]

Jeff Anderson : lawyer

Greedy Jeff Anderson Holds Press Conference To Lie About Diocese’s Handling of Abuse Case

Has the notorious lawyer Jeff Anderson now reached a new low of corruption in his jihad against the Catholic Church? At a recent press conference, James Bottlinger, age 50, stood with … [Read More]

Michael Voris : Church Militant

**SPECIAL REPORT** Church Militant’s Phony Attack on Cardinal Wuerl

Last summer, on Thursday, August 30, 2018, Church Militant, operated by the histrionic Michael Voris, flooded the email inboxes of its followers with the breathless announcement that it was … [Read More]

Rev. Ronald Escalante

Bungled Investigation: Diocese of Arlington Demonstrates How *Not* To Handle Abuse Allegations

Last November, the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, called law enforcement after it received a complaint of "potential inappropriate contact" against one of its popular parish … [Read More]

Dana Nessel : Michigan Attorney General : anti-Catholic

Michigan Dreamin’: State AG Phonies Up Story to Gain Headlines

The way Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, the media, and even many "Catholic" outlets would have you believe, law enforcement rounded up five Catholic priests last week and … [Read More]

Jeff Anderson Minnesota lawyer

The Greatest Show On Earth: Jeff Anderson Sues the Vatican (Again)

Suing the Catholic Church ain't what it used to be. The press conferences are not as abundant as they once were, and it takes more and more now to get the media's attention. So what … [Read More]

Shakedown of the Catholic Church

Just the Facts, Ma’am: False Accusations Against Catholic Priests Are Now At Epic Proportions

The media will never tell you this, and the professional victims' groups will outright lie. But facts are facts. Bogus abuse accusations against Catholic priests are rampant. The fraud … [Read More]

Mitchell Garabedian

Karma Alert: Accused Teacher Files Federal Lawsuit Against ‘Spotlight’ Lawyer Garabedian for Extortion and Defamation [w/ COURT DOCS]

In a stunning lawsuit filed just last month in Philadelphia federal court, an accused boarding school teacher accuses the notorious Church-suing tort lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who was … [Read More]

Rhode Island

News Blackout as Rhode Island Teachers Lobby To Keep Sex With Students Legal

Where's the outrage? It seems simple enough: Rhode Island House Bill 5817 states that it should be an actual crime if a teacher has sex with a student under the age of 18. As it stands … [Read More]